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October 31, 1949- Staglite Archives

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[column one]
Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII          October 31, 1949          No. 3


Soaping windows, moving things, and generally having lots of fun-- that's Hallowe'en! and kids, let's try to keep it just fun.

Destroying property, puncturing tires, and letting people's livestock run loose isn't Hallowe'en fun. It's just plain mean. How would you like to have someone let the air out of your tires when you wanted to get somewhere in a hurry? It wouldn't be a very pleasant situation and it isn't very pleasant for someone else either.

You have probably read in the papers that if minors are caught damaging someone's property, their parents have to take the blame. So officials are urging parents to caution their children about pulling dangerous pranks. Let's co-operate with Mother and Dad and try to have a Hallowe'en of fun for everybody and destruction for no one.


Friday afternoon the man from the Curtis Magazine Company was here to start us on our Magazine sales campaign. The school was divided into two sides, the Freshmen and Juniors on one side and the Sophomores and Seniors on the other.

Monday morning $1 [?] was given to Gene Conrady for selling the most magazines over the week-end. On thursday morning Loren received a box of Almond Herseys for turning in the most money that day. Today a similar prize was won by Marilyn K.

The Magazine sales will end on Friday, November 4. The grand prize winner will have his choice of one of three prizes, a watch, a radio, or a Parker "51" pen and pencil set. So come on kids, let's get out and SELL! SELL! SELL!

[column two]


Senior Honors: Kay Behrends, Marian Bruns, Bob Gardner, Don Johnson, and Betty Manus.
Junior Honors: Jack Detjen, Marianna Grussing, Mary Jean Reiners, Betty Gail Shirley, and Mary Wrage.
Sophomore Honors: Barbara Behrends, Charline Cross, Walter Harmsen, James Hoar, James Rohlfs, and Kenneth Sampen.
Freshmen Honors: Eileen Aper, Joan Aper, Arline Bergold, and Marguerite Bruns.

There were no high honor students this grading period.


Tuesday afternoon the F.H.A. girls had a meeting during the girls physical education period. For the program several girls gave skits. Some were: Flirty Fannie, Possessive Pam, Tomboy Tillie, Make-up Sally, and Gold Digger Jenny.

We all enjoyed these and I am sure we all gained knowledge from them. At our next meeting, Eileen Aper, Arlene Bergold, Ruth Liesman, Mary Detmers, Elizabeth Aper, and Evelyn Lessen will give skits on personality.


On October 12 the F. F.A. had a meeting. At this time they initiated the Freshmen into "Green Hands". Again on October 21 another meeting was called to initiate the "Green Hands" from 1948. They are now chapter members.

On October 26 a meeting was called. At this meeting it was decided by the members to have a pest-killing contest. Captains were selected. They were Loren Westen and John Bergman. Each captain chose a team and the losing side is to give the winning side a candy bar and a bottle of coke. The individual winner is to be awarded an F. F. A. Jacket.


[column one]


About 25 students and teachers went to Lincoln Monday afternoon to hear David Rubinoff. He is the world's greatest violinist, as everyone that went realized.

He played several classical pieces which everyone enjoyed. The two favorites of the day were "Don't Fence Me In," which really brought the laughs and "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life," which brought the "Ah's" from most of the teenagers.

Rubinoff introduced his little "redheaded" son, who is five years old.

Rubinoff's accompanist played a few numbers. The best liked was "Etude in Boogie Woogie", which I'm sure everyone enjoyed.

The concert lasted for about an hour so that everyone could be home early-- but were they?


The sophomores had a hamburger fry and dance, October 21 at Geneva Klokkenga's home. The hamburgers tasted very good although the sponsors had to fry them in the house. I'm sure everyone thought they tasted good especially that sophomore who ate 7 of them. the rest of the evening was spent dancing and drinking cider by some of the boys. Boys why didn't you pass it around? It seems that the most popular boy was Jimmy Kirchner. Everyone had a very enjoyable evening, even Johnny Myers, who cracked his head on the ceiling, but he said that it didn't hurt the ceiling.


Class             Days Absent             Times Tardy            Rating
Freshmen              2 1/2                       0                         99.5%
Sophomore            9                            2                          98.9%
Senior                   15 1/2                     3                         97.37%
Junior                   26                           0                         97.  %
The school rating was 98%.

[pumpkins and cats]

[column two]


The Junior's [sic] will present their play November 17 and 18 in the High School Gym. The play will start at 8:00 p.m. and the admission is 35 [cents]  and 50 [cents].

The Middleton family consists of Myra, the widowed mother, Marily Klokkenga; Elinor, her oldest daughter, Marianna Grussing; Gladys, the middle daughter, Mary Jean Reiners; Teddy, the youngest daughter, Betty Gail Shirley; Johnny, the oldest son, Billy Cross; and Allan, the youngest son, Wayne Zimmer.

