Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Composition Field Trip

by Megan Tapke

The composition class 3rd hour with Mrs. Folkman, will be heading to Decatur on February 9, 2015. As they go to Millikin it will help them with their 10 page paper due at the end of this quarter! When they go there, they will tour the campus as well as be up in the library getting research that they cannot get anywhere else! So when they go there they can copy some information down on their flash drive or some sort of emailing and get wonderful information!

The comp class does this every year and they come back happy doing it. They either eat at Millikin and what lunches they have there, or you can just go stop at McDonalds on the way home.

Going to Millikin or any type of college to help get good research that you can’t get in your high school is always a good thing to do and take just that! It’s never a bad idea!
Hartsburg- Emden teacher- Nichole Folkman attended Millikin herself, which helps getting there and knowing how to get there helps out a lot! I’m sure she enjoys it every year as well..

Enjoy the Trip Composition class!

High School Scholastic Bowl- Week 5

by Brooklyn Swinford

On February 5th the HS Scholastic bowl went to Illini Central and went against Midwest Central, Illini Bluffs and Mt. Pulaski. The scores were:

Mid-West Central: 150   Hartem:60
Illini Bluffs:130    Hartem: 30
Mt. Pulaski:90    Hartem:60
Maddie Thomas had 6 toss ups
Joe Garcia had 1 toss up

High School Basketball

by Megan Tapke

Boys have practice every day with basketball with their coaches, Tuesday February 3rd they will have a home game at Hartem! We encourage everyone to be there and support the team and get a win! There will be concessions in the cafeteria that way you can purchase popcorn, candy, and drinks! The boys will do great tonight and will get a win for their team and the fans that come!
After the game, win or lose, to us they are still winners, and a group of people usually go out to Steak n Shake after or Wendy’s and eat to get some food in their belly! Good luck to the high school basketball team & fans be there to support them!

High School Scholastic Bowl- Weeks 1 and 3

On January 28th the HS Scholastic Bowl team went to Delavan and went against Delavan, Midwest Central and Illini Bluffs. Hartem lost all three games. On January 29th Hartem went to Greenview and played against Delavan, Illini Central and Greenview and lost all three games.

Jan 28th
Maddie Thomas- had 6 toss ups
Raegan Rich- had 1 toss up
Erica Wolpert- had 1 toss up

Jan 29th
Maddie Thomas- had 6 toss ups
Raegan Rich- had 1 toss up
Erica Wolpert- had 1 toss up

Super Bowl Trivia Contest

by Alexis Huffman

During the week before the Super Bowl, Mr. Robinson makes up 5 questions to ask after the morning announcements. Once he has asked the question we have until 8:30 to turn it in to him. It doesn’t matter if you are the first to turn it in or the tenth. If you have the answer correct you get put into a drawing. The winner of that drawing wins either a candy bar or a soda pop.
Our Monday’s winner was Bryson Eads. His name was pulled out of three correct answers.
Tuesday’s winner was Danielle Evans. Her name was chosen out of over fifteen correct answers so you could tell this question wasn’t as hard.
Wednesday’s winner was Kolton Johner. You could tell that Wednesday’s question was more difficult because his name was chosen out of only two correct answers.
Our Thursday’s winner was Anna Hayes. Her answer was chosen out of seven correct answers.
Our Friday’s question was “Who will win the super bowl and what is the final score?”

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stag-lite Archives December 21, 1949


Merry Christmas
BY "Chuckie" Cross

[column one]

Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois. 

Vol. VII    December 21, 1949          No. 6


We're going to cheer! We're going to cheer! You can bet your life we're going to cheer! Everyone that can cheer will have to be behind our team in the Lexington Holiday Tournament. The boys need some really loyal support from each and every one of us.

This holiday tournament is being held in Lexington, Illinois, December 27 through 30. Lexington may seem like quite a distance to travel for a basketball game, (it's 55 miles from Hartsburg) but don't you think our team is worth it? Of course they're worth it and we couldn't let them down for anything. So let's all follow our team to Lexington!

You may say, "Why are we entered in such a tough tourney? Will will really run up against some good teams there." That's the reason we're going-- competition. There are some real teams in that tournament. Lexington, the host, plays a very good brand of basketball. Then there are the other teams: Long Point, Heyworth, Toluca, Gridley, McLean, and Odell. We don't know very much about these teams, but some of them are larger schools and will probably offer rather stiff competition. Oh, yes, we must not forget that fighting bunch of boys from Hartsburg-Emden, and we have a reputation for being tough at tournament time.

Of course, Coach Finchum and the boys will be the ones who work out the plays, practice every day, and actually "show their stuff" out on the basketball floor. However, the fans have something to do to help the Stags' cause and we've got to let the boys know that we are behind them all the way. So come on everybody, get behind our team. Cheer them on to victory!

