Monday, November 30, 2015

Olympiad with no runners?

By: Lexi Strange
November 20, 2015

Ms. Helton is giving the students a opportunity to compete in the Science Olympiad. This event takes place in February. For those of you who don't know what this event is, it is a competitive event which tests your science skills. There are 20 different events to choose from. All grades are welcome to participate, but only high schoolers will be able to compete in February. Some things they will do to prepare are building airplanes, building a robot arm to push ping pong balls, and even computer programming! So come on out and give it a try. If you want more details you can contact of Ms. Helton by emailing her at!

Girls Claim Second Place

By Alyssa Bridge
November 23, 2015

All last week, the Mt. Pulaski/ Hartsburg-Emden Co-op girls’ basketball team competed in the second annual Clinton Turkey Tussle. The tournament was a pool style tournament, which means that each team would play all the teams in their pool. After the pool part, the teams would then be placed into the placing games based off of their record. The girls won their first 3 games against Olympia, Tri-Valley, and Riverton. With all of these wins, the team was placed into the championship match against PORTA. The game started out well, but PORTA just couldn’t miss from the 3 point line. They shot well from there all night and Pulaski was barely able to stay in the game. Towards the end, they managed to get the game within 10 points but as they tried to stop the clock with fouls, PORTA just didn’t miss their free throws. Even though they lost the game, the team placed 2nd in the tournament after finishing 6th place last year. This tournament was a glimpse into this season and the girls' team could be good.

Junior High Volleyball

by Hunter Langley
November 23, 2015

    Next Monday, November 30th, the junior high volleyball team will be having their first try-out. With the team including 5th grade through 8th grade, coach Jennifer Hayes is looking to have 22 girls try-out. I asked Hayes what she was most excited about to start the season, “I’m excited to see my 5th graders start their 8 year career and super pumped to try and win 7A and 8A state titles.” Good luck to all the girls at tryouts and good luck to Coach and the team on their coming season.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

High School Cheerleading

Kaylee Beekman

November 25, 2015

Hartem High School cheerleading has officially started as they make their debut at

tonight’s game in El Paso Gridley! The team consists of 10 cheerleaders. They are (seniors)

Erin Lessen, Lexi Strange, Adre Vetter; (juniors) Ashley Zinser, Hunter Langley, Maddie

Shawgo; (sophomores) Emme Olson, Talia Andrade, Shyanne Conrady; and (freshman) Lexi

Barry. The squad is under a new coach this year. It is Betty Jo Lessen who has the help of Cari

Rohlfs. Both coaches were cheerleaders in high school, active in the community and school

district, and are very excited about the upcoming season for the stags. When asked about how

they are adjusting to the coach, returning cheerleader, Emme Olson said, “I like the new

authority because they get to business, but also like to have a lot of fun.” New cheerleader and

the only freshman of the bunch, Lexi Barry said, “I like them a lot because I know them and they

are helping us to get better every day.” This season the cheerleaders are trying a lot of new

things. Emme Olson said that she is looking forward to doing the dances and the 8 counts this

year. Lexi Barry said that she is most excited about trying new stunts. Make sure you come out

to a game to help these cheerleaders cheer on your Hartem Stags!

Hartem High School First Basketball Game

November 24, 2015
by: Adre Vetter

The Hartem high school basketball boys has its first basketball game Wednesday the 25th at El Paso. Varsity will play at 5:30 against Eureka. Then JV will play at 7:00 against Eureka. The starters for Varsity will be Clay, Doug, Alec, Brady, and Toni. Their next game will be Friday the 27th.

Meet the Stags

Kaylee Beekman

November 25, 2015

Meet the Stags was this past Saturday at the high school. Many exciting events took

place. The Senior Beta Club had a successful meal and ended up making a good amount in

donations. The band, led by Mr. Pluhm, did a great job playing the fight song and other songs to

warm up the teams. The Hartem basketball team had a scrimmage game and was announced by

their coach, Jason Garber. The junior high basketball team was also announced. The junior high

and high school cheerleaders performed sidelines throughout the games and led the fans in the

fight song. To end the night, there was an alumni game. It was the ¨old” alumni against the

¨young¨ alumni. Many people of the community came out to support and meet the stags. It was

a great night!

Stay active at any age!

