Friday, March 27, 2015

Family Reading Night at the Grade School

by Megan Tapke

Family reading nights are when your child of that school is recommended to be there at a certain time, and that child will bring both mom or dad, maybe even just Mom or Dad.
That night as soon as they get there they will find a place on the floor to lay and you can bring blankets and pillows and most importantly your books to read with your family.

Later that night you are able to win prizes, they just shake your name up in a box and whosoever name comes out of there will win that prize that they are giving away! It’s so much fun to participate and your child of that school is more than welcomed to bring students from the high school if they’re related to you. Never a problem at all.

Family reading night will be March 19th 2015. Your child and family are more than welcome to come! Make sure to bring your camera and capture memories of your child reading and winning prizes!
It's  a night to remember and nothing better than spending time with your child and meeting their teachers or friends!