Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Homecoming Night Activities

by Alexis Huffman

Hartem’s Homecoming game occurred at 6:00 Friday, January 16th. During the game 3 different things were going on. First of all was the Juniors’ fundraiser. They sold gondolas for their class. They were sold in the cafeteria and Clay Olson ran it.
During the halftime of the first game, we had our eighth grade night. Only three boys were recognized. Hunter Buck, Brody Baker, and Justice Thompson. We had to postpone eighth grade night to the 16th because of weather issues.
The pep band was short 2 players. But everyone tried to step up their game and got the job done. We had to play even louder than usual to be able to be heard over the crowd.
During the halftime of the second game, the cheerleaders’ clinic did their dance.