The others in the cast are: Edwin Westrate, Glady's new husband, Jack Detjen; Merle Potter, Elinor's husband, Norman Hellman; Bobby Haines, Teddy's boyfriend, Bob Brosamer; Mary Marvin, the Salvation Army girl, Peggy Brosamer; Enid Oakley, Glady's best friend, Ruth Leisman; Hector, the junk man, Dick Garnder; Cynthia Middleton, Myra's sister-in-law, Mary Wrage.


The Student Council met Thursday, October 27. It was put before the Council whether or not to take a bus to Springfield to hear the United State Marine Band, appearing there on November 3.

The Council decided to have a study room before school in the morning in the English room for those who wish to study.


The Pep Squad met Tuesday and was then organized. There were a number of girls interested. They decided on white terrycloth sweaters with our school emblem and black skirts. They decided on orange and black beanie's.

Mr. Kirchner and Mr. Finchum are assisting us.


The cheerleaders of H-E- High are planning a pep party November 8. There will be a king and queen, cake walk, skits by all the classes, and so forth. the public is invited. Admission 50 [cents].

[column one]


Ray Payne...          November 1
Mary Jean Reiners...   "           2
James Hoar...              "          4
Geneva Klokkenga...   "          8
James Meador...         "         17
Wayne Zimmer...        "         19
Betty Gail Shirley        "         21
Lu Ann Reiners            "        21
Gene Conrady            "         24
Gretchen Behrends     "         28
Dean McMath           "          28
Rhoda Ellsberry         "          30


We hear that Virginia L. got a telephone call from Texas. It must be love.

What's this we hear about Carol having Gene over for apple pie Sunday night. Tell us more.

Did Billy take Miss Berninger home after play practice? could it be that he wants an A?

Well, James H., did you finally catch up with that certain sophomore girl? Does she run that fast?

It seems the Wagners sure have a crush on the Shirleys. How about it Donald and Patty?

Why did Donald A. run into the telephone pole Saturday night?????? Know anything about it, Geneva?

What is this about the picnics in Speech Class. Wish we could all come.

We hear that Chuckie is pretty good at fixing things. How about it Wayne? Going into business?

Why did Flip get a burr? So the girls wouldn't like him? That surely couldn't be true.

Why the certain Senior boy's interest in San Jose? Those buicks are pretty roomy, aren't they.

Why is it that some boys are so lucky? First ???? and then candy bars.

We wonder why the Girl Scouts all wanted to work early Friday night? They needed their sleep and wanted to get home early. Ha! Ha!

Say, Loretta, don't you know there are telephone poles in San Jose, as well as in Emden?

[column two]

The publicity crew for the play seem to be looking forward to putting posters around. Especially in Delavan and San Jose.

We hear that the sophomores really have rough parties. How about it, Johnny?

A certain freshmen boy is getting popular with the Delavan girls. How do you do it, Don?

We hear that Miss Berninger gives dancing lesson sin English IV. How about it, Betty Gail?


Don H. in a hurry?

Anyone being hungry in Speech Class?

James Meador being quiet on the bus?

Billy C. with a "Toni"?

Anyone knowing where Shirley H. [?] is on Sunday nights?

Nip with a burr?

Anybody being quiet at play practice?

Miss Berninger giving EVERYBODY A's? (Correction- ANYBODY).


Found: One eraser with the inscription "Lorenie." Owner please call for it.
Lost: Some paint off a black Haiser[?] near a bush in Emden.
Lost: Six seniors after Rubinoff concert.
Lost: Donald Wagner's class ring.


On October 17 the Letterman's Club was organized at H-E Hi. This club is exclusively for lettermen and numeral winners. The officers elected were: President, B. Gardner; Vice-president, Don Wagner; Recording Secretary, Keith Williams; Corresponding Secretary, Jackie Detjen; and Treasurer, John Meyers.

Meetings are every Tuesday in the school lounge. The purposes of this club are building better athletes and scholars.


Ag Mechanics

by Alexis Huffman

Ag Mechanics is a fun yet difficult class- if you don't know what you're doing. In the beginning we did wiring and hat was extremely difficult when we went from wiring on a piece of paper to wiring hands on.

In the second section we are working on plumbing. When Ms. Fanning first told us that, most if not all of the boys asked if they were going to built a toilet. The answer was no. We were going to sweat pipe.

So after she taught us the basics on piping, we went out to the shop. She started telling us all the supplies we would need, but as soon as she said torch, almost everyone stopped listening and started grabbing. She kept us under control until it was time.

The guys who knew what they were doing grabbed their supplies and went to their table. The ones who thought they knew what they were doing grabbed their materials and went to their tables, too. Then there were the rest of us who asked questions before getting our supplies. We laid them out in the order we were going to use them.

All the groups complete the assignment to varied success, but when we found out we'd have to take the parts back apart, we were upset. Ms. Fanning needed us to be able to practice multiple times and reuse the parts. Well, we'd rather keep practicing than go back to the classroom and take notes, so we took those pipes apart.

And of course we made sure to clean up our mess when we were done.

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Volleyball Homecoming Week

by Alexis Huffman

What did people think of the dress-up days?

Some people liked them, but others had their own opinion. The days were Nerd Day, Jersey Day, Music Genre Day, Pirate Day, and Orange and Black Day.

