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Stag-lite Archives- October 18, 1950


Page 2 STAG-LITE October 18, 1950

[column 1]

Published by the Hartsburg-Emden High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VIII October 18, 1950 No. 2



What is Halloween? How should we act and what is it for?

Halloween comes once a year always falling on October 31. This day is more or less set aside for having good clean fun. In days gone by it was the custom to build large fires to chase away the evil spirits.

This is the time of year that we make jach [sic]-o-lanterns, black cats, and think of witches. This might affect superstitious people in many ways. Some people think that on Halloween if the black cat passes in front of them they will have good luck while during the rest of the year they just wouldn't let a black cat pass in front of them. Other people who are really superstitious think this is the time of year to go out of doors, for while the leaves are falling if one should fall on them they would feel ten years younger.

So much for such foolishness, now to talk about things that have meaning to them. Should we demolish property belonging to other people? Of course not! Everyone knows better than to go to other people's houses and demolish their implements or anything else that they own.

What if you had a new car or motor bike? Would you like for someone to come and tear it apart so that you could see what it was made of? You probably wouldn't like it, so try to be considerate of other people. Don't go around soaping people's windows for you might cause a serious accident of some kind and it isn't easy to get the soap off. Do not let air out of people's tires for they might have to get home or some place else in a hurry.

The main thing to remember is to be considerate of other people, put

[column 2]

yourself in their place if necessary. Let's try to make this the best Halloween we have ever had. Go out and have fun on Halloween and not a month before, always trying to think of the other person.

Remember this is not the time of year to try and get revenge on some one!  !  !



H-E students had the privilege of signing the Freedom Scrolls in the assembly. This drive was started by Gen. Lucius D. Clay. There [sic] signatures are voluntary.

These scrolls will enshrined in the Freedom Shrine at Templehof Airdome in Germany. They will be put in the shrine with a 10 ton Bronze Freedom Bell which will ring out freedom on each broadcast of station Radio Free Europe. The bell will peal forth for the first time on United Nations Day, October 24.

Here is the pledge-- I believe in the sacredness and dignity of the individual.

I believe that all men derive the right to Freedom equally from God.

I pledge to resist aggression and tyranny wherever they appear on earth.

I am proud to enlist in the Crusade for Freedom.

I am proud to make the Freedom Bell possible, to be a signer of this Declaration of Freedom to have my name included as a permanent part of the Freedom shrine in Berlin and to join the million of men and women throughout the world who hold the cause of freedom sacred.




November 16 and 17

October 18, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 3

[column 1]


Batting Averages:
PLAYER        AB       R     H      %
Zimmer             3         2     2       .667
Brosamer         29       10    14     .482
Sampen           28        8      11     .392
Hoar                29        10    10     .344
McMath            9        4        3      .333
Rohlfs             27        6        7       .259
Detjen             20        2         5     .250
Payne              21         4        4     .190
Lolling            19         3      3       .157
Aper                13        3       3      .153
Shirley            18          5     1       .055
Reiners            9           0      0       .000
Behrends         1           0     0         .000
Costa                0          0      0        .000
Groth               1          0       0       .000

PITCHER      G         W       L
Detjen            2           1       0
Hoar               6           2       2
Brosamer        1          0        1
Aper               3          0         2
Lolling           1           0        0

RUNS-- Hoar, Brosamer-- 10
HITS-- Brosamer-- 14
WALKS-- Shirley-- 8
SACRIFICE HITS-- Shirley-- 4
STRIKE OUTS-- Hoar, Rohlfs, Payne, Reiners, Shirley-- 7

BEASON-------11       HARTSBURG-EMDEN-- 10
ATLANTA----- 0        HARTSBURG-EMDEN-- 12


Mt. Pulaski beat the Stags with--out very much trouble, 9-0. The Stags collected only three hits, as the Hilltoppers got eleven. A five run fifth inning gave Pulaski plenty of assurance. Brosamer started the game and took the loss, but was relieved by Hoar and Lolling. Brown was the winner for the Hilltoppers.

[column 2]

Brosamer led out hitters with 2 for 3, while Romer, Armstrong, and Mason each had the same for Pulaski.

PULASKI 0  0  0  2  5  0  2  -9  -11
STAGS      0  0  0  0  0  0  0  -0  -3


The Stags really felt good after their trip to Middletown. They spanked the Comets, 22-2., behind Jim Hoar's three-hit pitching, and thanks to seventeen walks by Comet pitchers. Detjen led the hitters with four for six and Hawk for the losers and two for four. "Hollie" struck our seventeen Middletown batters and also had a good day at the plate with three for five. The Stags scored twenty-two runs on fourteen hits, while the losers had two runs with three hits. The past ball and wild pitches on the part of Middletown also helped the Stags in scoring their runs.

STAGS     0  1  4  4  5  5  3  - 22 - 14
COMETS 0  0  2  0  0  0  0  -  2  -  3


Jim Hoar was again the hero as he pitched a no-hit, no-run game against the Atlanta Redwings, winning by a score of 12-0. "Hollie" also collected two for four at the plate, however Brosamer took hitting honors with three for four. Tabb took the loss for Altanta, but his team mates had numerous errors in the field to account for the Stags' runs. "Holllie" had the Redwings' number, as sixteen of them went down swinging. Jim Hoar's strike-out record was run to thirty-three in just two games.

ATLANTA   0  0  0  0  0  0  0  -0  -0
STAGS         1  5  0  3  0  3    -12  -8

SHAME on Miss Berninger for answering, "No comment" as to her preference of the Junior Play cast.
FAME to James H. for pitching a no hit no run ball game.

Page 4 STAG-LITE October 18, 1950

[column 1]


Earlier this year for Sophomore English , Miss Berninger placed some pictures on the bulletin board. She then asked her class to write a story about one of these pictures. She was well please with several of them and has given us three of the best to be published in our paper. We will publish the other two at a later date.


Diane Stevenson was a typical high school graduated of eighteen, whose ambition was to be a great actress some day. Tryouts for he play to be given by the Dramatics Club were to be held this afternoon, and Diane was nearly crazy with excitement. She wanted so much to be the leading lady. The part called for a young, pretty girl with small features. Diane was just sure that she was suited to the part. Not that she was vain, for Diane had a sweet personality and was a popular girl of her crowd.

Diane was walking into the gym where tryouts were to be held, when she met her best friend, Sue. "Oh, Sue," she exclaimed, "I hope we both get a part." Sue, who had wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes, stopped where there were two seats.

