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May 8, 1950-- Hartem Staglite Archives

Hartsburg, Illinois        May 8, 1950

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The Juniors and Seniors of 1950 and their guests entered the land of the Netherlands for the evening, Friday, May 5. The evening began at 6:30 when a delicious dinner was served to 65 members of the Junior and Senior classes and faculty. The menu was as follows:

Grape juice cocktail with ritz crachers

Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Corn       Apple Salad
Hot Rolls           Butter
Cherry Pie Alamode
Iced Tea

After dinner which was so ably served by sophomore girls in colorful Dutch costumes, our toastmistress for the evening, Betty Gail Shirley, started with program with a few remarks and then turned to the Junior Class president, Mary Ann Klokkenga for a few words of welcome. Robert Gardner, Senior Class President, gave the response. Lois Klokkenga then read the history of the class. In keeping with the theme of the Dutch, Marianna Grussing and Shirley Van Hilsen accompanied by Janet Kaesebier, sang "The Old Dutch Hill." Then we had an address from the ruler of the Netherlands, our Principal, Mr. Ryan. Looking into the crystal ball we heard the prophecy of our classmates read by Marian Bruns. Our

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Dutch sister, Mary Detmers, played clarinet solo, "In An Old Dutch Garden." Alberta Bergman read the Class Will and Verna Mae Menssen the Class Initials. Everyone sat motionless while Betty Gail Shirley opened the envelopes which revealed the names of the King and Queen and of their attendants. The attendants, chosen from the Junior class by the Seniors, were Marilyn Klokkenga and Byron Behrends. the King and Queen of the 1950 Prom were Lois Klokkenga and Gene Conrady. His Royal Highness and his Queen were crowned by the Junior Class President, Mary Ann Klokkenga, after which they led the Grand March. Bob Davenport from Havana furnished the music for the dancing the rest of the evening.

The gym was elaborately decorated in Dutch style. the ceiling was blue. the walls and partitions were of rainbow colors.  The brick walls were used to represent the dikes of Holland. Wooden shoes, tulips, and windmills added to the Dutch atmosphere. A large blue windmill occupied one corner of the dance floor.

The invitations were Dutch girls. The favors were windmills and the program covers were blue with Dutch shoes and tulips on the front.

There were many lovely formals of pastel colors, lots of frills,
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Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII         May 8, 1950         No. 14



The Annual Vocational Agriculture, Section 14, judging contest was held at Athens on Saturday, April 22.

The H-E FFA teams were represented by the following boys:

Livestock team-- Loren Westen, John Bergman, Byron Behrends, Don Johnson, and Gene Aper. The livestock team placed second, and Loren Westen was fourth in individual judging.

Dairy team-- Robert Briggs, Alan Reiners, Robert Brosamer, Bill Cross, and Walter Harmsen. The dairy team placed fifth and Robert Briggs rated fourth in individual judging.

For the year's judging the H-E teams ranked third. this rating is determined by taking the total team scores for grain, poultry, livestock, and dairy teams.

Twenty-one schools participated in Saturday's contest with approximately 200 boys doing the judging.



On Monday, April 24, six seniors went to Normal University for Senior Day. They were Kay Behrends, Marian Bruns, Lois Klokkenga, Betty Manus, Verna Mae Menssen, and Donald Johnson. they were accompanied by Mrs. Brown.

They arrived at Normal at 10:00 a.m. and registered. they were then taken to talk to a teacher in any field in which they were interested. After that they toured the campus and then ate dinner in the McCormick Gymnasium.

After dinner they had plays and special exhibits.