Everyone seemed to really love Nerd Day. Some didn't go as all out as others, but they still had fun. The ones who did go all out mainly hiked their pants up, wore suspenders, nerdy glasses, and a bow tie.

Why did some people participate while others did not?

There are a few good reasons why people dressed up: 1) they had to, 2) they care about school spirit, or 3) PIZZA!

The rest who didn't care about the reasons did it for FUN.

What did they look forward to most of the Homecoming Week?

Some looked forward to the dance, even though most of the kids sat around talking.

We couldn't really look forward to the homecoming game because it was early in that week, so there wasn't as much build-up as usual.

The ones who like to be silly and stand out looked forward to all the dress-up days.

And the rest looked forward to the games on Friday during the assembly.

What did people expect different on Homecoming Week?

Some people weren't expecting Pirate Day because they didn't know what it had to do with volleyball or the stags, but they went all out and made it fun.

I think some of the others thought that the games would be more exciting and more messy, but they were still FUN and FUNNY!

Things that changed over the summer with our school

by Alice Miller

There were a lot of changes over the summer like how we got new Wi-Fi all set up through the whole entire school which is pretty cool. Students even have access to it and wherever you go around the school you will have Wi-Fi. There are no dead spots.

Another change is we got cool Chrome Books which is pretty cool. I think everybody likes that because you can check your own Gmail. They also have their own little thing that they can go in and charge. But you'll find that sometimes you'll get a dead one because not everyone charges them.

We have four new teachers for Hartsburg and one in Emden. One of the teacher's names is Mr. Muntz and he is the new social studies teacher because Mr. Michalsen retired. Then you have Ms. Fanning and hse is our new FFA teacher. Before her it was Mrs. Pech. She was a cool teacher who retired, too. Then we have Mr. Snyder and he is the new band/ choir teacher and he also does IVS. Then we also have a new 6th grade teacher and her name is Mrs. Hartman and she does some 7th grade classes, too. Then the one in Emden is named Mr. McNeil and he is the 5th grade teacher.

Another change we have is that we couldn't find a Spanish teacher so they had to find a way for us to learn Spanish which they did. They found this cool school online called IVS (Illinois Virtual School) and it can teach you a lot of cool languages. Like you don't only learn Spanish, you can learn French or German. You take all the homework, quizzes, and tests online.

What does it mean to be a stag to you?

by Marissa Bryant

To me, a stag means hard work and sport and honor the the sports. We are a school that believes in winning. Our volleyball, basketball, and other teams are Stags. We fight hard to win and be the best. And we wouldn't be the same if we didn't have our "kern" and our "Hump DAAAY!" We have a good staff and the kids are very kern-tastic. When you speak of Stags, I think about a good, hard-working family that loves their sports and their kern and always help out. We're into things like FFA which involves hard work, hard labor, and dedication. If you can't handle the Stags or being a Stag, just keep trying because it takes hard work to be a stag, but everyone can make it if they try hard and play hard.

Pep Band

by Alexis Huffman

The pep band this year doesn't have many people, but we make it work. We have 2 seniors: Dustin Wollard and Josiah Gass; 1 junior: Alexis Huffman; 6 eighth graders: Megan Benner, Sierra Smith, Austin Hayes, Anna Hayes, Lexi Barry, and Dylan Duvall. And we have a graduated senior from last year: Alicia Clark.

We have a few changes this year. Instead of just playing before the game, we are also going to play during the game. The songs we will be playing during the game are just little snippets of real songs that we will play whenever we make a basket or something like that.

We practice every week on Thursdays and Fridays. We try to play the songs we remotely know first so that we can get better at them. The younger people of the group have trouble sometimes keeping up with us older ones because we know the music and they don't. We know where all of the changes are and even have some of the music memorized. And in the song "Fight for Old HE," we know how fast it needs to go and the extra notes that fall in. The younger ones don't and neither did Mr. Snyder, so Dustin and I played it for him and showed him how it went.

I don't know about the rest of the kids in pep band, but I'm excited for playing before and during the game. i think it will be fun to play our instruments instead of screaming whenever we make a basket or get a good call.

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October 18, 1949- Staglite Archives

Hartsburg, Illinois October 18, 1949

[column one]

Dr. Brown, of Evanston, Illinois, gave a talk and demonstration, Wednesday, October 5, on liquid air. The High School students and the children from the four upper grades at the Grade School attended.

First he gave a talk on the mystery of the air we breathe. He showed up the elements that make up the air we breathe. He showed us the materials from which our clothing and home furnishings will be made. These materials from glass were fire proof, wrinkle resistant, and moisture proof.

Dr. Brown then demonstrated the effect of liquid air upon materials such as a wiener, flower, rubber hose, cloth, and mercury. After those materials were immersed in liquid air they were frozen solid-- the flower petals broke off when thrown on the floor, the rubber hose split a 2 by 3 when he drove it into the wood with a hammer, and the mercury was a solid mass.

This program was thoroughly enjoyed by the students who really like science.