By: Lexi Strange
November 25, 2015

Getting regular physical activity is one of the best things you can do to maintain good health and weight. Physical activity can help with lowering risks such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and even stress. The amount of exercise needed to maintain a healthy weight depends on the person's diet. As much as we love to eat, we need to make sure we're putting in the time at the gym to stay physically fit and to keep maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Boys’ Basketball Falls to Athens

November 24, 2015
By Alyssa Bridge

Last night, the seventh and eighth grade boys’ basketball teams competed against the Athens Warriors. The Warriors came out hot for both games and just kept scoring. They won the seventh grade game by a score of 42-17 and they won the eighth grade game by a score of 66-20. Both teams played hard, but in the end, Athens came out on top. They moved the ball around well and their defense was stellar. It’s hard to beat a team when they do everything that coaches ask of them.

Senior Deadlines-- Yearbook

by Brooklyn Swinford
November 24, 2015

Just a reminder for ALL Seniors and Parents that senior baby pictures are due before Winter Break. The senior interviews are due on November 25th. Remember to bring one of your senior pictures in before Spring Break!  We need to make sure we have everyone's pictures so we can put them in the yearbook.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FFA Food Drive

By Kyle Johner
November 24, 2015
The FFA members are having a food drive this week. They went to people's houses on November 16, 2015 to put bags on their porch so that people can put food in them. The FFA members will pick up the bags Thursday right after school from Hartsburg/Emden. They did a good job on it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

7th graders with babies??

by Adre Vetter
November 11, 2015
The 7th grade class had to take care of fake babies for their health class last week. The boys did better than the girls did. In fact some boys got 100% on taking care of the babies. Most of the kids got to take them home and take care of the babies all night but there were 2 kids that had to take care of them during school due to parent conflicts. To raise a 0-2 year old it will cost around $8,000 per year.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Junior High Boys Fall against Carroll Catholic

By Alyssa Bridge
November 13, 2015

Both of our boys’ basketball teams lost to Carroll Catholic last night, but the eighth grade team initially put up a fight. At the beginning of the eighth grade game, the Stags came out firing on all cylinders. They were passing the ball well, shooting the ball well, and playing pretty good defense. However, at about 4 minutes into the fourth quarter, they started to slow down and that’s exactly when Carroll Catholic picked up their game.  By halftime, the Stags were only down by 8 points. They continued to play well through the third quarter as well, but once that fourth quarter began, Carroll started to pick it back up. Carroll went on to win both games, 44-26 (8th) and 42-10 (7th). Both Carroll teams were led by Dylan Singleton.

Meet the Stags!

by Kaylee Beekman
November 12, 2015

Come out to meet your 2015 Hartem Stags next Saturday (Nov. 21)! Saturday will kick off with the

Sr. Beta Club Dinner from 4:00-5:30 in the cafeteria. It will consist of cinnamon rolls, chili, and

hot dogs for just a donation. The rest of the evening activities will start at 6:00. The High School

and Junior High Basketball teams will be getting announced as well as our girls’ basketball team

co-op players. The Hartem Basketball Team will have a team scrimmage and there will also be

an alumni scrimmage. The High School and Jr. High Cheerleaders will do cheers throughout the

evening. The pep band will also make an appearance. It should be an exciting evening for the

athletes and the community. Come out to show your support!

Thoughts on 2015 National FFA Convention

by Chris Huffman
November 11, 2013

  This year's National FFA convention was really fun and wasn't ever boring. I really enjoyed everything we did on the trip especially the tour of The University of Kentucky’s agriculture branch. We toured a farm of different animals and plants that they were testing on and doing many different labs on so they can see how they can improve the lives of the plants and animals. My personal favorite part of the trip was the drive there and home… You can learn a lot about kids on a bus ride like that! I enjoyed going to the concert the first night we were there and I also enjoyed having the chance to meet new people. We always went out and got good food, especially Logan's Roadhouse. The FFA Mall and Career Fair are always a good time. There are enough stores and booths to keep you busy for days! If you get bored at convention then you aren't doing anything right.
I really enjoyed the trip and would for sure love to go again. Even though it's not in Kentucky anymore, it will probably still be a great time!

Junior High Basketball Update

By Kyle Johner
November 12, 2015
The Jr. High Basketball boys faced off in the Midwest Central Tournament on 11/6/15 and they lost to Lincoln Jr. High.