"Those who want to try out for the leading lady's part, please come to the stage," the director called. Immediately, Diane walked up. She tried out for the part of the girl, who was to be Diane's sister in the play.

After the tryouts, the girls met Bob Livingston and Tod Moore; and together the four of them went to the local drugstore for cokes. Most of the conversation was made up of talk of the coming play, "Love That Guy." They were discussing Bill Brent, who had just moved to the Springtown community the month before. "Gosh," said Sue, "I didn't think he was that good of an actor."

Diane said, "I just wonder who Mr. Ramsey will have for the leading man. If I get leading lady, I hope

[column 2]

he doesn't get the leading part of the man. He sure doesn't appeal to me, with that blond burr hair cut of his."

They were lucky to get the parts they tried out for, and as they had expected, Bill did get the part of the leading man.

On the first night of play practices, Diane was feeling pretty gloomy about playing opposite Bill, although she was excited about the play. Play practice went better than she had expected, for Bill was quite amusing and very considerate. Bill explained that Bob and Ted were coming for Sue and herself.

Five play practices later, as Bill was walking her home for the Third time that week, Bill told Diane that he heard that a Hollywood producer was coming to see the play. "I sure hope he likes me," said Diane.

"How could he help liking a sweet, pretty girl like you?"

"Oh, Bill." With that he leaned down and kissed her. Breathlessly Diane walked into the house, thinking how nice Bill was and how much he had come to mean to her.

It was opening night! Excitedly, Diane hurried to finish dressing. Her mixed thoughts were of Bill, of his proposal to her the night before, and of the Hollywood producer.

At the end of the first act Diane ran off stage to meet Bill. With her face flushed with excitement she cried, "Oh, Bill, I hope I'm doing all right."

"You're doing fine; they all love you, including me," replied Bill.

Diane was even a greater success than she had ever dreamed of and was offered a chance to go to Hollywood.

"I saw you talking to Mr. Garland," said Bill as Diane ran to meet him. "What did he have to say?"

"Bill, I don't know how to explain," replied Diane.

"You don't have to." Bill told  her; "I think I understand. "Remember, Diane, I love you very much, but it's your own decision to make. I know how you love acting and I
(Continued on page 8.)

October 18, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 5

Four-H Club News

The Tri-Township Club held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 4. The meeting was opened by repeating the 4-H pledge.

Mr. Finchum, 4-H County Youth Assistant, was present and talked about completing the books, 4-H camp, the 4-H barns, and County on 4-H Federation.

Ronnie Fink spoke about his trip to the Chicago Fair where he represented Logan County on 4-H Day with a drum number.

Officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Gene Conrady: vice-president, Donald Aper: secretary, Nancy Shirley: treasurer, Walter Harmsen: reporter, Dean McMath; recreation leaders, Pay Payne and Janet Shirley.

In place of the wiener roast which was rained out the club decided to have an achievement night at the high school on October 20. The members will present a short program and following the program refreshments will be served. All 4-H members and their families are welcome.

The meeting was closed by the 4-H pledge.

_ _ _


On Tuesday, October 3, a group of Agriculture boys went on a tour through the State School and Colony farm. On the trip their main purpose was to study the dairy barns and herd. Among other interesting scenes were the large corn crops and their system of farming. The group included: Allen Ray Reiners, Ken Sampen, Ray Payne, Mervin Oltmanns, Wayne Lolling, Ted Rankin, Gene Aper, Dean McMath, Walter [???]-sen, Bob Briggs and Don Aper. The group made the trip in cars and were accompanied by the Ag. teacher, Mr. Burgener.

- - -

Early this month the Home Ec girls laundered the curtains in the Home ec room.

[column 2]


Our officers of the F. H. A. went to Springfield, Illinois to a "Future Homemakers of America Officers Institute." It was held at the Springfield High School on October 2.

Betty Lawn drove a car and took with her Mrs. Brown, Barbara Behrends, and Shirley Van Hilsen.

The presidents met as a group; so did the vice-presidents, secretaries, and treasurers. In these meeting [sic] they held panel discussions. Latter [sic] they summarized there [sic] discussions in a joint meeting.

A roast turkey dinner was enjoyed.

The evening program was opened with the F. H. A. "Prayer of Thanks" and "The State Song." After the welcome they had the introduction of guests.

Mrs. Imogene Getzendanner, Homemaking teacher, Divernon High School gave a talk on "Tips to Chapter Advisors."

Miss June Allen, Home Economist gave an illustrated talk on "A Future in Home Economics."

The meeting closed by everyone repeating the Creed.

- - -

Ruth Liesman submitted to an appendectomy on Wednesday, October 4. She is now at home but has not returned to school.

Mr. Ryan has been absent from school for more than a week due to an infection in his hand. He entered St. Clara's hospital on October 11 for care.

During the absence of Mr. Ryan, Mr. Finchum has been teaching the Sociology and General Business classes.

Mr. Ryan complimented the student body for their fine behavior at the Music Festival in Lincoln.

Page 6 STAG-LITE October 18, 1950

[column 1]


On Tuesday night, October 17, the music department gave a 45 minute program which was highly praised by those present.  Everyone was impressed with the improvement in the performance of each group.

The following is the program as presented:

Goldon Boar's March-- Band

My Foolish Heart-- Boll Lyra solo--- Charline Cross

The Little Worm-- Freshman Girls Sextet
Margaret Wibben
Jo Ann Crane
Joyce Klokkenga
[?]ila Gibson
Dorothy Heineken
Nancy Kaesebier
Accompanist-- Donnie Miller

Hoop De Doo-- Band

Hoe High the Moon-- Junior Girls Sextet
Geneva Klokkenga
Geneva Schleder
Patsy Sieglowsky
Charline Cross
Janet Klopp
Virginia Lessen
Accompanist-- Lu Ann Reiners

Ting a Ling Waltz-- Band

El Rancho Grande--

Simple Melody-- Boy's Glee Club
Old MacDonald-- Band

My Wonderful One-- Senior Girls Trio
Mary Ann Klokkenga
Mariana Grussing
Shirley Van Hilsen
Accompanist-- Janet Kaesebier

Belle of the Ball-- Band

Following this fine program an election of officers for this year was held. For President they elected Mrs. Kirchner; for Vice-president, Mrs. Orville McMath; and, for secretary-- Treasurer, Mrs. Lawrence Kaesebier. Those officers are to appoint a Finance Committee for the year.

- - -

The Junior Class had a net profit of $32.34 on their Bake Sale held at the Emden Hardware Store on Saturday, October 7.

[column 2]

"The Inner Willie" is the title of the Junior Play. Books have arrived and parts will soon be assigned. The dates for the play are November 16 and 17.