Tuesday, October 11 we elected our cheerleaders. As Coach Finchum had planned, we elected four girls for the varsity team, and three girls representing the fresh-soph. team. Those chosen for the varsity are: Mary Wrage, Verna Menssen, Loretta Fink, and Marian Bruns. For the frosh-soph. team: Myrna Williams, Virginia Lessen, and Marguerite Bruns were elected. The student council and the teachers were the [continued at the end of column two]

[column two]


Last week was the big week when the 1949 yearbooks arrived. Everyone was very excited and wanted one of those books. In selling these books each class was to sell as many as it could. The winner was to receive a prize of eating candy bars, chewing gum, and drinking cokes during school Thursday afternoon. It was a close race between the juniors and the sophomores all the way. The juniors won the contest by edging out the sophomores by 4 copies. Altogether the school sold 117 copies when they ordered only 103. More copies had to be ordered to fill all the orders. This was a very good sale and was reported by Mr. Ryan to be the largest annual sale ever held in Hartsburg-Emden High School.



The service clubs of Lincoln are sponsoring Rubinoff, the great violinist for a benefit performance for the Rec on October 24. There is a special matinee for students at 3:00 with admission price 75 cents. This concert is at the Lincoln High School Gymnasium.


The senior class went to Peoria on Friday, October 14, to have their pictures taken. They were accompanied by their sponsor Mrs. Virginia Brown. They left after lunch and returned about 5:45.

[continued from column one]
judges. The girls trying out had to perform in front of the entire student body. This was quite nerve-racking for some of the contestants.

[column one]
Published by the Hartsburg- Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII October 18, 1949 No. 2


Everett Mitchell's "Town and Farm" is sponsoring a Farm Essay Contest. The subject it "Ways to Prevent Livestock Losses." This contest is open to all 4-H Club members and Vocational Agriculture students in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, between the ages of 14 and 20 years, inclusive. You cannot be attending any college.

First prize in each state wins a $50 Savings Bond. The overall winner will receive a $100 Bond, and Armour will pay all expenses to Chicago during the International Livestock Exposition.

Contestants may cover the subject in any way they choose. An approximate length of 2,000 words is suggested.

Closing date is November 1. Further information may be had at the Farm Bureau Office.

Come on 4-H'ers-- let's show the others what you can do. And don't forget, any F.F.A. member may enter this essay contest. Hurry!!!


The last meeting was held on Wednesday evening, October 5, at 7:30. Officers were elected at the meeting. Those elected are as follows: Byron "Nip" Behrends, president; Dale Klockenga, vice-president; Betty Shirley, secretary- treasurer; Donald Aper and Dean McMath, entertainment committee.

On Friday, Septemebr 30, the club members and their families had a wiener roast at Aper's timber. The guests gathered about 7:30 to find a fire already burning. Until [continued at the end of column two]

[column two]

The school bought forty new books this year and opinions of some of those read were quite good. They are as follows:

Kissing Kin-- Reading the title makes it good.
Betsy and Joe-- High school romance so of course it won't be found in the library very long at one time.
Salt Water Summer- Story of fishing. Just the kind the boys like. Is that so?
Ranger-- A good story about a dog.
Grandfather Tales-- Some said they read it, but it seemed like a fairy tale book.
Sunnygrove-- Very interesting-- about a girl wanting to become an actress.
My Uncle Jan-- Real good book, very comical. Can be read in 5 or 6 hours.
Jefferson's Daughter-- It wasn't a bad book but it wasn't too good. So you will have to read it to decide for yoursel [sic]


The representative of the National School Studios arrived last Wednesday to take the school pictures. Everyone was greatly surprised. He had quite a time with all of the giggly girls. There were quite a few groans because of the lack of curls and best dresses. the boys did some polishing up so that they might look their best.


[continued from column one]

time to eat the children explored the nearby timber while the parents visited around the fire. The men combined their beans, build that new crib or picked and shelled their corn crop. The women canned their tomatoes and made their grape jelly.

When the fire was ready wieners were roasted to just the right degree of blackness and then thoroughly enjoyed. The club furnished the pop and each family brought enough wieners, buns, and marshmallows for its members.At an early hour everyone departed for their homes feeling that it was an evening well-spent.

[column one]


The Stag Baseball season ended with the game at New Holland. They hold quite a unique record a games won (?) and lost. However, everyone enjoyed baseball--- the team, spectators, and the teachers-- regardless of scores, runs batted in and batting averages.

Batting averages of the boys who batted at least 10 times:

Gardner .526
Sampen .363
Zimmer .333
Hoar .300
Bergman .235
Cross .214
Rohlfs .200
Wagner .200
Brosamer .130
Lolling .105
Detjen .083

Robert Gardner had the most hits with 10. Zimmer closely followed with 9. The boys who batted at least 10 times and had the fewest strike-outs were W. Zimmer and W. Cross with 3 each. The boy striking out the most was R. Brosamer.


The Junior Class has selected its class play to be presented on the nights of November 17 and 18. Their choice is "Meet the Middletons." This is a three act comedy.

