Friday, March 11, 2016

Pack the place night!!

by Emma Moats
Feb. 11, 2016

Friday the 5th of February we had our high school basketball homecoming game. The entire week was filled with fun activities and dress up days that the student body participated in. The homecoming game was at 6:00 at Hartem High School. Excited to see everyone there and cheering on our basketball team, the school decided that as long as students were wearing school colors, they wouldn’t have to pay admissions to get into the game that night.  The final score was HE 60- IB 75. That brings the high school basketball season record to 6-18. They have 4 regular season games left and regionals just 2 weeks away.  Coach Garber believes that “We just need to start executing a little better. We have all the pieces to beat any team but we  just have to put them together now.”

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Senior Trip

by Emma Moats
Mar. 3, 2016

On Friday the 4th of March the seniors went on their senior trip. We decided to go to the Dells in Wisconsin because there are a lot of diverse things to do for everyone. We met up at the school that morning at 8 o’clock where we all seemed tired but got very excited about how our weekend was going to be. We got to stay over night at the Dells in a very nice log cabin all to ourselves. It took us about 4 and a half hours to get to the Dells but it was well worth it and the bus ride was exciting.  Once we found our cabin, after getting lost, we got to get ready and go spend the day doing whatever we would like to do in the Dells vicinity.  As a class we did a Room Escape,  went zip lining, played laser tag, and we ate dinner together both nights. This trip was no where near what I thought it was going to be, but I sure am glad that I decided to go.

64th Annual Fresh-Soph Tourney Comes to a Close

By Alyssa Bridge
March 7, 2016

Hartsburg-Emden had a rough fresh-soph tournament. The boys lost their first game to Deer Creek-Mackinaw 32-20. None of their shots were falling during that game. Their second game was against Porta. The boys stomped on Porta. They won 53-27. With a record of 1 win, 1 loss, they managed to advance to the Consolation Championship where they would compete against Delavan. Delavan ended up defeating us 44-31. Congrats to the boys on a great season! I wish them the best of luck for next year!

Baseball Season Begins

by Kyle Johner
Mar. 1, 2016

As you all know baseball season is right around the corner. There first game is March 21st against Midland. I hope the Hartem baseball team has a great season and the best of luck to them. Mr. Muntz says he is looking forward to a good baseball season with the team.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hartem FFA Assembly

by Emma Moats
Mar. 3, 2016

Last week the school had our annual FFA spirit week with the assembly on Friday.  At the assembly they had many activities they planned on doing. They had a milk chugging contest which Jarrett Rohlfs won. They had the usual Mr. and Ms. FFA contest where contestants dressed up like a certain theme and the judges picked who did the best job. The categories were; hero, talent,animal sounds, and singer. The winners of that activity were Brody Baker for Mr. and Emme Olson for Ms. FFA! They were very excited about winning. During the assembly they also had a trivia game. Students vs. teachers and all of the trivia questions were FFA facts that had been posting up on the walls of the hallways the entire week. The students won that activity. Overall we had a great time like usual and could be ourselves around our peers.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hartem Wins Regionals Once Again

by: Adre Vetter
March 3, 2016

The Hartem 7th grade team beat Delavan Wednesday night to win the regional championship. The score was 25-12, 25-9. I asked Jayden Rybolt if she felt nervous at all and she said, “At first I was a little nervous, but I had confidence in the team.” I also asked her how she felt after they won and she said, “It felt really good, but it wasn’t a tough game and I’m ready for the next game.” The 7th grade team will play again on Monday the 7th for sectionals.

Senior Spotlight: Senior Night

By Alyssa Bridge
February 22, 2016

On Friday night, the senior basketball players, cheerleaders, and pep band members had their senior night. Each senior contributed to this school in different ways but here’s a little bit of information about each senior.

Alyssa Bridge
Accomplishments: 4 years basketball, 4 years softball, 4 years Senior Beta Club, 1 year as Senior Beta Club Co-President, 3 years WYSE, 2 years Student Council, 2 years Class Treasurer, 1 year Antler
Future Plans: Attend a 4 year college or university majoring in biochemistry

Alexis Huffman
Accomplishments: 11 years of 4-H, 6 years of Pep Band, 4 years FFA, 4 years Livestock Judging, 1 year Antler, Currently FFA Historian
Future Plans: Attend Heartland Community College, then transfer to Parkland College to become a Vet Tech

Erin Lessen
Accomplishments: 4 years volleyball, 4 years cheerleading, 4 years Senior Beta Club, 2 years WYSE, 2 years FEA, 1 year Antler, Hopedale Medical Complex September Student of the Month
Future Plans: Attend Heartland Community College majoring in Radiography

Clay Olson
Accomplishments:4 years baseball, 4 years FFA, 3 years basketball, 3 years Senior Beta Club, 3 years FEA, 2 years Scholastic Bowl
Future Plans: Attend Iowa State University to pursue a career in Accounting

Doug Phillips
Accomplishments: 4 years baseball, 4 years FFA, 3 years basketball, 2 years golf
Future Plans: Attend Lincoln Technical Institute for automotive technology

Lexi Strange
Accomplishments: 4 years volleyball, 4 years softball, 4 years FFA, 2 years FEA, 2 years Student Council, 1 year as Student Council Vice President
Future Plans: Attend Carl Sandburg College to further her softball and volleyball career for two years and then transfer to Western Illinois University for Criminal Justice

