Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

By: Alice Miller   
        The horticulture went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins to do floral arrangements. There are a lot of steps before you actually can get started on the floral arrangement. Like first before you can do anything you have to look up flowers that go with what season it is, which ours is fall.. So after you look up the flowers that you are going to use then you have to draw an example of your floral arrangements and how it is going to look because you want it to look very good.
        Students selected their own pumpkins and hauled them to the shed. They were also able to buy other items like cookies, donuts, honey, or butter. Many students purchased some of the delicious items.

        Then when we all got back to the school we had to go put our pumpkins in the shop and head to our next class. Thursday is the day we are going to start our floral arrangements with the pumpkins. They're all going to look good and funny probably but it’s how you make it if you want a good grade. Some people got sort of a small pumpkin so we have to do our floral arrangements on the side of the pumpkin and some people are also putting ribbons around it and a candle which will probably look cool I think though. To be able to put the flowers in the pumpkin we have to clean out the pumpkin first with all the seeds and the other stuff inside the pumpkin. Then after you're done with all that then you can start decorating your pumpkin the way you want but the way you went by the that picture to show how you are going to do it in a way. The when it is all done you get graded on it and you get to take it home.