Thursday, October 12, the Seniors went to Peoria to have their pictures taken at Rembrandt's. George Lolling drove the bus. The Seniors were accompanied by Mrs. West and Mr. Bergener. Ruth Liesman, Rhoda Elsberry, and Norman Hellman will go at a later date for their settings.

September 29 we had a day's vacation since the teachers attended County Institute in Lincoln.

On October 9 we we again had a day of vacation. The teachers went to Bloomington to a Divisional Teachers Institute.

The English IV class has been using some Shakespeare records in class. These records are very good and the students report that they make the plays much easier to interpret.

The General Science class had Tom Johnston show it the Hartsburg fire truck and explain its operation.

Fire Prevention Week we had fire drill. It took 4 minutes to clear the building. This slow time was due to the fact that 3 of the classes were in the assembly, which fact caused congestion there.

FAME to Patsy E. for showing such promise for the Junior Play.
SHAME to Carol [N? H?] for getting carmel all over her and everyone else
SHAME to that certain Junior boy who didn't have any gas Sunday night.
SHAME to that certain Freshman girl who was sitting on a certain soph's boy's lap in the study hall on Tues.
FAME to Bobby Briggs for getting that mysterious telephone call on Sunday night.
SHAME to George for keeping the stoker running so that it is so hot in the rooms over the furnace.

October 18, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 7

[column 1]


The students were allowed to listen during their free periods to the World Series games.

One hundred twenty-give subscriptions for "The Stag" were sold in one day.

The Home Economics class toured Fleishmann's Yeast factory at Pekin on October 1.

On October 6, fire drill was held. Every one was out of the building in fifty seconds.

The percentage of attendance for the first 6 weeks was 98.8.

Hartsburg H.S. entertained Emden H.S. with a party October 10.

Mr. Bower gave a worthwhile talk at an assembly program and set up a goal to attain--that of giving, not receiving.

On October 13 talks were given on Fire Prevention by the following freshmen: Clausy Kendrick, Helen Smith, and Frederick Hamer.

The Biology students made a collection of insects and donated some to the school.



We elected officers as follows:

President-- Jack Detjen
Vice-president-- James Hoar
Secretary-- Bill Cross
Treasurer-- Ken Sampen
Reporter-- John Myers
Officer-of-the-Door-- Ray Payne

Coach read our new constitution which was just finished.

An Amendment was-- a letter must be worn on school colors.

[column 2]

NAME-- Lula Belle Clara Conrady
DATE OF BIRTH-- May 5, 1934
FAVORITE PASTIME-- Listening to the radio
FAVORITE BOOK-- "The These Also"
AMBITION-- Secretary

NAME-- Byron (Nip) R. Behrends
DATE OF BIRTH-- September 7, 1930
FAVORITE FOOD-- Fish and Strawberry Sundae
FAVORITE PASTIME-- Farming and going with girls
AMBITION-- Farming
FAVORITE MOVIE-- Stratton Story
FAVORITE SONG-- Good Night Irene

NAME-- Peggy Lee Brosamer
DATE OF BIRTH-- October 6, 1932
FAVORITE BOOK-- For Whom the Bell Tolls
AMBITION-- Comptometer Operator
FAVORITE MOVIE-- Johnny Belinda

- 0 -

We are very sorry to hear that Jerry Burlingame was seriously burnt at his home hear [sic] Emden, where he resides with his grandparents. The accident happened on September 28 after he came home from school. He was making a hotter fire in the stove by pouring gasoline on it. He is now staying with his father, Ubert Berlingame, of Delavan. It will be sometime before he is able to return to school.

[in handwriting]

F.H.A Carnival, October 27

October 18, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 8

(Continued from page 4.)

wouldn't want you to miss your chance. I'm leaving for Hillsdale tomorrow and I'd like very much to make it a wedding trip."

Diane, standing with tears in her eyes, said that she'd better go home. Bill took her without a word and didn't kiss her goodnight.

Diane didn't sleep very well that night and by early morning she had made a decision. Hurriedly she ran to the phone.

"Bill, I've been such a fool. Please forgive me. I've changed my mind."

Anxiously she waited for an answer. Then it came! You're forgiven, sweetheart," said Bill. I'll be after you in an hour."

Radiant with happiness, she rushed to pack her clothes to get ready to go with Bill.

- Arline Bergold


Where Jerry's mind was when he burned himself???

About the romance between Marietta Wibben and Paul Drewelow?

Why Susy B. and Bobby D. split up. Know anything about it Ronny A.?

Which one of the Emden duet boys like Lila G.?

If Eileen Aper likes red-heads? How abou tit, Joe?

If Goldie Aper misses Jerry much?

Who that boy was the Myrna W. described in her speech?

What Senior boy that Virginia L. thinks is cute?

Which Freshman boys throw paper wads in Study Hall?

How Don [Z.?] and his specs are coming?

When Mr. Kirchner will make up his mind whether he wants a sextet or a trio?

Why Lu Ann Reiners dislikes Drive-In theaters? (So she says in Speech class.)

Who the 3 girls were that got left at the Atlanta-Hartsburg-Emden ball game?

If you could imagine Keith trying to drink ink?

[column 2]

If Arline was disappointed because she didn't get to cut the onion at the Sophomore party?

If Marvin likes that song "Goodnight, Irene."

Why "Goodnight, Irene" is such a current hit around school?

Why those 3 sophomore girls used Miss Berninger's English Room to read the last period on Tuesday?

Why Marian R. brings all her pictures to school?

If Patty is serious about her new heart-throb-- initials, G.A.

Why Dick G. brought that ??? in to Study Hall?

What Sophomore girl does Joe W. tease in Science class? Ask Marian R.


FAME to the feud still WRAGING on between Billy and Dickie.

FAME to James H. for lighting up his old flame.

SHAME on those Senior boys for looking over wall partitions.

SHAME on those same boys for stealing gas out at Wrage's. Know anything about it, J., D., B., and N.?

Fame to Janet W. for having a chauffeur take her home from school.


FAME to the Junior English class for being so quiet.

SHAME on Shirley H. for not giving Gene A. her picture.

SHAME on Eldon O. for being so tight.

SHAME on the seven Seniors and the lone Junior for eating at such a fancy and expensive club.

FAME to Bonnita T. for saving Teddy a seat on the bus.

SHAME on Nancy K. for letting her notes from Harry Bill get away from her.

SHAME on the kids who went to the movie, "The Story of Life."

SHAME on Joe w. for teasing Marian R. in Science.