The Middleton family is typically American. Myra is the widowed mother. Elinor the oldest is married to Merle Potter, an explosive young man who packs up and leaves home on the slightest provocation. Allan, the youngest son, is always collecting junk. Teddy, the youngest girl who longs to be a fashion model, has Bobby Haines as a sweetheart. Gladys, the middle daughter, has married Edwin Westrate a radio technician. Their wealthy Aunt Cynthia has sent them a wedding present which they give to Allan. Aunt Cynthia arrives and the run really begins.

[column two]


Friday, October 7, the students enjoyed a vacation, but not so the teachers. They attended institute at Lincoln High School Gymnasium. Mr. James A. Eldridge lectured at both sessions on the United Nations. He discussed its history, structure, current problems and it's [sic] human rights committee at work.

Mr. Clarence Sorenson [sic], geographer, author, traveler, lecturer and news commentator, discussed the Middle East and Far East in relation to the World. [transcriber note: find more about Sorensen at] 

Mrs. Grace Lew, a teacher from China, discussed education in China. She told of her life as a child in China and of her experiences as a teacher and organizer of Kindergartens in China.

Mr. Vernon L. Nickell, Superintendent of Public Instruction, addressed the Institute.

Monday, October 10, at the Scottish Rite Auditorium, the teachers of Logan, McLean, Livingston, and DeWitt met for the Central Division Annual Meeting.

Captain Edgar Bundy, spoke on the subject, "Alaska-- America's Front Door-- Wide Open." He pointed out that Russia, through Siberia, can attack Alaska and our west coast at will because of our inadequate defenses in and along the Pacific. [transcriber note: I believe this is the same Edgar Bundy]

Dr. J. L. Rosenstein in his lecture on "Education for Realistic Living" pointed out that the 80% of high school students who do not attend college are not properly trained for adulthood in our high schools. 

Mr. Maurice C. Crew, field workers for I.E.A. and N.E.A., discussed the future in education.

Mr. Clifton Utley, lecturer and commentator, lectured on Europe and what will happen there if the u.S. stops aid and help in the future. [trascriber's note: Read more on Clifton Utley here]

[column one]


The freshman class had a roller skating party Friday night, October 7. They arrived at the rink at 7:30. Everyone fell down quite a number of times, and I'm sure some of them have blisters elsewhere than their feet. It seemed this was to be a class party, but some of the seniors didn't understand it was. At 9:45 they started home having had a very enjoyable evening but wish they could have gotten that certain teacher to skate.


The freshmen boys were initiated September 29 and 30 into the F. F. A. The first day they wore dresses, high heeled shoes, women's hose and hat, sucking gloves, lipstick, and rouge, perfume, and parted their hair in the middle. At noon they sang "Baby Face."

The second day they wore pants inside out, backwards and legs rolled up to knees; work shoe and dress sock on one foot, dress shoe and work sock on the other Pajama top was an essential and lipstick. They carried a corn cob in each of their pockets. They sang "Some Day" in front of the assembly.


The freshman girls were initiated September 29 and 30 into the F. H. A. The first day they wore nightgowns, boy's overalls, baby bonnets, bottles and rattles, one bedroom slipper, dad's work shoe, and work glove. They wore an onion tied around their ankle. They sang "Baby Face" with the boys.

The second day they wore short dresses, backwards and inside out, high heels and anklets. they wore their hair on top of their heads and a man's cap. For jewelry they wore ear rings and big ribbons around neck and arms. Also a corsage of 

[column two]
tree leaves. They carried their books in a dishpan and bowed to all the seniors they met. They sang "Some Day."


On September 22, Mrs. Brown, Mary Wrage, Marian Bruns, and Betty Gail Shirley attended the F. H. A. Section Meeting in Decatur. IN the afternoon Mrs. Brown attended the advisor's meeting and the girls went to officers' training meetings. A banquet and program was held in the evening.


We wonder if Alberta B. could have gotten her subject in Speech from her own personal experiences.

We heard that Bob G. went hunting Wednesday night. What were you looking for, Bob? It couldn't be Hallowe'eners!

What is a certain sophomore boys' picture doing in the locket belonging to a freshman girl.

We hear that Verna Mae's new ambition is to be a photographer's model.

Three cheers for Mrs. West for letting the victorious juniors and one stray senior disturb Bookkeeping class with loud bubble gum explosions.

Why is it that certain San Jose girls come to Emden on Wednesday night? Buick?

Why the giggles in English class. Tell us so we can laugh, too-- Loren and Keith.

Why is it that Flip always moves to the front of the room in Bookkeeping class???

What's this new interest in Middletown, Betty, Chuckie, and Patsy?

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Meet the Stags

by Alexis Huffman

On November 14, 2014, we had Meet the Stags. Meet the Stags, as most of us know, is the night that we introduce the high school basketball team and then the pep band plays a couple songs while the boys get ready. Once the pep band is done and the boys are ready, we have a game where the team is split in two. It gives us a chance to see our future talent this year and what we need to work on.  After all the introductions we have another game with the alumni and the recently graduated. Mr. Z and Mr. Robinson made a bet on who was going to win the game. Mr.Robinson had the alumni and Mr. Z had the recently graduated. The alumni didn’t have a coach, but the graduates thought that they needed one. They chose Max as their coach. Needlessly to say, Mr. Robinson won the bet. The alumni took the win easily.