Merry Christmas

[column two]


The Sophomore class held its second party for the semester Tuesday night in the English Room and the Lounge. The rooms were prettily decorated with crepe paper, colored lights, and a Christmas tree. The decoration committee members were: Charline Cross, Geneva Klokkenga, Don Aper, and Dean McMath.

Dancing and games were planned for the entertainment by the following committees: Betty Laun, Janet Klopp, Barbara Behrends, Geneva Schleder, James Hoar, and James Rohlfs. During the evening Santa Claus visited the party and had treats for all the good boys and girls.

Late in the evening sandwiches, ice cream, cookies, and pop were served by the refreshment committee. Its members were: Walter Harmsen, Myrna Williams, Virginia Lessen, and Kenneth Sampen.



The annual initiation of the FHA was helf December 15 at the high school. The following freshmen were initiated and received their pins: Patty Wagner, Janet Whittaker, Arline Bergold, Gretchen Behrends, Carol Klokkenga, Marguerite Bruns, Jane Seitzer, Joanne Aper, Eileen Aper, and Sherry Holmes.

Marian Bruns presented the candidates to the President, Betty Gail Shirley. Betty Gail questioned them as to whether or not they met the requirements for membership and whether or not they were willing to be active in the work on the organization. The members then lighted their candles and received their pins. Then they sang their FHA song.

Refresments of cookies and tea were served from a candle lighted table. Betty Gail poured.




The Stags lost an important game to New Holland on their court on Friday, December 9. At the half-time New Holland led 24-16. In the last half the Stags scored only one field goal. The Stags did get 12 points in the last half by hitting charity shots.


                        FG     FT       TP
R. Gardner       1         2         4
Hoar                0         3         3
D. Gardner       0         2         2
Stuan                0         0         0
Williams           3         3         9
Wagner           3          3         9
Zimmer            0          3        3
Totals              7          16      30

New Holland
                      FG        FT      TP
Blaum             3           3         9
Miller              3           2         8
Berger            5           3         13
Beck              6           1         13
Podbelsek       0         0           0
Juhl                3           2          8
Gordon           0           0         0
Totals             20         11        51


The Frosh-Soph team of H-E took an easy game from New Holland's Frosh-Soph team Friday, December 9. Lolling was high point man with 18.


                FG        FT       TP
Hoar          4          6          14
Rohlfs        1           0          2
Zimmer       1         0           2
Sampen      2          0          4
Haferkamp 0         0          0
Oltmanns     0       0           0
Aper             2      2            6
Reiners          0       0           0
Payne           1       1            3
McMath      0         0           0
Lolling         9        0           18
Totals        20        9           49

New Holland
                 FG         FT        TP
Bean           1           1          3
Burger        1            0         2
Gordon        0           0         0
Genn           0           0           0
Hawes        0           1          1
Beck           0          0           0
Lemme        0           0           0
Koester       0            1            1
Parr             3            0          6
Mayer         0            0          0
Totals          5           3           13


Hartsburg-Emden raced to a 51-33 win over Delavan Saturday night. They led at the end of the first quarter,  14-4, and at half-time 26-12.

Zimmer led the Stags with 15 points, while Pomerenke tallied 11 for Delavan.


                FG        FT       TP
R. Gardner 3          0         6
Hoar           0         1          1
D. Gardner  5        0          10

                FG        FT       TP
L. Pomrenke 3       5         11
Culbertson    3         1        7
Yates           0          1        1
Rees             1        4         6
(Continued in next column)

[column two]

(Delavan game continued)

[Hartsburg-Emden ]
                FG        FT       TP
Williams    5           3         13
Wagner     3           0          6
Zimmer     7           1         15
Klockenga 0          0          0
Totals         23        5         51

                FG        FT       TP
Hilgendorf 0            1         1
H. Pomranke 1        1          3
Lovevideo     0        0          0
Graigmiles  1           1          3
Springer        0         1          1
Altine          0          0         0
Totals       9          15          33

The Hartsburg-Emden Junior Varsity lost to the Delavan team.


                FG        FT       TP
Sampen     2          2          6
Rohlfs       2           1          5
Hoar          1           1          3
Aper         3           5          11
Payne       1          2            4
Lolling       3            2          8
Totals        12        13         37

                FG        FT       TP
Loveridge  4           2         10
Hawkins    0           0          0
Craigmiles 1           0          2
Nehmelman 1        1          3
Miller        2           0         4
Biggs        2            1        5
Curtiss      1          1          3
Loveridge  6          0          12
Mannen      0         0          0
Hurlburt     1          0          2
Totals        18         5          41

[Transcriber's note: I see that there are two Loveridges on this list with no identifier between them.This is how the original has it.]