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Steven Brent Montgomery
Friday, April 29, 1950
Weight 8 pounds 12 ounces
Father Mr. Duane Montgomery
Mother Mrs. Duane Mongomery

Nancy White
Wednesday, April 19, 1950
Weight 8 pounds
Father Mr. Don White
Mother Mrs. Don White


BIRTHDAYS OF THE MONTH                 May
Don Zimmer                                                   4
Lula Belle Conrady                                        5
Norman Hellman                                            6
Dale Klockenga                                              7
Patty Wagner                                                  14
Marian Bruns                                                 15
Loren Westen                                                 20
Geneva Schleder                                            28



May 9 FFA Banquet
10 Baseball at Hopedale
11 Baseball-- New Holland here
12 Style Show
16 Baseball at Kenney
18 Music Festival at Emden
19 Music Festival at Hartsburg
     Baseball-- Latham here
22 Senior Trip
24 Semester Tests
25 Semester Tests
28 Baccalaureate
29 Commencement

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The Emden- Hartsburg Kiwanis Club sponsored a banquet at the Community House in Emden Monday evening, April 24, honoring the basketball and baseball squads and cheerleaders of Hartsburg-Emden High School.

Coach Finchum presided as master of ceremonies. Gus Grebe, sports commentator of WJBC, Bloomington, told of his trip to Madison Sqaure Garden to broadcast the Bradley games in the tournaments there. Others who were introduced were Chuck McCaleb, sports editor of the Lincoln Evening Courier; Bob Hildrebrands; and Warren E. Burgener.

Burch Lee introduced Jack Horenberger, athletic director of Illinois Wesleyan University, who was the speaker for the evening. He told the young athletes that it takes lots of practice, hard work, and spirit to become a good athlete.

Coach Finchum presented awards as follows:

Bob Gardner-- the shooting award with a percentage of .377, making 119 shots out of 215 attempts; and the rebound award, with 291 offensive and defensive rebounds.

James Hoar-- the best percetage of free throws with a .614 average, making 43 out of 70 attempts.

Keith Williams was runnerup in all three of these contests.

Basketball Awards
Varisty-- Bob Gardner, Dale Klockenga, Don Wagner (Captain), Dick Gardner, Dick Stuan, Keith Williams, Wayne Zimmer, Jim Hoar, Harold Jecketl, senior manager, and Don Zimmer, junior manager.

Frosh-Soph-- Don Aper, James Eeten, Wayne Lolling, Ray Payne, James Rohlfs, Alan Reiners, Ken Sampen, and Harry Bill Haferkamp.

Baseball Awards

Bob Garndner, Don Wagner, John Bergman, Bob Brosamer, Bill Cross, Jack Detjen, Wayne Zimmer, Don Aper, Jim Hoar, Wayne Lolling, Jim Rohlfs, Ken Sampen, and Ted Rankin.

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Cheerleaders Awards

Varsity-- Marian Bruns, Loretta Fink, Verna Mae Menssen, and Mary Wrage.

Frosh-Soph-- Myrna Williams, Virginia Lessen, and Marguerite Bruns.

Mrs. Lena Zimmer and Mrs. Ethel Hildebrands prepared the delicious roast beef dinner, and were assisted in serving by Mrs. Weldon Ryan, Mrs. Fred Finchum, and Mrs. Dale Frantz.

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ruffles, and lace. the predominant colors of the formals were blue, green, and pink. Most of the formals had hooped skirts and high neck lines. Carnations were the popular flowers with a few corsaged gardenias and roses.



If I were asked to give a thought
        which in one word would speak
A unity of brotherhood, a sympathy
A hundred happy, cheery ways, a mind
         that knows its own.
Contented midst a throng of folk,
        yet peaceful when alone,
A heart that sheds its silent glow,
         to brighten many another.
Without a moment of delay, I'd say,
          "You mean my mother."

Author Unknown



If Hazel Ann R. and Gene C. will really make a go.

If the Seniors had a good time after the play.

Why Loren Westen wasn't at the Prom Friday night. Really missed out on something, Loren.

Why Marian and Verna Mae were mad after the Prom. Could it have been because they didn't get to go to Springfield.

Who had the ambition to go around Hartsburg Shooting firecrackers at 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

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Wednesday, May 3, three busloads of students went to Lincoln College to participate in the Annual Logan County Music Festival. The Band, and both the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs took part in the program at night.

During the forenoon the combined bands rehearsed with each of the music teachers in the county directing a number.

During the afternoon the combined glee clubs rehearsed using the same plan.