Meet the Stags is generally just the time to introduce and meet the team, but we had a little change up this year. The girls’ volleyball team was going to state, so we invited them on the floor to wish them good luck.

The Color Orange

by Alexis Huffman- 11.17.14            

Our school colors are orange and black. Today I would like to talk about what orange represents and how it represents our school.
            Fascination- As you can tell we are fascinated by just about everything. We are fascinated with words like kern, diabetes, and ebola. In Mr. Muntz’ class we are fascinated by his juice, (we call it Muntz juice), and all it is, is a mixture of water and a flavor of his choice. In Miss. Fanning’s class, we are fascinated by our dwarf bunnies. We only have two but we still fight over them. One in particular that we like is Hemmy. She is a white dwarf bunny with red eyes who likes a nibble on everything and takes your pens and pencils if you hold them too close to her mouth. We did learn our lesson when we set her on the table while we took notes, because when some of us take notes we lean down on the table, and if you get to close, she’ll bite your nose or nibble on your hair.
            Happiness- Everyone at this school is almost always in a good mood.  We fool around and make jokes with the teachers, and if you’re ever not happy, someone will cheer you up. It’s like we strive to make people laugh and feel included, which is as good thing. It means that we look out for each other. I think that we are more of a great big family. Almost everyone is related somehow anyway.
            Creativity- We have tons of creativity in our school. Not only with the artists, we have people that can create amazing things on the computer, or who go all out on a project. And have you noticed on dress up days, (Let’s go with orange and black day) that we could just wear an orange or black t-shirt and jeans? But instead we get creative and wear orange wigs, duct taped shoes, paint on our faces and wear crazy handmade skirts to put over our jeans or leggings.
            Determination- In a lot of things we do, we are determined to do our best, especially in sports. When we have assemblies that involve each class participating in games, those classes pick the best people who will do their best for each game because they want to win; they are determined to win. But sometimes in the end, it’s the people you didn’t expect that win.
            Success- At this school, volleyball is the thing that we mainly succeed at. But we do well in other things like livestock judging, trap shooting, scholastic bowl, and other things. Even in P.E. someone always wins (or it ends in a tie). It seems sometimes that we try harder in P.E. than we do anything else.
            Encouragement- we are all encouraged to do our best. Some of us struggle with that. But everyone at this school at some point has encouraged someone to be better or to do something for their own benefit.

            We have people who help others with their homework so that they won’t cheat. Sometimes you have to start out small by showing them what page something is on, but eventually they will learn to do it on their own and hopefully not cheat.

Volleyball State- Semi-finals

By Alexis Huffman- 11.17.14

On November 14, the Lady Stags went into the final 4 at Redbird Arena. They had to face the Woodlawn Cardinals to see who would go on to the final game for the first and second place trophy on Saturday the 15th.

The theme that the fans came up with for Friday’s game was Black Out- everyone was to wear black. They sat behind the volleyball girls for the first match and while they were practicing. They roared and cheered for them, trying to get them pumped up, and it worked. The girls began to smile and laugh while still staying serious with their task ahead.

During the game we expected to see the usual with coach, (putting hair up, getting up and down) but we didn’t.  She was calm through almost the whole game, always helping and correcting the girls, and letting them know when something wasn’t their fault.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

September 30, 1949- Staglite Archives

Hartsburg, Illinois September 30, 1949
(column one)
We have three new teachers this year. They are Mrs. White, Miss Berninger and Mrs. West.

Mrs. White's home town in Hale, Missouri. She taught in grade school before.This is her first year at high school. She graduated from Northeast Missouri State Teacher's College. She also said she liked our high school much better than the one that she attended.

Mrs. West is from Hartsburg. She has been teaching for fifteen years. Eight years in grade school and seven years in high school. She graduated from Iowa State Teacher's College. This summer Mrs. West took a fishing trip to Wisconsin and also visited in Iowa.

Miss Berninger is from Mattoon, Illinois. She graduated from Eastern Illinois State College at Charleston. This year is her very first teaching experience.

Mrs. Brown, who taught three years here at Hartsburg, moved into her new home this summer. She is extra busy this year helping the boys class. "But", she says, "I really do enjoy the class."

Mr. Bergener has taught two and one half years at Hartsburg. He went to two ball games in St. Louis. He also went fishing in Wisconsin but reports little luck.

Coach Finchum has been here two years. He had charge of the athletic program at Easy Bay Bible Camp during the summer. He also worked at the Logan County Fair.

