Friday, March 27, 2015

Family Reading Night at the Grade School

by Megan Tapke

Family reading nights are when your child of that school is recommended to be there at a certain time, and that child will bring both mom or dad, maybe even just Mom or Dad.
That night as soon as they get there they will find a place on the floor to lay and you can bring blankets and pillows and most importantly your books to read with your family.

Later that night you are able to win prizes, they just shake your name up in a box and whosoever name comes out of there will win that prize that they are giving away! It’s so much fun to participate and your child of that school is more than welcomed to bring students from the high school if they’re related to you. Never a problem at all.

Family reading night will be March 19th 2015. Your child and family are more than welcome to come! Make sure to bring your camera and capture memories of your child reading and winning prizes!
It's  a night to remember and nothing better than spending time with your child and meeting their teachers or friends!


by Brooklyn Swinford

On March 17th the juniors had to take the ACT, it was supposed to be on March 3rd but we had a snow day. The test took about 4 hours and a lot of the juniors were either nervous or very stressed about it. We got one break after the first two tests were done and then after the fourth test was done we got a 5 minute break. After the ACT was over the juniors got to go home for the rest of the day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

High School Scholastic Bowl Regionals

by Brooklyn Swinford
On March 9th  the HS Scholastic Bowl had regionals at Williamsville against Illini Central; it was a very close game. Illini Central won with a total score of 110 points and Hartem had 80 points.
Joe Garcia had 2 toss ups.

PARCC Testing

by Megan Tapke

What PARCC testing is, is Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. This helps you to be ready for college whether it is the near future or far future. They will have Junior High students take this test also, it’s just different from what high school students take.  It stays with their level.
Once again, just like the ACT practice for Juniors, this will help you for college and see where you stand.The PARCC testing is for math and English.
You will usually take the PARCC test toward the end of the year and take it again within the remaining years of school you have to see how much your brain has grown and see how much you have accomplished.
So remember to always do well on tests like these because colleges will see grades like this and they don’t have to accept you if it is a poor score!
Remember to always do practice tests and to take these very seriously!

ACT Prep

by Megan Tapke

Last week the Juniors practiced the ACT’s in Mrs. Folkman’s room. What the ACT does is it tests you to see where you are at and then those scores go to the colleges you want to attend so they can see and see where you are at for their standards.
ACT prepping is just practicing so you’re almost perfect at your ACT’s.
Teachers will give you practice papers and have you practice and then you’ll be more knowing on what’s going on.
The day you actually test, your teacher will provide you snacks and you will be able to eat them on your 15 minute break.
Also, make sure you’re well rested and get breakfast the morning you take the real ACT’s. Always remember it goes to colleges so you want to do well and get a high score!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

HS Scholastic Bowl- Home Meet

by Brooklyn Swinford

 The High School Scholastic Bowl last meet was on February 19th. Hartem went against Illini Bluffs, Greenview and Mt Pulaski. Maddie Thomas made the All-Conference Team this year; she had a total of 38 toss ups this season.

                                         Illini Bluffs- 80  Hartem- 70
Greenview- 210  Hartem- 80
Mt. Pulaski- 90   Hartem- 120

Maddie Thomas had 8 toss ups
Joe Garcia had 4 toss ups
Erica Wolpert had 1 toss up
Clay Olson had 1 toss up

HS Scholastic Bowl

by Brooklyn Swinford

Last week on Thursday, February 12, there was a meet at Midwest Central, Hartem went against Illini Central, Delavan and Midwest Central. On February 19th Hartem is hosting the meet for Illini Bluffs, Greenview and Mt. Pulaski.

The scores from the 12th were:

Hartem- 130 Illini Central-100

Delavan-210 Hartem-70

Mid-West Central-190 Hartem-80

Joe Garcia had 13 toss ups

Maddie Thomas had 3 toss ups

Coaches vs. Cancer

by Megan Tapke

What is Coaches VS. Cancer? Well, Coaches VS. Cancer is very simple to explain, it is the senior night where they recognize more than usual, they will do games during half time to try and raise some money!
This night they will recognize all those who have cancer, they will rise and receive a flower and know that everyone is here for them and to support them!
There will be concessions in the cafeteria to raise money for the Junior class.
Come help support the Hartsburg Emden Basketball team!
Thank you!

Tough game Tuesday with the basketball players, the game was very intense and a close one! They lost 40-42. I believe but still played their hearts out! They support everyone who came to the game!

Senior Night and Coaches vs Cancer

by Alexis Huffman

On Tuesday, February 17th, the high school boys basketball team faced off against Midwest Central on our senior night.
Junior varsity lost 27 to 51. Our head scorer was Alex Vetter who scored 17 points all together.
Varsity lost 60-62. We were ahead in the first 3 quarters but then started to fall behind. Our top scorer was senior Brody Hopkins who scored 24 points.
Before the varsity game started, we had our senior night. Max Boch, Brody Hopkins, Zach Bryan, and our pep band senior, Dustin Woolard were honored. There were no senior cheerleaders.
During halftime of the varsity game, we got to watch our Bitty Ball players play each other for about 5 minutes while the Coaches vs Cancer drawings were announced. Our very own principal Mr. Wisniewski won a set a women’s and men’s sunglasses.
Thanks to all the people who came out and showed your support for and senior night and Coaches vs Cancer.