Hartsburg-Emden costs to 60-29 Triumph

Hartsburg-Emden trounced Waynesville at Waynesville Friday night with a 60-29 score. At the end of the first quarter H-E led 31-4 as Waynesville could not garner a single point in the second period.

Williams took scoring honors for the Stags with 16 points. Bob Thomas of Waynesville led for the losers with 8 points.


                FG        FT       TP
B. Gardner  5        0          10
Stuan          1         0          2
Brossamer   0         3          3
D. Gardner  4         0           8
Williams       8         0          16
Klockenga   3         0          6
Zimmer       6          1        13
Behrends     0         0          0
Wagner       1          0          2
Totals        28          4          60

                FG        FT       TP
LaDew     1          2          4
Husser      1          2          4
Thomas    3          2          8
G. Dyer    3          1         7
Sheets      2           0         4
Sampson   0          0         0
G. Dyer    0         2          2
Totals      0          2         2

[Transcriber Note: There seems to be a similar issue on this portion of the original as well with G. Dyer. Both times this mistake occurs, the points are different.]


[column one]


The basketball game at the Hartsburg-Emden gym Tuesday night between the Men's team from Hartsburg and the Men's team from Emden was a hard-fought battle all the way. Gardner was high-point man--10. Embree of Hartsburg and Fink of Emden each scored 7 points. Others who showed fine form and good team were Payne, Gibson, Hobbs, Klokkenga, Bergold, Reiners, and Conrady. Substitutions in the Hartsburg line-up were many, this all available players were given an opportunity to show their "stuff."

A large and enthusiastic crowd was present to help the sponsors to make this affair a financial success. Each team had a cheering section that urged its team on to victory.

The Box Score
                FG        FT       TP
Leesman   0           0        0
Embree     3            1         7
Lolling       0          0        0
Payne       1          0         2
Johnson     1         0         2
Osborn      0        0          0
Luken         0        0         0
Arnold          2    1           5
Gibson       1          0       2
Klockenga  0         0         0
Conrady      0       0          0
Wrage       0        0          0
Totals        8         2          18

                FG        FT       TP
Hobbs       0          0          0
Fink          3            1         7
Bergman    2          0          4
Gardner      5         0          10
Klokkenga  0         0           0
Bergold         0     0            0
Reiners          1      0         2
Rademaker       1   0          2
Totals         12         1          25


Hazel Ann Rademaker January   3
Darrell Klockenga           "         12
Mary Ann Klokkenga      "         16
Mary Ann Wrage            "         16
Betty Manus                   "          23
Luella Mammen              "          28
Alberta Bergman               "        30

James H.: Father, how did Santa Claus get down the chimney when he is so big and our chimney is so little?
Carol: Mother, when Santa comes down the chimney which is full of dirty, old, black soot, how does he keep his whiskers so white?

[column two]


The FHA had its Christmas Party on December 20 the last period. The following girls planned the entertainment: Luella Mamman (chairman), Ruth Harms, Alberta Bergman, Kay Behrends, Janet Klopp, Geneva Klokkenga, Patty Wagner, and Janet Whittaker. After the games a 75 cent gift exchange was enjoyed.

Delicious refreshments of cake, ice cream, and chocolate milk were served by the following committee: Barbara Behrends, Luella Reiners, Sherry Holmes, and Gretchen Behrends.

The clean-up committee was: Verna Mae Menssen, Elizabeth Aper, Janet Kaesebier, Ruth Klokkenga, Charline Cross, Arline Bergold, and Eileen Aper.


The Letterman's Club and Pep Club held an Invitational Christmas Dance Tuesday, December 20 from 7:30 until 10:30. Marian Bruns furnished the records and player. The gymnasium made one feel like Christmas might really be near with its Christmas tree, lights, and other decorations. The refreshments for the party were cocoa and cookies.

The decoration committee members were: Bob Gardner ((chairman), Jack Detjen, Keith Williams, Dale Klockenga, Betty Gail Shirley, Verna Mae Menssen, Loretta Fink, Marian Bruns, and Mary Wrage.


The H-E Frosh-Soph team was victorious against Waynesville 48-20. It was H-E's game throughout. Hoar was high for the evening with 14 points for the winning cause.
The Box Score
                        FG       FT    TP
Hoar                 6         2       14
Sampen             5        0         10
Zimmer             2         0         4
Aper                1           3         5
Rohlfs               3           2       8
Payne                3          1       7
Totals               20        8         48

                        FG       FT    TP
Phelps                1          2      4
Shaffer               1           0       2
G. Dyer               2         0      4
Huffer                2         0        4
Price                  3         0        6
Totals               9          2        20

Hitchcock, Eeten, Meyers, and McMath also played for H.E.