(column two)


An all school election was held September 7. The following officers were elected:

President- Marguerite Bruns
Vice-President- Gretchen Behrends
Secretary- Eldon Hildebrandt
Treasurer- Bill Huferkamp
Class Sponsors- Mr. Weldon Ryan, Mrs. Wilma(?) White

President- Donald Aper
Vice-President- Dean McMath
Secretary- Geneva(?) Klokkenga (?)
Treasurer- Charline Cross
Class Sponsors- Mr. Alan Kirchner, Mrs. Grace West

President- Mary Ann Klokkenga
Vice-President Loren Westen
Secretary- Luella Mammen
Treasurer- Marilyn Klokkenga
Class Sponsors- Mr. Fred Finchum, Miss Sara Nelle Beringer

President- Robert Gardner
Vice-President- Donald Wagner
Secretary- Betty Manus
Treasurer- Lois Klokkenga
Class Sponsors- Mr. Warren Burgener, Mrs. Virginia Brown
School Reporter- Loretta Fink

(seems to be continued from article in column one)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirchner became the proud parents of a baby boy this summer.

Mr. Ryan, our Principal, went to Wisconsin for his vacation. He attended several ball games.

(column one)
Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII September 30, 1949 No. 1

Editor- Marian Bruns
Managing Editor- Verna Menssen
Make-up Editor- Kay Behrends
Proof Readers- Ruth Liesman, Mary Wrage
Sports Writers- Bill Cross, Don Johnson
Feature Writer- Betty Gail Shirley
Gossip Writers- Marilyn Klokkenga, Shirley Van Hilsen, Hazel Ann Rademaker
Reporters- Janet Kaesebeir, James Hoar, Marguerite Bruns, Myrna Williams, Betty Laun, Barbara Behrends, Janet Klopp, Geneva Klokkenga, Dean McMath, Donald Aper
Circulation Department- Jim Rohlfs, Jack Detjen
Typists- Betty Manus, Kay Behrends, Lois Klokkenga, Alberta Bergman, Verna Menssen
Artists- Charline Cross, Loretta Fink
Ditto Operators- Verna Menssen, Lois Klokkenga
Faculty Advisor- Mrs. West


On September 2 we held a meeting for the election of officers. Those elected were Harold Jeckel, President; Dale Klokkenga, Vice-President; Loren Westen, Secretary; Byron Behrends, Treasurer; Norman Hellman, Reporter; and, John Bergman, Sentinel.

No plans were made for the coming year.


Norma and Elmer Snyder of Hartsburg-Emden High School moved Monday, September 19 to Lincoln. They will attend Lincoln High School.

(column two)

"When can we take these out to read?" That's been a common question heard in the English room since those new books arrived. Now they're in the Study Hall and can be checked out.

There's a lot of good reading material in those books and naturally many people want to read them. But, if they're treated roughly (as most of us treat books) they'll soon resemble those ancient books in the library, which really aren't so ancient but have just received cruel treatment. And, you know that books with the cover torn off, pages missing, and a generally "run-down" look, just don't appeal to you. So, if you're the first one to check our a new book-- set a good example. Be kind to that literature; don't tear it, scribble in it, or throw it around-- but handle it gently and carefully.

Remember, those books have to last for quite a while so, please, "Handle with Care."


Last year at our last meeting we elected officers for our club. The following were elected:

President- Betty Gail Shirley
Vice-President- Marian Bruns
Secretary- Mary Wrage
Treasurer- Barbara Behrends
Reporter- Mary Ann Klokkenga

We have held one meeting this year. Initiation and program committees were made at this meeting. 

We expect to have more interesting club meetings than we have ever had before.


Mr. and Mrs. Ryan entertained the faculty and their families Thursday evening, September 1. It was a hamburger fry at Meyers timber.

(column one- Note- this page is very faded. Some guess work is being used.)

[headline indecipherable]
On Monday, September 19, the Juniors were excited about selecting their class rings and the Seniors were busy picking out their commencement (?) announcements and name cards. Mr. John J. Shiel(?) of the Herff-Jones Company displayed a large(?) selection of jewelry, announcements, and name cards.


The newspaper letters for last year's seniors have now arrived. Please call for your letters at the office.


The band officers(?) of the Hartsburg-Emden High School are as follows:

President- Alberta Bergman
Vice-President- Barbara Behrends
Secretary- Janet Kaesebeir
Treasurer- Shirley Van Hilsen

Due(?) to the fact that there were too many girls for the sextet, Mr. Kirchner decided to have a trio and a sextet.

In the trio we have two juniors and one senior. They are: Marianna Grossing, Kay Behrends, and Shirley Van Hilsen. Charline Cross is their accompanist.

The sextet chosen for the year is rather unique in that it has members from each class participating. They are as follows: Betty Manus, Lorretta Fink, Arline Harrold (Darlene Arnold?), Charline Cross, Geneva Klokkenga, and Janet Kaesebier. Their accompanist is Shirley Van Hilsen.


The Hartsburg-Emden Community Chorus(?) met Monday, September 26. They(?) are(?) planning another eventful year, such as they had last year. If anyone is interested in joining, they are more than welcome.

(column two)

On September 20, John Klockenga of Emden, showed pictures on his trip to Holland, at Hartsburg-Emden High School.

He proved to all the students that Holland is becoming modernized. Although most of the transportation is by bicycles, they have beautiful homes. They take great pride in their gardens. Mr. Klockenga told us their barns are "clean enough to eat in". They still have their canals, but the windmills are for tourists to look at. They are not used. The storks on the housetops provided giggles for the girls, while Mr. Klockenga's cousin, who accompanied him on his trip brought whistles from the boys.