Adreanna Vetter
Accomplishments: 4 years volleyball, 4 years softball, 4 years FFA, 4 years class officer, 1 year Student Council, 1 year cheerleading
Future Plans: Attend Carl Sandburg College to play volleyball and softball

An Ending for the Stags

by Kaylee Beekman

February 23, 2016

The Varsity Basketball team ended their season last night in Lewistown to Peoria Heights. The ending score was 72-56. The boys ended the season with a record of 8 wins and 21 losses. This year was a growing season for the Stags as new head coach, Jason Garber, started his first year as the varsity basketball coach. Garber had many thoughts after his first coaching season ended. “The boys played extremely hard the entire game and unfortunately came up a little short at the end. We scored 42 second half points which is the most we have had all season, we just dug ourselves too big of a hole in the first half to get out of.” As one season ends, Coach Garber is already excited and looking forward to next year.  “Overall the season in my eyes was a successful one. The kids improved tremendously from November to February and I am excited to see what the future has in store for them.” The Varsity team’s season is over, but the Fresh-Soph tournament for the JV squad will begin this Saturday. Come out and support your Hartem Stags!

Fresh/Soph Basketball Tournament

by Adre Vetter
February 24, 2016

The Hartem High School Fresh/Soph tournament is coming up. It starts on Saturday the 27th. The tournament is at the high school. The Stags will play at noon on Saturday against Dee-Mack. Hartem won the Fresh/Soph tournament last year.The freshmen that play are; Brody Baker, Hayden Vetter, Dawson Watt, Austin Hayes, Hunter Buck, and Justice Thompson. The sophomores are Joe Garcia and Zach Phillips. Come out and support your Stags!!

Get Your Hartem Shades and Lanyards

by Hunter Langley
Mar. 3, 2016

    The Hartem High School Student Council is currently selling two styles of sunglasses and a Hartem lanyard. The sides of both styles of glasses, has a stag logo and reads “Stags” across the leg. The lanyard is all black with “Hartem Stags” in orange. Both sunglasses are $10.00 a piece and the lanyard is $4.00. You are able to pick a form up in both school offices or print one off of the school website. Order must be turned in with payment by Friday, March 11th, 2016. Again, they can be turned into either school office or May Brooks who is student council sponsor.

What makes a good student?

By: Lexi Strange
March 3, 2016

When I read this question I don't necessarily think of someone who gets good grades. Yes, it's a factor but some people get good grades by many ways. A good student has focus. Enough focus to get as much as they choose to take in. They can focus through daily noises in a classroom and this is at their advantage. Good communication skills is another. Opening up to a teacher about how you feel or if you may be struggling and finding out how to communicate with them is great. Next would be motivation. This can accomplish many things. Not only through school but for the future. Regardless of why someone is motivated to be learning, it is important-- you're the future.

Softball gets Fresh Start

By Alyssa Bridge
February 25, 2016

This year’s softball team is coming off of a decent season. However, there are only 5 returning starters from last years team. The girls will also be without previous Head Coach, Gary Rankin. He was replaced by the business teacher and former assistant coach, John Robinson. This year will be much different from previous years. This is the team starting over from scratch. Can they make it work? I guess the team will figure that out starting on Tuesday, March 1st, the day practice begins.

Why my senior year?-- Editorial

By: Lexi Strange
February 25, 2016

Former softball coach Gary Rankin recently resigned due to conflicts with missing a decent amount of games to watch his daughters play collegiate sports. Coach Rankin was a great coach and couldn't have done it any better. I applaud him and "all his knowledge" for the game. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to teach me how to love the game just as much as he did. I never thought I would be going to play ball at the college level. Gary taught me all I know and he taught it well. I'm extremely grateful for him pushing me all the time to do my best and accomplish anything I thought I wasn't capable of. As I continue my senior year playing softball with a new head coach, I will not forget Gary and all he has taught me. I would like to say I'm very disappointed in our school's administration for letting a great coach go and not working anything out with him. I'm truly stunned by this whole situation. As I wrap up this article, I would like to say thank you to all players, parents, and community members who supported Gary Rankin. "My hands are tied on this one.."

Junior High Lady Stags Take the Win

by Hunter Langley
February 24, 2016

Wednesday 24th, the junior high volleyball team played West-Lincoln Broadwell at West-Lincoln. Both 7th and 8th grade left the school with another win. Seventh grade was 25-16 and 25-10, continuing their undefeated stretch. Eighth grade took the win 25-17 and 25-20. I asked 8th grader Emily Craig her thoughts on the game and she said “It was a good game, could’ve been better, but both 7th and 8th left tonight with the W.” Good luck to both teams heading into the postseason.

High School Scholastic Bowl- Week 7

by Brooklyn Swinford
Mar. 1, 2016

Last Thursday the HS Scholastic Bowl had a meet at Delavan. The first match against was against Delavan. The score was 140-120; Hartem won that one. The second match was against Midwest Central. The score was 250-40 with MWC winning. The last match was against Athens the score for that one was 190-110 Athens won. Joe Garcia made 4th in the Tomahawk for individual toss ups and therefore was named to the All-Conference Team.

Joe Garcia had 12 toss ups
Austin Hayes had 2 toss ups
Clay Olson had 1 toss up