Millikin Trip

by Nathan Nowatney
November 12, 2015

For a day, juniors and seniors can escape school and look into the future of college. I’m talking about none other than the Millikin visit on the 23rd.

Any junior or senior can attend- and see if Millikin is right for them.

I’ve personally been on this trip before, and I just have to say, I recommend it with all my heart. It’s very interesting and eye-opening.

You even get an all-you-can eat at lunch for a measly $4 (it’s to die for).

I wouldn’t miss this trip for the world and neither should you. Talk to Mrs. Folkman today!

By Kyle Johner
November 13, 2015
The English Composition class is  going on a field trip on 11/23/15 to Millikin University. Other students are allowed to join to tour Millikin University if they want, so they can see what classes are offered.

HS Scholastic Bowl

by Brooklyn Swinfrod
November 10, 2015

November 12th is the first practice for the HS Scholastic Bowl team! A lot of people probably don't know what Scholastic Bowl is. To have a team, they need to have at least 5 people. The team goes to different schools and goes against them and they answer random trivia questions. The practices are usually on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30. The first  match is on January 14th at 5:00.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hartem Volleyball takes on Sectionals

by Adre Vetter
November 3, 2015
The Hartem volleyball team played in sectionals Tuesday night at Lewiston. They played against Augusta Southeast. Hartem won the game 25-22 and 25-23. Then they played on Thursday against Lexington and Hartem fell short. The score of the game was 25-23, 20-25, and 25-27.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Get Your Christmas Candles

Hunter Langley
November 10, 2015

  The Hartsburg-Emden Class of 2017 is now selling Yankee Candles for a class fundraiser. They have all kinds of things to be sold: large candles, small candles, decorations, small waxes, and anything you could think of to make your house smell nice. The holiday candles are being sold also and they will be in before Christmas which makes for a perfect Christmas gift! Make sure to get a hold of any junior or Mrs. Folkman who is the class sponsor. The class of 2017 thanks you for your continued support!

You can also purchase online with group number 990009286.

Books Are Fun!

by Kaylee Beekman

November 9, 2015

This past weekend many members of the Hartsburg-Emden School District’s faculty and

a few FEA members volunteered their time at Barnes and Noble for a fundraiser. FEA members

worked at activity stations with coloring pages and literacy work for children. They also helped

customers pick out books and offered book recommendations. Author Lisa Baker-King also

made an appearance and had a book reading. 15-20% of the profit Barnes and Noble made will

be going to the Hartsburg-Emden Literacy Program. The main purpose for this money is to

purchase books so the students can continue to enjoy reading.

Hartsburg and Emden Community baby boomer!

By: Lexi Strange
November 10, 2015

Recently, we've found that many women of the community are pregnant around the same time or have just recently had their babies. It looks to be about 10 total with unborn and recently born. That's a great amount. This doesn't include if they plan to attend Hartsburg-Emden, but we'd love to have them. Congrats new and soon-to-be mothers!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Junior High Basketball Tip-Off Tournament

by Hunter Langley
November 9, 2015

   The junior high basketball team traveled to Midwest Central, Saturday, October 31st. They also played Tuesday the 3rd and Saturday the 7th. The 7 grade team won one of their games and lost the other two. The 8th grade team fell short for all three games. Good luck with your season, boys!

Progress Reports

by Brooklyn Swinford
November 6, 2015

Friday, November 13th, is when the 2nd quarter progress reports go out! Many kids look forward to getting their progress report and others do not. Parents can either wait until they come in the mail or can look the grades up online. Progress reports come out every quarter.

Veterans Day

by Chris Huffman
November 4, 2015

We all know that usually we get out of school on Veterans Day, but most people see it as much more. Veterans Day is a day that we honor fallen soldiers that died fighting for our country that we love. We should use the day reminding ourselves on the only reason we get to do the things we love is because of our great Armed Forces that fight for us, that fight for our freedom. If you see anyone that has been in the Armed Forces or maybe still is in the Armed Forces to say, “Thank you for your service to our country.” You will make their day much better. So if you think that Veterans Day is just another day off, think again because Veterans Day is a big day for our country and we should honor it well and support our troops.

Fit for Hartem

by Kayla Zimmerman
November 5, 2015

I asked Mrs. Brooks questions about the “Fit For Hartem” program she is doing. This is what she said.