FAME to the boys for putting the jug up on the flag pole.

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Staglite Archive- Sept. 28, 1950

[transcription- cover]

[bat reads] STAGS

[pictures of baseballs- name listed top to bottom, left to right)
Ted, Ray, Bob B.
Billy, Dean
Coach Finchum, Ken, Allan Ray
J. R. Shirley, J.R. Rohlfs, Jack
Hollie, Don A, Wayne
Don Z.

Page 2 STAG-LITE September 28, 1950
[column 1]
Published by the Hartsburg-Emden High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VIII September 28, 1950 No. 1

Editor... Jackie Detjen
Managing Editor... Mary Wrage
Make Up Editor... Janet Kaesebier
                              Hazel Rademaker
Proof Readers... Rhoda Elsberry
                           Marilyn Klokkenga
Sports Editors... Betty Gail Shirley
                           Bill Cross
Feature Editors... Betty Laun
                             Barbara Behrends
Gossip Editors... Doris Lessen
                             Marguerite Bruns
                           Arline Bergold
                            Virginia Lessen
                           Janet Klopp
                           Shirley Van Hilsen
                           Geneva Schleder
Fame and Shame Editor... Dick Gardener
Art Editors... Myrna Williams
                     Charline Cross
                     Marianna Grussing
  FHA Patsy Zieglowsky
  FFA ...Dona Aper
  Freshman Class...Lu Ann Reiners
  Sophomore Class... Eileen Aper
  Junior Class... Ruth Klokkenga
  Senior Class... Mary Jean Reiners
  Band... Ruth Liesman
  Girls Music...Geneva Klokkenga
  Miscellaneous... Joan Aper
                             Patty Wagner
                             Gretchen Behrends
                             Carol Klokkenga
                             Geneva Schleder
Typists... Mary Detmers
               Lula Belle Conrady
               Mary Wrage
               Shirley Van Hilsen
               Mary Ann Klokkenga
Ditto Operators... Marjorie Lessen
                             Peggy Brosamer
                             Ruth Harms
                             Rhoda Elsberry
Circulation Managers... Don Zimmer
                                       Dean McMath

[column 2]


In the month of June the new Unit District No. 21 was organized. The Unit includes the Emden Grade School District, Hartsburg Grade School District, the Hartsburg-Emden High School, and part of Glenwild, West Point, and Altic Rural School Districts.

August 8, 1950 the election of the new Board of Education was held. Those who were elected are as follows: Galen Shirley, Clarence Wrage, and MerI Rademaker, who will serve for three years; Louis Arnold and Nanke Harms, who will serve for 2 years; and Orville Harmsen and Edward Schmidt who will serve for 1 year.

At the first meeting Galen Shirley was elected President and Nanke Harms, Secretary. Mr. Ryan was employed as Superintendent of District No. 21.

The teachers at Emden Grade School are: Mr. Vail Cordell, Mrs. Vail Cordell, Mrs. Catherine Jeckel, and Mr. Nelson Alberts.

The Emden Grade School cooks are Mrs. Ora Rogers and Mrs. Jeannette Bergold.

The teachers of the Hartsburg Grade School are: Mrs. Dolores Kendrick, Miss Tillie Ruben, Mrs. Virginia Brosamer, and Mr. Harold Krusemark.

The cooks for the grade school at Hartsburg are Mrs. Gritana Ryan and Mrs. Dorothy Behrends.

Mrs. Fern Casaway is teaching at Glenwild and Mrs. Robert Thorpe, at West Point.

The teachers at Hartsburg-Emden High School are: Mrs. Virginia Brown, Mrs. Grace West, Miss Sara Berninger, Mr. Warren Burgener, Mr. Fred Finchum, Mr. Allan Kirchner, Mr. Duane Montgomery, and Mr. Weldon Ryan the Superintendent.

The cooks for the High School are Miss Anna Janssen and Mrs. Cecil Bruns.

September 28, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 3
[column 1]


The following boys reported for baseball for the 1950 fall season: Freshmen: Ronald Arnold, Buane Behrends, Myrl Costa, Robert Cross, Ronald Groth, James Shirley, and Joe West. Juniors: Donald Aper, James Hoar, Wayne Lolling, Dean McMath, Ted Rankin, Ray Payne, Alan Reiners, James Rohlfs, Ken Sampen, and Donald Zimmer. Seniors: Bob Brossamer, Billy Cross, and Jack Detjen.


In the opening game of the season, the Delavan Panthers attacked our Stags with a big five-run sixth inning and won, 9-6. Jim Hoar and Don Aper handled the pitching chores for the Stags, giving up nine runs on eight hits. Jim Hoar had a three run homer in the fifth inning and Brosamer had three for four. The Stags also had eight hits, but just couldn't score the runs to win. The H-E pitchers struck out eleven of the Delavan boys. Rees, Pomrenke, and Kiekhoff hurled for the winners. 
Delaven:            0  1  0  0  0  5  3  -9-8
H-E?                  0  1  1  1  3  0  1  -6-8


Against Hopedale the Stags came out on top, 5-2. Relief Pitcher, Jack Detjen, got the win as the home boys took advantage of the Indians' miscues in the third inning which gave the Stags two runs. Hopedale's two runs came in the second inning on no hits. Each team had three hits.
Hopedale:  0  2  0  0  0  0  0  -2-3
H-E:           1  1  2  0  1  0     -5-3


In a long, hard-fought conference game, the Stag lost to Elkhart, 7-3. Jim Hoar pitched very creditable ball, striking out eighteen Redbirds. The Stags played excellent ball, but tired after eleven hard innings and gave up four runs in the 

[column 2]
twelfth. Davis, of Elkhart, collected three safeties, while Sampen led the hitters with four for six, one of these being a double. The Stags played in hard luck, having numerous scoring opportunities, but not being able to score.
Elkhart: 2  0  0  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0-4-7
H-E:      2  0  0  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0-3-12


In the second conference game, the Stags again came close, but were beaten in the last inning, 11-10. The Stags got off to a fine start, when Payne got a hit and scored on Brosamer's hit. Going into the last of the fourth, the score was tied 5-5. Going into the seventh, the Yellow-Jackets led 9-6.  The Stags, coming through in the clutch, went ahead 10-9 with Sampen's two-run triple. Sampen scored on Hoar's bent and Aper hit safely and scored on Lolling's single. (Lolling also had a triple which helped the cause.) In Beason's seventh, Duff and Thomas scored the tieing and winning runs on one hit. Payne had three for four. Travis got the win while Aper took the loss.
H-E:       1  0  1  3  0  1  4  -10-12
Beason:  1  4  0  2  2  0  2  -11-11


We're in a rut--lost again! By one little run to New Holland, 3-2. Jim Hoar again pitched the hard game, allowing five hits. Out Stags collected only two hits off Wildcat hurler, Rex Berger. H-E took a first inning lead with two unearned runs scored by Rohlfs and Brosamer, driven in by Ken Sampen's double. In the third, Podbelsek and Rex Berger each got a single and scored to tie the game. In the sixth, Rex again hit safely and scored the winning run. Berger thus led the hitters with two for three and also got the win.
H-E:  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  -2-2
N-H:  0  0  2  0  0  1     -3-5

Page 4 STAG-LITE September 28, 1950

[column 1]


Our first meeting for this year was held on September 15. 

