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October 31, 1949- Staglite Archives

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Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII          October 31, 1949          No. 3


Soaping windows, moving things, and generally having lots of fun-- that's Hallowe'en! and kids, let's try to keep it just fun.

Destroying property, puncturing tires, and letting people's livestock run loose isn't Hallowe'en fun. It's just plain mean. How would you like to have someone let the air out of your tires when you wanted to get somewhere in a hurry? It wouldn't be a very pleasant situation and it isn't very pleasant for someone else either.

You have probably read in the papers that if minors are caught damaging someone's property, their parents have to take the blame. So officials are urging parents to caution their children about pulling dangerous pranks. Let's co-operate with Mother and Dad and try to have a Hallowe'en of fun for everybody and destruction for no one.


Friday afternoon the man from the Curtis Magazine Company was here to start us on our Magazine sales campaign. The school was divided into two sides, the Freshmen and Juniors on one side and the Sophomores and Seniors on the other.

Monday morning $1 [?] was given to Gene Conrady for selling the most magazines over the week-end. On thursday morning Loren received a box of Almond Herseys for turning in the most money that day. Today a similar prize was won by Marilyn K.

The Magazine sales will end on Friday, November 4. The grand prize winner will have his choice of one of three prizes, a watch, a radio, or a Parker "51" pen and pencil set. So come on kids, let's get out and SELL! SELL! SELL!

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Senior Honors: Kay Behrends, Marian Bruns, Bob Gardner, Don Johnson, and Betty Manus.
Junior Honors: Jack Detjen, Marianna Grussing, Mary Jean Reiners, Betty Gail Shirley, and Mary Wrage.
Sophomore Honors: Barbara Behrends, Charline Cross, Walter Harmsen, James Hoar, James Rohlfs, and Kenneth Sampen.
Freshmen Honors: Eileen Aper, Joan Aper, Arline Bergold, and Marguerite Bruns.

There were no high honor students this grading period.


Tuesday afternoon the F.H.A. girls had a meeting during the girls physical education period. For the program several girls gave skits. Some were: Flirty Fannie, Possessive Pam, Tomboy Tillie, Make-up Sally, and Gold Digger Jenny.

We all enjoyed these and I am sure we all gained knowledge from them. At our next meeting, Eileen Aper, Arlene Bergold, Ruth Liesman, Mary Detmers, Elizabeth Aper, and Evelyn Lessen will give skits on personality.


On October 12 the F. F.A. had a meeting. At this time they initiated the Freshmen into "Green Hands". Again on October 21 another meeting was called to initiate the "Green Hands" from 1948. They are now chapter members.

On October 26 a meeting was called. At this meeting it was decided by the members to have a pest-killing contest. Captains were selected. They were Loren Westen and John Bergman. Each captain chose a team and the losing side is to give the winning side a candy bar and a bottle of coke. The individual winner is to be awarded an F. F. A. Jacket.


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About 25 students and teachers went to Lincoln Monday afternoon to hear David Rubinoff. He is the world's greatest violinist, as everyone that went realized.

He played several classical pieces which everyone enjoyed. The two favorites of the day were "Don't Fence Me In," which really brought the laughs and "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life," which brought the "Ah's" from most of the teenagers.

Rubinoff introduced his little "redheaded" son, who is five years old.

Rubinoff's accompanist played a few numbers. The best liked was "Etude in Boogie Woogie", which I'm sure everyone enjoyed.

The concert lasted for about an hour so that everyone could be home early-- but were they?


The sophomores had a hamburger fry and dance, October 21 at Geneva Klokkenga's home. The hamburgers tasted very good although the sponsors had to fry them in the house. I'm sure everyone thought they tasted good especially that sophomore who ate 7 of them. the rest of the evening was spent dancing and drinking cider by some of the boys. Boys why didn't you pass it around? It seems that the most popular boy was Jimmy Kirchner. Everyone had a very enjoyable evening, even Johnny Myers, who cracked his head on the ceiling, but he said that it didn't hurt the ceiling.


Class             Days Absent             Times Tardy            Rating
Freshmen              2 1/2                       0                         99.5%
Sophomore            9                            2                          98.9%
Senior                   15 1/2                     3                         97.37%
Junior                   26                           0                         97.  %
The school rating was 98%.

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The Junior's [sic] will present their play November 17 and 18 in the High School Gym. The play will start at 8:00 p.m. and the admission is 35 [cents]  and 50 [cents].

