Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Yearbook Still Available

by Nathan Nowatney

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words- and the 2015 yearbooks is full of them! That’s right, the 2015 yearbook is available for purchase right now, but act quick, they’re going fast.

Only 24 yearbooks are currently remaining, so make sure one’s got your name on it!

Every student from Hartsburg-Emden who was present the full length of the year is featured in the yearbook at least five times. Those who weren’t were still featured at least three times. Every student’s on the cover!

If you’d like to get your hands on the yearbook, they’re currently priced at $35 (they cost ~$66 to make), so they’re an absolute steal. Not every school has the privilege of having their yearbooks this cheap and readily available for students.

When you purchase yours, you can come to Mrs. Folkman’s room, exchange payment for your new, shiny yearbook, and off you go! It’s that simple. You can pay in cash or a check.

Better act quick, the 2015 yearbook goes off sale on September 30th.

Feel like you missed the yearbook this year? Are you forgetful about this kind of thing? Then we’ve got a deal for you. The 2016 yearbook is also now available for pre-order, and for a limited time, it’s offered at the reduced price of $25!

Here’s what Mrs. Folkman has to say about the production of the 2016 yearbook so far:

“It’s great. We have a large staff- which is different, but it means a lot more viewpoints are put in, and there’s a lot more involvement in the creation of it, because you want a more accurate representation of the school as a whole- not just of a few people.”

So, if you like your yearbooks cheap, and available, the Antler is the right one for you! (It also probably has you in it.)