For this year's entertainment we decided on having movies on "Home-making," and talks on "Make-Up and Accessories."

We also decided to have a carnival to raise money for our treasury. 

We chose our officers for FHA last year. The ones who received officers were:
President-- Barbara Behrends
Vice-President-- Gretchen Behrends
Secretary-- Shirley Van Hilsen
Treasurer-- Betty Laun

Besides the president two girls from each class were on the initiation committee. They were as follows: Goldie Aper, Geneva Schleder, Sherry Holmes, Gretchen Behrends, Mary Joan Reiners, Ruthie Liesman, and Barbara Behrends.

All the freshman girls were initiated for three days.

Monday was "Sadie Hawkins Day." They had to follow the following instructions:

Short dresses not any longer than knee length.
Have dress torn around edge.
Wear a boy's pair of old work shoes.
Carry a baseball bat.
Have big freckles (Made with cocoa and water.)
Wear pigtails.
Use no make-up. 
Sing in front of assemble, "Feudin!, Fussin!, and Fightin!"

Tuesday was "Pajama Day." Here is what they did:

Wear long-legged pajamas with a short dress or brunch coat over them.
Have hair uncombed from time you get up till school is out. No pin curls.)
Wear house slippers.
Use no make-up.
Walk into class backwards.
Tell the story "The Three Bears" in front of assembly.
[continued in column 2- lower half]

[column 2]
[picture of a stork carrying a baby]

Nancy Karen Lolling
July 14, 1950
Weight 7 pounds 8 ounces
Father Mr. George Lolling
Mother Mrs. George Lolling

Claudia Jeanne Kendrick
September 14, 1950
Weight 7 pounds 4 ounces
Length 21 inches
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Clausy Kendrick

[continued from column 1]

Wednesday was "Old Fashions Day."
They had to do the following:

Wear an old-fashioned dress.
Wear an old sunbonnet.
Wear any old shoes (high heels).
Wear hair in knot.
Carry really old pocket book.
Use lots of powder, and make wrinkles.
Bow to all Seniors.
Sing "Down By The Old Mill Stream."

On October 2, at Springfield High School a Section meeting and a banquet's supper for all officers of the F. H. A. those who will go are Barbara Behrends, Gretchen Behrends, Betty Laun, Shirley Van Hilsen, and Mrs. Brown.

September 28, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 5

[column 1]


The F. F. A held its first meeting last Tuesday morning. the meeting was called to order by our new president, Bill Cross. After going through the usual ceremony, the business meeting was opened. The initiation for the Freshmen was discussed.

The new officers for this year are:
President-- Bill Cross
Vice-President-- Don Aper
Treasurer-- Dean McMath
Secretary-- "Nip" Behrends
Reporter-- Darrell Klockenga
The meeting was closed with the "Pledge to the Flag."


On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the "Greenhands" were initiated by the F. F. A. On Monday they had to wear overalls and work shirt inside out and backwards, a straw hat, pants legs rolled up to knees and a card with "Greenhand" written on it. They sand "The Old Gray Mare" before the assembly at 12:30. Bobby Cross was the leader.

On Tuesday they wore a dress, lipstick, rouge, earrings, necklace, woman's hat, work socks and dress show, dress show and work sock and the "Greenhand" card. They carried a purse and sang "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" led by James R. Shirley.

On Wednesday they wore their Sunday best, even a necktie. They carried a cane and parted their hair in the middle. Joe West led them in singing "Goodnight Irene."


The Hartsburg-Emden band consists of fifty members, forty high school students and ten grade students.

The Band elected the following officers for the year:

President-- Betty Gail Shirley
Vice-President-- Janet Kaesebier
Treasurer-- Charline Cross

It is practicing for the Autumn Festival to be held in Lincoln, October 5.

[column 2]


This summer the school has received a refrigerator and two new stoves. The school pays the price of one refrigerator and two stoves and then each year receives a new set for five years. The school may renew the contract or keep the last set of stoves at the end of five years.

We learned new method of sewing last year so that it requires fewer people to a sewing machine. The new board has purchased two new "New Home" sewing machines. One of them is set up and the girls are enjoying it very much.

_ _ _


The girls' sextet and trio were chosen last week.

Those in the sextet are:
Marianna Grussing-- first soprano
Geneva Klokkenga-- first soprano
Janet Kaesebier-- second soprano
Janet Klopp- second soprano
Mary Ann Klokkenga-- alto
Charline Cross-- alto

The trio includes:
Patsy Zieglowsky-- first soprano
Shirley Van Hilsen-- second soprano
Arline Bergold-- alto

_ _ _


The employees and board of education members together with their families met for a potluck supper on Thursday, September 21, at the high school gym at 6:30 p.m.

After the supper each employee, board members, and guests were introduced by Mr. Shirley. The remainder of the evening was spent visiting.

About eighty persons enjoyed this evening together.


Page 6 STAG-LITE September 28, 1950


On Friday 15th, Mr. Shields of the Neff-Jones [sic] Co. was here to help the senior select their commencement Announcements and Cards.

The Senior Class elected officers Thursday. Those elected are:

President-- Billy Cross
Vice-Pres.-- Norman Hellman
Sec.--- Shirley Van Hilson
Treasurer-- Marianna Grussing
Student Council--
               Billy Cross
               Betty Gail Shirley
               Nip Behrends
Class Sponsors-- Mrs. West
                             Mr. Burgener

The Seniors are making plans to have their pictures taken sometime in October.

_ _ _


In our Sophomore class we have 19 members, 13 girls and 6 boys.

The class officers are:
President- Gretchen Behrends
Vice-President- Eileen Aper
Secretary- Janet Whittaker
Treasurer- Joan Aper

Those elected for student council were Don Hitchcock and Charles Lowman.

Our class sponsors are:
Mrs. Brown and Mr. Kirchner.