At 8:00 p.m. those combined bands and clubs presented to the public the numbers that they had rehearsed during the day.

The music teachers' club of the county plans to use the proceeds of this program to bring a noted music organization to the county for the entertainment of the high school students.



On Friday, April 21, the Apollo Quartet from Illinois Wesleyan appeared on our assembly program. Those four singers and their accompanist presented a very novel and varied program of vocal and instrumental numbers.

These Wesleyan students and their sponsor remained for lunch with us.



Wednesday, May 3, the faculties of both the high school and grade school took their Visitation Day. They went to the new Lakeview School at Decatur.

They report a very interesting day. This school is operated on the principle of a Student Council in control as long as order is maintained and progress is made in the work undertaken. The Student Council sets up the rules and when anyone is reported offending, his case is tried and a punishment is set.

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Court is held one day a week.

Grades are not used in reporting to the parents but an achievement sheet is prepared and sent to the parents. All teaching is functional, this is, if you will not need it in life then why learn it. This is one of the newer ideas in education and it is interesting to visit a school in operation when it was using such a plan.



The Senior Class reports $238.67 as ticket sales on their play.

Shirley Van Hilsen received a second place rating in the State Music Contest on April 28. She played "Beautiful Colorado" on her tenor saxophone.

Mary Lou Krusemark, a Freshman at U of I, received Class Honors for her first semester. To receive Class Honors a student must rank in the upper 10 percent of his class. Mary Lou was graduated from H-E last year.


ELIZABETH APER- Anything useful.
KAY BEHRENDS- A certain sophomore's ring again.
RONALD BEHRENDS- The world with a fence around it and a $1000.
ALBERTA BERGMAN- Two birthday's in one year.
JOHN BERGMAN- Shorter route to San Jose.
MARIAN BRUNS- Ability to behave herself once in a while.
GENE CONRADY- A house for two.
DEAN DAVISON- A new car.
LORETTA FINK- A house near Mt. Pulaksi
BOB GARDNER- Lots of loving.
HAROLD JECKEL- Any junior girl.
DON JOHNSON- A shorter route to Beason.
DALE KLEKKENGA- A radio for his car.
LOIS KLOKKENGA- Another night at the prom.
EVELYN LESSEN- No more teasing about Harry.
BETTY MANUS- A diamond for graduation.
VERNA MAE MENSSEN- A certain guy.
HARRY THOMPSON- Somebody to dance with his girl.
DONALD WAGNER- An A in English..

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Hartem Students BMX

by Kaitlyn Perschall
Nov. 18, 2016

BMX is a sport that two kids in our school do. The students that race are Robby Perschall and William Newby. Robby is in 4th grade and William is in 8th. Robby’s home track is in Farmer's City and William's is in Springfield.

BMX was founded in southern California in the 1970’s. It all started because some kids were riding their bikes around a vacant lot in 1972. The kids were trying to imitate their motorcycle racing idols so they created a sport of their own. Kids all around the country could have been doing the same thing. It used to be called pedal-cross but then got changed to bicycle motocross (BMX). It only took one summer for kids to discover BMX.

Girls and boys of all ages do this sports. If you aren't out there on the track racing and having fun, you can be waiting at the finish line for the one you were cheering on. It looks like it would be fun to race the bike.

BMX was put into the Olympics in 2008. The Olympics that year was in Beijing. In the Olympics the girls and the guys raced on different tracks because the girls had a shorter track than the guys did. The first guy to win was Latvia’s Maria Strindbergs and the girl that won was France’s Anne-Caroline Chausson.

