Wednesday, January 28, 2015

High School Scholastic Bowl

by Brooklyn Swinford

The Scholastic Bowl meet that was supposed to be on January 8th is now January 28th  at Delavan, due to the snow day we had. There is also another meet on January 29th at Greenview. 

Hartem has won 1 and lost 2 games. The scores were:
    Greenview- 120   Hartem- 110
Illini Central-90   Hartem- 50
Mt. Pulaski-80 Hartem-110

Maddie Thomas had 7 toss ups
Joe Garcia had 6 toss ups

Dress Up Days- Homecoming Week

by Megan Tapke
For homecoming week we have a full week of fun; we dress up and get involved with activities on Friday. Every day this week we will have club schedule and that being, we will have shortened classes by like three minutes, and at the end of the day you will meet up with your class and do the banner for the end of the week and work on other things you need to, to be perfect for Friday.
Here are our dress up days we would like for everyone to participate in:

Monday- Gender Bender

Tuesday- Beach Day

Wednesday- Circus Day

Thursday- Disney Day

Friday- Orange and Black Day

If you wear orange and black on Friday, you will get in the game for FREE that night!


Homecoming Week- Friday's Assembly

by Kayla Zimmerman

               Friday, January 16, 2015, was Homecoming Day! It’s where we played a bunch of different games, and just had funny while doing it. Every class 9-12 had to do a dance: freshman got 2nd place, sophomores got 4th place, juniors got 1st place, and the seniors got 3rd place.  

     The games were senior vs. sophomores / juniors vs. freshman Powder Puff; freshman vs. juniors then seniors vs. sophomores Tug of War. 6th/7th Grade then 8th grade vs. Winner Tug of War(7th Grade).

Cheese Head (One person will wear a shower cap with shaving cream on top. The other person will throw Cheetos at the shaving cream. Whoever has the most Cheetos on their head wins)

High School Knock Out
Junior High Knock Out

Extreme Musical Balls
(All players will be blindfolded and placed in the center of the court. Exercise balls will be placed randomly around the gym and last player to not find an exercise ball and sit on it out. Any person coming out of the bleachers their class will be disqualified)

Relay Race
  • Spin around 10 times
  • run to volleyball ten foot line
  • Army crawl / worm other side of gym
  • Tag the wall
  • Skip to half court
  • Do two somersault
  • Run back and tag a teammate
  • The last person, has to sit on and pop a balloon

High School Free Throws
Junior High Dizzy Free Throws
(They will spin around 10 times and then shoot a free throw. If it hits the rim, you get 1 point, if it goes in it’s 3 points. The class with the most points wins!)

Pie Eating Contest
(First person to eat the entire pie wins)

Results are available here

Homecoming Winner! (Juniors)

Homecoming Week- Food Pantry Collection

by Brooklyn Swinford

Last week was homecoming week; 6-12 grade were supposed to bring in can foods for the Lincoln /Logan Food Pantry. At the end of the week whatever class brought in the most food got points added to their score. You get points by dressing up, finding Bucky and the games on Friday the 16th. On Friday the seniors brought in the most for the Food Pantry. The seniors earned 189 points. The Jr. High winners were the 7th graders they earned 79 points. The total of food brought in was 402.

Homecoming Night Activities

by Alexis Huffman

Hartem’s Homecoming game occurred at 6:00 Friday, January 16th. During the game 3 different things were going on. First of all was the Juniors’ fundraiser. They sold gondolas for their class. They were sold in the cafeteria and Clay Olson ran it.
During the halftime of the first game, we had our eighth grade night. Only three boys were recognized. Hunter Buck, Brody Baker, and Justice Thompson. We had to postpone eighth grade night to the 16th because of weather issues.
The pep band was short 2 players. But everyone tried to step up their game and got the job done. We had to play even louder than usual to be able to be heard over the crowd.
During the halftime of the second game, the cheerleaders’ clinic did their dance.