New Member In Sophomore Class

This year we welcomes a new member to our class. She is Bonnita Taylor. Bonnita is 16 years old and her birthday is in April.

Before she moved into her present home, which is north of Emden, she lived in South Pekin. While in South Pekin she was elected cheerleader.


We are having a wiener roast and a hay rack ride on Thursday night September 28.

We are having it invitational so that we can entertain our friends.

[column 2]


The Junior Class met early in September and chose the following officers:
James Hoar-- President
Marvin Oltmanns-- Vice-President
Lu Ann Reiners--  Secretary
Geneva Schleder-- Treasurer

To represent us in the Student Council we chose Alan Ray Reiners and Betty Laun.

On September 15, the salesman from her Herff-Jones Company was here and the Juniors selected their class rings for the year 1952.

The Junior Class is sponsoring a Bake Sale which will be held at the Emden Hardware Store at 1:00 p.m. Each member of the class is asked to contribute one or more baked articles. The public is invited to attend.

_ _ _


This year we have 29 [?] students in the freshman class. There are 15 girls and 14 boys. James Robert Shirley and Duane Behrends, out of those 14 boys, were lucky enough to make the first 15 on the baseball team. Congratulations boys.

The officers for the year are:

James R. Shirley-- President
James Gardner-- Vice-President
Frances Briggs-- Secretary
Richard Lolling-- Treasurer

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

We are meeting at Marguerite's house at 7:00 p.m. and leaving from there for the hay rack ride,, then coming back for the wiener roast.

- - -
FOUND Hartsburg, Illinois

Dear _____________

I dearly like you and I'm very glad you are a freshman, too. When time comes we can go on parties together, maybe. I'm sorry I can't put your name at the beginning for people who are nosey might accidentally find it. I'll close.

A very close friend,

September 28, 1950 STAG-LITE Page 7

[column 1]


Fifty-four students are enrolled in High School. There are 20 freshmen, 7 sophomores, 10 juniors, and 17 seniors.

Hartsburg walloped Elkhart 15 to 6 in the opening game at Elkhart.

Hartsburg has instituted a Commercial Course composed of Bookeeping and Typing. The typing room is equipped with six Remington typewriters.

Seniors submitted order for rings on September 10. 

The 22 piece orchestra is composed of the following: 6 cornets, piano, bells, drums, 6 saxophones, 1 banjo, 5 violins, and 1 alto.

FOR SALE-- Ford Coupe A-1 shape, fully equipped, three fenders, 4 flat tires, no bumpers, all bumps, [?] shaped crank, cheap if taken at once. Must be seen to be appreciated.

WANTED Two first class magicians to run and operate ford mentioned above.        - -


Mother-- Are you spitting in the fish bowl?
Tom- No, Mom, but I'm almost making it.

SHAME on Loren and Keith for directing Ruthie H. (and girls) down a dead end road on the way to the N. H. baseball game. Did they know the bridge was out?
FAME to Ruthie for her great "backing up skill."
SHAME to to Jack D. for hitting Ruthie L. with a baseball at the NH and HE baseball game.
FAME to Lu Ann for hooking that cute San Jose guy.
FAME to the boys for not Halloweening this year! At least not yet!
FAME to the saying. "Don't be that way" way" Is that right, Eldon?
FAME to the baseball boys for beating Hopedale.
FAME to the names Emmy and Flo. Is that right Lorny and DicK.

[column 2]


Mrs. Cecil Bruns became one of the our cooks this year. She took the place of Bess Bruns, who was with the High School for 1 1/2 years.

Miss Mary Lou Harms is Mr. Ryan's secretary. This is the first year he has had one. She graduated from H-E in 1949. She was previously employed at the State  Farm Insurance Company in Bloomington an the Farm Bureau Office in Lincoln.

The Reading Circle books for high schools have been received and are now in the library.

We have 4 new Royal typewriters this year.

This year we have adopted the rental plan for textbooks. The charge is figured on the 4  year plan.

Instead of the hour periods in the morning we have 42-minute periods. With this plan we have equal periods each day.

The Freshman [sic] are offered a course in Mathematics I. this year to take the place of Algebra. General Business is again being offered this year.

Miss Berninger is using the magazine "Practical English" this year in her English classes.

On September 19 the Tuberculin Tests were takin [sic] at school. On Thursday, September 21, Dr. Hamilton returned to school to check the tests.

On September 26, thirty-three high school boys, George Lolling, Nelson Alberts, and Coach Finchum are going to attend the Illinois-Ohio football game at Urbana-Champaign.

During the summer a new electric clock and bell system was installed. Each classroom now has a clock.

Page 8 STAG-LITE September 28, 1950

[column 1]


FAME to Dick G. for his going to be a bachelor. quote, "I think girls are all two-timers and stuck-ups."
FAME to the baseball boys for helping Coach fix his flat tire. (Naturally, it was his birthday.)
FAME to they boys who can fit into the trunks of cars and find out what people think of them.
FAME to the Senior English class for being so quiet???????
FAME to Loren for getting the car. Look out now, Bill.
FAME to Ruthie L. for hooking Frankie.
FAME to Nip for losing his bracelet.
FAME to Dick S. for joining the rollover club.
FAME to all of the pipe lovers in school. Is yours strong yet, Jack?
FAME to Norman and his new hot-rod.
FAME to all of the stock-car drivers for out-running Hank. Pretty hard to do isn't it, Darrell?
FAME to Eldon and his new "Clunker." Better grab him while you can, girls?
FAME to Keith for striking it rich.
FAME to Mary D. and her sparkler. Nice hooking there, Mary.
FAME on the Freshman boys for being angry because the Juniors like certain Freshman girls.
SHAME on Mr. Burgener for throwing away the work that Myrna and Virginia did on the adding machine.
SHAME on those four certain kids for missing MYF [?] Sunday night. Know anything about it, Bobby and Marvin?
SHAME on Ruthie H. for staying at home alone and getting scared of her shadow.
SHAME on Miss Berninger for laughing at two certain girls in English class. Know anything about it Nevie and Janet?
SHAME on Gene A. for hurting Virginia's stair-steps when he fell.
SHAME on the certain girls who giggle during Bookkeeping.
SHAME on Shirley for not saying yes right away when Loreny asked her for a date.
SHAME on Rhoda E. for only taking three subjects.

[column 2]


Who Joan Aper's boy-friend is. It seems she was disappointed the other day at dinner when the "he loves me, he loves me not" scheme didn't work out on her straw.

Why Jim Eeten is giving that certain new Sophomore girl a big rush.