I asked her why she wanted to start the program in the first place, she said “I feel that the kids that are accelerating, should have a spotlight for once. We’ve never done this before, so like I said I just thought that they should get a spotlight.” I also asked her how / why does she picks the kids she does, this was her answer- “showing good attitude, workmanship, and respect!”

This is only for all the elementary school, plus 6 / 7th grade.  

Girls’ Basketball 1st Practice

By Alyssa Bridge
November 4, 2015

On Monday, November 2nd, the Mt. Pulaski/ Hartsburg-Emden girls’ basketball team had their first practice. In two weeks, they will have their first game at Riverton for the Clinton Turkey Tussle, their Thanksgiving tournament. They have the potential to be pretty good this year. Last year didn’t go too well for them, but with three returning starters and a good class of incoming freshman, they could be good. It all depends on how hard they work. The Antler wishes them the best of luck this year!

Thanksgiving Update

By Nathan Nowatney
November 2, 2015

Our day for being thankful is gaining on us faster than you can say ‘turkey’, and with it comes a ton of breaks from school. Here’s a short list of what we’ve got:

  • The 25th is a half day.
  • 26th is off.
  • 27th is off.

We’ve got a pretty good break this year, so fill up on fun, friends, food, and family, and enjoy your break!

Monday, November 2, 2015

2016 Post Prom Committee Fundraiser

by Hunter Langley
October 26, 2015

     Sunday, December 6, 2015, post prom committee will be hosting a vendor/craft fair with a soup luncheon at the high school and hosting a tour of homes. The vendor fair will be from 11:00am-4:00pm. The luncheon will be from 11:00am-1:00pm, and the tour of homes will be from 2:00pm-6:00pm. Some of the booths we will have at the vendor/craft fair are Scentsy, Thirty-One, Keep Collective, Stella and Dot and many others. The Post Prom Committee would like to encourage anyone who would like to donate an item for the soup lunch or the vendor/craft fair. If you have any questions you can contact Tammy Zinser at We appreciate all your support!

Halloween Parade

by Chris Huffman
October 26, 2015

This Friday, October 30th, the Hartem grade school is having its annual Halloween parade. All kids from kindergarten to 5th grade may participate in the parade and you and your family can come support them. I remember doing the parade every year when I was a kid and it was always a blast. I don't know what kids think of it in today's world, but I know I loved it and loved when my family came and watched me. You can wear anything you want!! As long as it is school appropriate of course. This is a great time for kids to show off their imagination and to be themselves with their friends.

Junior High Basketball is right around the corner!

By: Lexi Strange
October 27, 2015

This year our coaching staff has changed for junior high and high school basketball. Jason Garber, former junior high coach, is now taking the position of former high school coach Tony Ziemba. They've added Gary Rademaker to head coach of junior high. Gary is very excited for the season to start with a tournament tip off at Mid-West Central this Saturday at 12. Coach Rademaker looks forward to the season and what it may bring.

History of Halloween Dress Up

By Alyssa Bridge
October 27, 2015

Halloween has always been known as just the event that everyone dresses up and goes house to house to collect candy. However, it has a much more spooky background.
Halloween developed from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This festival took place 2,000 years ago on the land that is now known as Ireland. November 1st was the Celts’ New Year and it marked the end of summer and the beginning of a season that was closely associated with human death. On the night before November 1st, the Celts believed that the dead would come back to Earth as spirits. Because of all of the ghosts, the Celts thought the Druids, Celtic Priests, would be better at predicting the future. Since this was such a huge event, the Druids would build bonfires for people to make animal sacrifices to the Celtic gods. When the people would throw things into the fire, they would be dressed in animal costumes. This is why we wear costumes today.

For more Halloween history, click this link:

Hartem Volleyball

by Adre Vetter
October 28, 2015
The Hartem volleyball team played in regionals on Tuesday the 27th. They played against Delavan. They won 25-12 and 25-13. The volleyball team will advance to the regional championship against Roanoke-Benson at Roanoke. They will play at 7:00 P.M. not at 6! Make sure you are there to cheer on your lady Stags to win another regional championship this year!!