The Middleton family consists of Myra, the widowed mother, Marily Klokkenga; Elinor, her oldest daughter, Marianna Grussing; Gladys, the middle daughter, Mary Jean Reiners; Teddy, the youngest daughter, Betty Gail Shirley; Johnny, the oldest son, Billy Cross; and Allan, the youngest son, Wayne Zimmer.

The others in the cast are: Edwin Westrate, Glady's new husband, Jack Detjen; Merle Potter, Elinor's husband, Norman Hellman; Bobby Haines, Teddy's boyfriend, Bob Brosamer; Mary Marvin, the Salvation Army girl, Peggy Brosamer; Enid Oakley, Glady's best friend, Ruth Leisman; Hector, the junk man, Dick Garnder; Cynthia Middleton, Myra's sister-in-law, Mary Wrage.


The Student Council met Thursday, October 27. It was put before the Council whether or not to take a bus to Springfield to hear the United State Marine Band, appearing there on November 3.

The Council decided to have a study room before school in the morning in the English room for those who wish to study.


The Pep Squad met Tuesday and was then organized. There were a number of girls interested. They decided on white terrycloth sweaters with our school emblem and black skirts. They decided on orange and black beanie's.

Mr. Kirchner and Mr. Finchum are assisting us.


The cheerleaders of H-E- High are planning a pep party November 8. There will be a king and queen, cake walk, skits by all the classes, and so forth. the public is invited. Admission 50 [cents].

[column one]


Ray Payne...          November 1
Mary Jean Reiners...   "           2
James Hoar...              "          4
Geneva Klokkenga...   "          8
James Meador...         "         17
Wayne Zimmer...        "         19
Betty Gail Shirley        "         21
Lu Ann Reiners            "        21
Gene Conrady            "         24
Gretchen Behrends     "         28
Dean McMath           "          28
Rhoda Ellsberry         "          30


We hear that Virginia L. got a telephone call from Texas. It must be love.

What's this we hear about Carol having Gene over for apple pie Sunday night. Tell us more.

Did Billy take Miss Berninger home after play practice? could it be that he wants an A?

Well, James H., did you finally catch up with that certain sophomore girl? Does she run that fast?

It seems the Wagners sure have a crush on the Shirleys. How about it Donald and Patty?

Why did Donald A. run into the telephone pole Saturday night?????? Know anything about it, Geneva?

What is this about the picnics in Speech Class. Wish we could all come.

We hear that Chuckie is pretty good at fixing things. How about it Wayne? Going into business?

Why did Flip get a burr? So the girls wouldn't like him? That surely couldn't be true.

Why the certain Senior boy's interest in San Jose? Those buicks are pretty roomy, aren't they.

Why is it that some boys are so lucky? First ???? and then candy bars.

We wonder why the Girl Scouts all wanted to work early Friday night? They needed their sleep and wanted to get home early. Ha! Ha!

Say, Loretta, don't you know there are telephone poles in San Jose, as well as in Emden?

[column two]

The publicity crew for the play seem to be looking forward to putting posters around. Especially in Delavan and San Jose.

We hear that the sophomores really have rough parties. How about it, Johnny?

A certain freshmen boy is getting popular with the Delavan girls. How do you do it, Don?

We hear that Miss Berninger gives dancing lesson sin English IV. How about it, Betty Gail?


Don H. in a hurry?

Anyone being hungry in Speech Class?

James Meador being quiet on the bus?

Billy C. with a "Toni"?

Anyone knowing where Shirley H. [?] is on Sunday nights?

Nip with a burr?

Anybody being quiet at play practice?

Miss Berninger giving EVERYBODY A's? (Correction- ANYBODY).


Found: One eraser with the inscription "Lorenie." Owner please call for it.
Lost: Some paint off a black Haiser[?] near a bush in Emden.
Lost: Six seniors after Rubinoff concert.
Lost: Donald Wagner's class ring.


On October 17 the Letterman's Club was organized at H-E Hi. This club is exclusively for lettermen and numeral winners. The officers elected were: President, B. Gardner; Vice-president, Don Wagner; Recording Secretary, Keith Williams; Corresponding Secretary, Jackie Detjen; and Treasurer, John Meyers.

Meetings are every Tuesday in the school lounge. The purposes of this club are building better athletes and scholars.