If everyone got home all right from the Junior Class party.

Why Ray took Myrna home last, the night of the Junior party.

If Jerry B's new bracelet was very expensive.

If Gene C. visited school the other day to see how his old flames were.

How long these Junior and Freshman romances will last.

How certain Senior girls can be such good friends the way they all go with a former senior.

If Carol K. will ever make up her mind as to who to invite to the sophomore party.

Why Patty and Ray wouldn't make a cute couple.-- she says that they are fourth or fifth cousins.

Why Gretchen B. won't tell us who she's inviting to the party.

We hear that "Punky" L., Wayne L. Joyce K., and Alan Ray have been seen quite often around town together.

Who is that certain girl who can't even spell Saturday? Eh, Betty L.?

Why is Delavan such a thorn in the side for certain Junior boys?

Who the Freshman boy is who still crawled the first week of school? He is learning fast.

What this is we hear about Janie S.? Is there a party coming up?

What this is we hear about James Hoar typing an entire line without paper in his typewriter? Couldn't have been out late the previous night, could it?

What was on that tag on your back in Home Ec., Mary Ann K.?

What this is about the Seniors singing in English class?

What the "Senior Seven" talks about on their Phys. Ed. hikes?

Monday, December 12, 2016

May 8, 1950-- Hartem Staglite Archives

Hartsburg, Illinois        May 8, 1950

[page 1, column 1]


The Juniors and Seniors of 1950 and their guests entered the land of the Netherlands for the evening, Friday, May 5. The evening began at 6:30 when a delicious dinner was served to 65 members of the Junior and Senior classes and faculty. The menu was as follows:

Grape juice cocktail with ritz crachers

Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Corn       Apple Salad
Hot Rolls           Butter
Cherry Pie Alamode
Iced Tea

After dinner which was so ably served by sophomore girls in colorful Dutch costumes, our toastmistress for the evening, Betty Gail Shirley, started with program with a few remarks and then turned to the Junior Class president, Mary Ann Klokkenga for a few words of welcome. Robert Gardner, Senior Class President, gave the response. Lois Klokkenga then read the history of the class. In keeping with the theme of the Dutch, Marianna Grussing and Shirley Van Hilsen accompanied by Janet Kaesebier, sang "The Old Dutch Hill." Then we had an address from the ruler of the Netherlands, our Principal, Mr. Ryan. Looking into the crystal ball we heard the prophecy of our classmates read by Marian Bruns. Our

[page 1, column 2]

Dutch sister, Mary Detmers, played clarinet solo, "In An Old Dutch Garden." Alberta Bergman read the Class Will and Verna Mae Menssen the Class Initials. Everyone sat motionless while Betty Gail Shirley opened the envelopes which revealed the names of the King and Queen and of their attendants. The attendants, chosen from the Junior class by the Seniors, were Marilyn Klokkenga and Byron Behrends. the King and Queen of the 1950 Prom were Lois Klokkenga and Gene Conrady. His Royal Highness and his Queen were crowned by the Junior Class President, Mary Ann Klokkenga, after which they led the Grand March. Bob Davenport from Havana furnished the music for the dancing the rest of the evening.

The gym was elaborately decorated in Dutch style. the ceiling was blue. the walls and partitions were of rainbow colors.  The brick walls were used to represent the dikes of Holland. Wooden shoes, tulips, and windmills added to the Dutch atmosphere. A large blue windmill occupied one corner of the dance floor.

The invitations were Dutch girls. The favors were windmills and the program covers were blue with Dutch shoes and tulips on the front.

There were many lovely formals of pastel colors, lots of frills,
(Continued on Page 3)

[page 2, column 1]

Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII         May 8, 1950         No. 14



The Annual Vocational Agriculture, Section 14, judging contest was held at Athens on Saturday, April 22.

The H-E FFA teams were represented by the following boys:

Livestock team-- Loren Westen, John Bergman, Byron Behrends, Don Johnson, and Gene Aper. The livestock team placed second, and Loren Westen was fourth in individual judging.

Dairy team-- Robert Briggs, Alan Reiners, Robert Brosamer, Bill Cross, and Walter Harmsen. The dairy team placed fifth and Robert Briggs rated fourth in individual judging.

For the year's judging the H-E teams ranked third. this rating is determined by taking the total team scores for grain, poultry, livestock, and dairy teams.

Twenty-one schools participated in Saturday's contest with approximately 200 boys doing the judging.



On Monday, April 24, six seniors went to Normal University for Senior Day. They were Kay Behrends, Marian Bruns, Lois Klokkenga, Betty Manus, Verna Mae Menssen, and Donald Johnson. they were accompanied by Mrs. Brown.

They arrived at Normal at 10:00 a.m. and registered. they were then taken to talk to a teacher in any field in which they were interested. After that they toured the campus and then ate dinner in the McCormick Gymnasium.

After dinner they had plays and special exhibits.

[page 2, column 2]


Steven Brent Montgomery
Friday, April 29, 1950
Weight 8 pounds 12 ounces
Father Mr. Duane Montgomery
Mother Mrs. Duane Mongomery

Nancy White
Wednesday, April 19, 1950
Weight 8 pounds
Father Mr. Don White
Mother Mrs. Don White


BIRTHDAYS OF THE MONTH                 May
Don Zimmer                                                   4
Lula Belle Conrady                                        5
Norman Hellman                                            6
Dale Klockenga                                              7
Patty Wagner                                                  14
Marian Bruns                                                 15
Loren Westen                                                 20
Geneva Schleder                                            28



May 9 FFA Banquet
10 Baseball at Hopedale
11 Baseball-- New Holland here
12 Style Show
16 Baseball at Kenney
18 Music Festival at Emden
19 Music Festival at Hartsburg
     Baseball-- Latham here
22 Senior Trip
24 Semester Tests
25 Semester Tests
28 Baccalaureate
29 Commencement

[page 3, column 1]


The Emden- Hartsburg Kiwanis Club sponsored a banquet at the Community House in Emden Monday evening, April 24, honoring the basketball and baseball squads and cheerleaders of Hartsburg-Emden High School.

Coach Finchum presided as master of ceremonies. Gus Grebe, sports commentator of WJBC, Bloomington, told of his trip to Madison Sqaure Garden to broadcast the Bradley games in the tournaments there. Others who were introduced were Chuck McCaleb, sports editor of the Lincoln Evening Courier; Bob Hildrebrands; and Warren E. Burgener.

Burch Lee introduced Jack Horenberger, athletic director of Illinois Wesleyan University, who was the speaker for the evening. He told the young athletes that it takes lots of practice, hard work, and spirit to become a good athlete.