Why Pancake Bites are Terrible, and What You Can Do About It-- Editorial

By Nathan Nowatney
October 26, 2015

It’s a brisk October morning. I depart from the bus, and the chill of the early day’s breeze nips at my exposed skin, sending a bit of a chill down my spine. A few seconds later, I’m met with a warm burst of air, completely contrasting the breeze. I enter the heavy, metal door to the cafeteria- held open politely by a sixth grader.

After a swift ‘thank you’ to him, my hazy mind instinctively orders my body to enter the breakfast line. I smell warm maple syrup, I suspect something good. I look through the glass on the chef’s serving stations. Mini pancake bites. I scan my card, and sit down with my breakfast.

I take one look at them and gag. Reality finally catches up with my mind, and I realize what I’ve gotten. They look like owl pellets. Stiff, lukewarm, and smell like pungent bile. I tentatively slip the four I received onto my brother’s tray and sigh. They used to be good.

Denver Merz sits adjacent from me. He’s ignorant of what’s in store for him as well. He dunks his warm nugget of food into the syrup and takes a bite. His pupils dilate, and he gets a look on his face like somebody stabbed him.

He coughs out half of his mini pancake bite onto his tray and reels back in disgust. Upon further investigation, I see the inside is shriveled up and hard. A disgusting mash of low-grade sausage with chunks of cartilage embedded sparsely throughout.

“It looks like somebody put out a cigarette in mine,” Denver says, pushing his tray away from himself and frowning. My brother has barely eaten any of his and looks disgusted. Everyone is dissatisfied. Denver thinks he may be sick.

This is the cold, disgusting reality of mini pancake bites. This is a real experience I had with them. Never before have I had such a negative experience with school food.

After that morning, I decided the rest of my day would be devoted to the procedural elimination of mini pancake bites from our breakfast menu. Nobody else will suffer such a twisted fate.

In all seriousness, mini pancake bites are not only disgusting, but their composition and healthiness is questionable at best. I decided to get to the bottom of this. I met up with our very own ladies of the kitchen once more, and got to work.

“Not too much…,” says Ms. Eeten when I ask her how popular mini pancake bites are.

They all give me a knowing look when I come in asking questions.

“They’re not as good as they used to be," says Ms. Eeten with a frown.

From what I’ve gathered, they’ve been reformulated since recent government mandates (as mentioned before in a previous article). This change was definitely for the worse. Not only have they made them repulsive, I estimate they don’t bake as well since certain non-whole-wheat ingredients have been removed from the recipe. They’re terribly inconsistent when it comes to how they turn out. One may be cold, and under-cooked, and the next shriveled and dry inside.

I decided to dig deeper.

“Well, more than one source. MJ Kellner from Springfield. We get our bread from Alpha Baking, and the milk’s from Prairie Farms out in Peoria, “says Eeten after asking where the food’s from.

I head to the MJ Kellner website and find no trace of a catalog. I send them an e-mail asking the ingredient listing on their ‘mini pancake bites.’

After three days of patiently awaiting a response, I get nothing. I send another e-mail. No response. I can’t help but feel like they’re dodging me.

After a series of bad luck, I take my search to google.

More bad luck. I find nothing but name-brand, genuinely alright quality pancake bites. Nothing I would find from MJ Kellner.

I end my search with a sigh. Trying to find a horror in the ingredients doesn’t seem fruitful, but I can only speculate there’s something sketchy going on.

I feel a bit unsatisfied when I reach a dead end, but I remember what I intended to do in the first place. I’m going to prevent this from ever happening again.

Please, talk to your student council reps about removing this from the menu. Don’t let anyone else suffer the same fate.

Winners Train, Loser Complain

by Kaylee Beekman

October 30, 2015

The 2015 Hartem basketball team started conditioning and open gyms on October 26th.

Last year, the Stags ended with a record of 7 wins and 10 losses. This year the team is aiming for

bigger and better things. Sophomore Alex Vetter has high hopes. When asked about his

expectations and hopes for the season he said, “I think we are capable of ending with a winning

record and I hope we can get a regional win.” After being asked what a key to success would be

this upcoming year, Alex said, “Get me the ball. I’m prepared to make the plays.” Returning

Varsity starter, Brady Wolpert said that “defense wins championships.” He hopes for the team to

better their defense to be successful this season. The first official practice is November 9th and

their first game will take place on November 25th at the Thanksgiving Tournament. Good luck

this season, Stags!