If you think BMX sounds like a fun sport, you should try it. You could probably go out and watch Robby or William race one of these days when the season starts up again.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Excitement at the Agronomy Contest

by Ivy Merz
Nov. 18, 2016
On Wednesday, November 2nd, nine of our 108 kids from the FFA traveled to Williamsville to compete in a CDE Agronomy contest. There, Ashley Zinser, Jarrett Rohlfs, Kassy Eskew, Shyanne Conrady, Xavier Detmers, Hunter Buck, Abbie Hoerbert, Ivy Merz, and Sami Perschall, competed in a contest where they would judge hay, corn, soybeans, and oats.
The students as a team scored 664 points. The highest scorer on our Hartsburg-Emden team was Ivy Merz, with a total number of 227 points out of 500. Hunter Buck came in second place on our team with a total number of 220 points, then in third place came Kassy Eskew, with a total number of 217 points.
As some of the students were completing the first part of the contest, the wind outside started blowing a little faster and the dark gray clouds covered the sky and it began lightly raining. A few minutes later, one of the other agriculture teachers started screaming at the students to get out of the cafeteria. The students, confused, did nothing as the screaming teacher was running around very scared. The confused students and other agriculture teachers then moved into the hallway outside of the cafeteria. A lot of students were checking the weather on their phones and complaining about how the screaming teacher was “overreacting about a little storm.” The students were then moved again into the gymnasium with the soccer players who had to come inside to receive shelter from the rain and the girls basketball team.
The contest was resumed and students did their best to score highly for their school.
When the contests were finished and awards were given out, our school placed 6th, out of ten schools. Ashley Zinser got an award for being in the top 10 students to get the highest grades on their CDE test. Only a few students left with awards.

Students Volunteer at Hopedale

by Zach Phillips
Nov. 18, 2016

This year, several Senior Beta members went to Hopedale on October 29 to help support the Hopedale Wellness Center’s ‘Spooky Sprint.’ This is a 5k/ Fun Run. Our Beta members helped direct the runners on their path and gave encouragement to all 18 runners that came and enjoyed the beautiful day. All the runners came out to support The Wellness Center, which is a fantastic cause.

Meet the Stags

by Zach Phillips
Nov. 18, 2016

Our annual ‘Meet the Stags’ was Saturday the 12th of November. This is our way of broadcasting and recognizing our high school team and proving to the fans that this will be an exciting year for them to come and support our games. All through, our pep band was playing fantastically, and all the fans seemed to be enjoying the music.  Both our Junior High and High School teams were recognized, and then our high school team had a short scrimmage. The cheerleaders were also recognized, and all performed well. Both teams played very well, and the coaches had lots to tell us. After that, we had our alumni play a scrimmage. I think Meet the Stags this year was a success and hopefully our fans will come and enjoy watching the team!

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High School Scholastic Bowl Begins Season

by Alexus Buckles
Nov. 9, 2016

The high school scholastic bowl team has begun their practices and their first match is on January 12, 2017. Their practices are every Wednesday after school unless there is a early dismissal. So far there have been 13 students who said they would join the team which is much more than last year. Last year we ended the year with 7 students on the team.
I asked a couple of people why they joined scholastic bowl and this was their responses.
Kaitlyn Perschall said that she join scholastic bowl because it´s something to do and she hasn't done anything extracurricular in her whole high school career. Sierra Smith, a repeat team member from last year, said she joined scholastic bowl because she likes food and she also likes trivia. She added on to say that she thinks Mrs. Folkman is awesome. The students that join scholastic bowl seem to have a lot of fun even when itÅ› time to be serious. During the matches the questions can be hard but there are also some pretty obvious ones too.
Scholastic bowl is fun to join. You don't have to be smart to join the team. Join the team to have fun and learn during the process of it all. It´s not too late to join the team. Ask Mrs. Folkman if you have questions about joining or anything else about scholastic bowl.

Orchestra Trip

by Madison Farris
Nov. 9, 2016
November 10th, the 6th and 7th grade students will be travelling to Springfield to the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, to watch a production called “The Listener.” When asked about the trip, Mr Pluhm - the choir director exclaimed, “ I am very excited for our students to get the experience to see a live professional performance and hear these amazing musicians. It is one thing to watch a video and hear music through a speaker, but totally another to be breathing the same air as the musicians and feeling the vibrations of their instruments on your skin. I encourage all of my students to go see live music performances regardless of genre, but am secretly hoping that this trip gives my students an appreciation for classical music.”