We found the pictures and talk quite enjoyable and educational. We appreciated it very much and all hope that he will return and show us the rest of his collection of pictures.


The 4H club held its regular meeting last Thursday evening. The members all turned in their 4H books and it was decided at the meeting to have a party for the members and their parents. It was decided to hold it at Jake Aper's timber Friday night, September 30. Game and refreshment committees were elected.

(column one)

Hartsburg-Emden has had the breaks go the other way this year and thus far have lost five games.

Scores are as follows:

Delavan- 9
Hartsburg-Emden- 3

Latham- 10
Hartsburg-Emden- 8

Atlanta- 9
Hartsburg-Emden- 6

Beason- 8
Hartsburg-Emden- 7

Elkhart- 24
Hartsburg-Emden- 0

Those holding the highest batting averages are:

Bob Gardner- 571
Wayne Zimmer- 381
John Bergman- 333
James Hoar- 333

The following boys are our for baseball:

Lolling- CF
Sampen- C- LF
W. Zimmer- P- CF
Gardner- SS
Bergman- RF
Hoar- P- Inf
Rohlfs- 1B
Brosamer- 3B
Cross- OF
Detjen- 2B- P
Rankin- C
D. Wagner- 2B- P
D. Zimmer- OF-P
Johnson- OF
Aper- P- 1B
Jeckel- C
Hildebrandt- OF
Williams- P
Eeten- OF
McMath- OF
Myers- OF
Reiners- Inf

(column two)


The Senior Class enjoyed a wiener roast and a hayrack ride Tuesday night. After arriving at the timber we played Lost Trail. And I think some of us really did get lost. It must have been pretty exciting, because someone almost fainted. How about it, Alberta? I guess Mr. Burgener and Mrs. Brown thought someone was getting murdered from all the screams they heard. We had a swell times. We all arrived home around 10:30-- just about all the way around.


The Juniors enjoyed a roller skating party Monday evening at the Lincoln Roller Rink.

Approximately 20 students attended the party with their sponsor, Miss Berninger. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan were also present the latter part of the evening. They [sic] Juniors skated from 7:30 until 10:00. After the party was over we hear the Juniors went STRAIGHT home. they reported a very enjoyable evening.


The Girls Glee Club is divided into two groups. The freshmen and sophomore constitute one group. The accompanist for the freshman-sophomore group is Janet Whittaker with Janet Klopp as her assistant. Arlene Bergold is the accompanist for the Juniors and Seniors. The girls meet on Monday and Wednesday.

The Boys Glee Club meets on Thursday. Their Accompanist is Janet Kaesebier.


Just a reminder to all girls interested in being a cheerleader. Tryouts willbbe [sic] the second week in October. Coach Finchum's present plan is to choose three girls for the Frosh-Soph team, and four girls for the Varsity.
(column one)


Why is it that Nelda is the topic of conversation on Mr. Krusemark's bus? Know anything about it, Don(?) J.

What's this we heard about Dickie and his girl from Armington? What do you know about it, Kay?

We wonder why certain Emden girls are always going to Delavan. What is the big attraction?

How about a ride in your new Cadillac, Miss Berninger? What color is it?

What's this we hear about Verna Mae bringing her pet grasshopper to American History Class?

Loretta F. tells us the World Series is going to be played in-- a ball park. Really?

We wonder why the Juniors are so anxious(?) to get their class rings. Any prospects?

Why is it that certain Emden boys are always coming to Hartsburg??? Girls or slot machines?

What's this we hear about Gene and Carol? Another one of those secret romances?

Donnie, isn't one girl enough for one night? Don't you know that is two-timing?

What is it that some of the Senior girls see in the Junior boys? Probably what all the boys see in the San Jose girls. What is it????

What is this we hear about Shirley having a "new one?" Tell us more.

We hear that Mrs. Brown is pretty good at nailing down quarterounds. (?) If anyone needs any help, just let her know.

(column two)

What is this we hear about Mr. Bergener wanting venetian blinds on the Ag. windows during the girls physical Ed. period. Surely Ag is more interesting than girls.

Why is it that the Junior boys are so sure of themselves?? Or any boys for that matter!!!


English III without a class meeting?

Donnie J. not running to catch the bus?

The sextet and trio getting together for practice?

Dale K. and Dean D. not listening in on private conversations!

Dean D., Rhoda B. and Dickie playing hide-and-go-seek in speech class?

Kenneth Sampen driving slow?

The kids on the Emden bus being quiet at railroad crossings?

Mary Joan without Jackie?

Dickie G. without Norman and Loren?

Dean Daison reading poetry in Engligh without makin (cut off)

Goldie Aper
Shirley Van Hil (cut off)
Donald Johnson
Peggy Bronomer(?) [Brosmer?]
"Susie" Brosaomer(?) [Brosmer?]
Billy Klokkenga
Barbara Behrends
Kenneth Sampen