Coach Finchum presented awards as follows:

Bob Gardner-- the shooting award with a percentage of .377, making 119 shots out of 215 attempts; and the rebound award, with 291 offensive and defensive rebounds.

James Hoar-- the best percetage of free throws with a .614 average, making 43 out of 70 attempts.

Keith Williams was runnerup in all three of these contests.

Basketball Awards
Varisty-- Bob Gardner, Dale Klockenga, Don Wagner (Captain), Dick Gardner, Dick Stuan, Keith Williams, Wayne Zimmer, Jim Hoar, Harold Jecketl, senior manager, and Don Zimmer, junior manager.

Frosh-Soph-- Don Aper, James Eeten, Wayne Lolling, Ray Payne, James Rohlfs, Alan Reiners, Ken Sampen, and Harry Bill Haferkamp.

Baseball Awards

Bob Garndner, Don Wagner, John Bergman, Bob Brosamer, Bill Cross, Jack Detjen, Wayne Zimmer, Don Aper, Jim Hoar, Wayne Lolling, Jim Rohlfs, Ken Sampen, and Ted Rankin.

[page 3, column 2]

Cheerleaders Awards

Varsity-- Marian Bruns, Loretta Fink, Verna Mae Menssen, and Mary Wrage.

Frosh-Soph-- Myrna Williams, Virginia Lessen, and Marguerite Bruns.

Mrs. Lena Zimmer and Mrs. Ethel Hildebrands prepared the delicious roast beef dinner, and were assisted in serving by Mrs. Weldon Ryan, Mrs. Fred Finchum, and Mrs. Dale Frantz.

(continued from page 1)

ruffles, and lace. the predominant colors of the formals were blue, green, and pink. Most of the formals had hooped skirts and high neck lines. Carnations were the popular flowers with a few corsaged gardenias and roses.



If I were asked to give a thought
        which in one word would speak
A unity of brotherhood, a sympathy
A hundred happy, cheery ways, a mind
         that knows its own.
Contented midst a throng of folk,
        yet peaceful when alone,
A heart that sheds its silent glow,
         to brighten many another.
Without a moment of delay, I'd say,
          "You mean my mother."

Author Unknown



If Hazel Ann R. and Gene C. will really make a go.

If the Seniors had a good time after the play.

Why Loren Westen wasn't at the Prom Friday night. Really missed out on something, Loren.

Why Marian and Verna Mae were mad after the Prom. Could it have been because they didn't get to go to Springfield.

Who had the ambition to go around Hartsburg Shooting firecrackers at 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

[page 4, column 1]


Wednesday, May 3, three busloads of students went to Lincoln College to participate in the Annual Logan County Music Festival. The Band, and both the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs took part in the program at night.

During the forenoon the combined bands rehearsed with each of the music teachers in the county directing a number.

During the afternoon the combined glee clubs rehearsed using the same plan.

At 8:00 p.m. those combined bands and clubs presented to the public the numbers that they had rehearsed during the day.

The music teachers' club of the county plans to use the proceeds of this program to bring a noted music organization to the county for the entertainment of the high school students.



On Friday, April 21, the Apollo Quartet from Illinois Wesleyan appeared on our assembly program. Those four singers and their accompanist presented a very novel and varied program of vocal and instrumental numbers.

These Wesleyan students and their sponsor remained for lunch with us.



Wednesday, May 3, the faculties of both the high school and grade school took their Visitation Day. They went to the new Lakeview School at Decatur.

They report a very interesting day. This school is operated on the principle of a Student Council in control as long as order is maintained and progress is made in the work undertaken. The Student Council sets up the rules and when anyone is reported offending, his case is tried and a punishment is set.

[page 4, column 2]

Court is held one day a week.

Grades are not used in reporting to the parents but an achievement sheet is prepared and sent to the parents. All teaching is functional, this is, if you will not need it in life then why learn it. This is one of the newer ideas in education and it is interesting to visit a school in operation when it was using such a plan.



The Senior Class reports $238.67 as ticket sales on their play.

Shirley Van Hilsen received a second place rating in the State Music Contest on April 28. She played "Beautiful Colorado" on her tenor saxophone.

Mary Lou Krusemark, a Freshman at U of I, received Class Honors for her first semester. To receive Class Honors a student must rank in the upper 10 percent of his class. Mary Lou was graduated from H-E last year.


ELIZABETH APER- Anything useful.
KAY BEHRENDS- A certain sophomore's ring again.
RONALD BEHRENDS- The world with a fence around it and a $1000.
ALBERTA BERGMAN- Two birthday's in one year.
JOHN BERGMAN- Shorter route to San Jose.
MARIAN BRUNS- Ability to behave herself once in a while.
GENE CONRADY- A house for two.
DEAN DAVISON- A new car.
LORETTA FINK- A house near Mt. Pulaksi
BOB GARDNER- Lots of loving.
HAROLD JECKEL- Any junior girl.
DON JOHNSON- A shorter route to Beason.
DALE KLEKKENGA- A radio for his car.
LOIS KLOKKENGA- Another night at the prom.
EVELYN LESSEN- No more teasing about Harry.
BETTY MANUS- A diamond for graduation.
VERNA MAE MENSSEN- A certain guy.
HARRY THOMPSON- Somebody to dance with his girl.
DONALD WAGNER- An A in English..

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hartem Students BMX

by Kaitlyn Perschall
Nov. 18, 2016

BMX is a sport that two kids in our school do. The students that race are Robby Perschall and William Newby. Robby is in 4th grade and William is in 8th. Robby’s home track is in Farmer's City and William's is in Springfield.

BMX was founded in southern California in the 1970’s. It all started because some kids were riding their bikes around a vacant lot in 1972. The kids were trying to imitate their motorcycle racing idols so they created a sport of their own. Kids all around the country could have been doing the same thing. It used to be called pedal-cross but then got changed to bicycle motocross (BMX). It only took one summer for kids to discover BMX.

Girls and boys of all ages do this sports. If you aren't out there on the track racing and having fun, you can be waiting at the finish line for the one you were cheering on. It looks like it would be fun to race the bike.

BMX was put into the Olympics in 2008. The Olympics that year was in Beijing. In the Olympics the girls and the guys raced on different tracks because the girls had a shorter track than the guys did. The first guy to win was Latvia’s Maria Strindbergs and the girl that won was France’s Anne-Caroline Chausson.

If you think BMX sounds like a fun sport, you should try it. You could probably go out and watch Robby or William race one of these days when the season starts up again.