Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Bowl Trivia Contest

by Alexis Huffman

During the week before the Super Bowl, Mr. Robinson makes up 5 questions to ask after the morning announcements. Once he has asked the question we have until 8:30 to turn it in to him. It doesn’t matter if you are the first to turn it in or the tenth. If you have the answer correct you get put into a drawing. The winner of that drawing wins either a candy bar or a soda pop.
Our Monday’s winner was Bryson Eads. His name was pulled out of three correct answers.
Tuesday’s winner was Danielle Evans. Her name was chosen out of over fifteen correct answers so you could tell this question wasn’t as hard.
Wednesday’s winner was Kolton Johner. You could tell that Wednesday’s question was more difficult because his name was chosen out of only two correct answers.
Our Thursday’s winner was Anna Hayes. Her answer was chosen out of seven correct answers.
Our Friday’s question was “Who will win the super bowl and what is the final score?”