Friday, November 21, 2014

New Teacher- Ms. Fanning

New Teacher
By: Alice Miller
September 19, 2014
        I’m going to be interviewing Ms. Fanning. She is our new FFA teacher because Mrs. Pech retired.  That was a very sad because everybody loved Mrs. Pech. A lot of people called her Mama Pech. Ms. Fanning is a cool teacher, too. She also does things a little different than Mrs. Pech did but that’s okay. People, we just have to go with the flow. Mrs. Pech also comes to some of the events, which I think is really cool and she still also helps out Ms. Fanning when she needs help with things.
        How do you like this school year so far?
        “I enjoy it so far,” Ms. Fanning said. You also can tell she is enjoying it because she laughs to our jokes that we make and she can’t stop laughing sometimes. Then there’s times when she wants to be serious and get stuff done.
        Have you been teaching before this?
        Yes, she was teaching before this but she was only teaching half time at Shelbyville. This is her first full time teaching so let’s help her out and don’t give her a hard time.
        Do you like how we are surrounded by corn?
        She said she loves it because it’s basically where she was at when she was a little girl was all corn all around her and she loves it. She went away to college for about five years, but she also went to school in Mt. Pulaski. She basically grew up there.