Thursday, March 5, 2015

Senior Night and Coaches vs Cancer

by Alexis Huffman

On Tuesday, February 17th, the high school boys basketball team faced off against Midwest Central on our senior night.
Junior varsity lost 27 to 51. Our head scorer was Alex Vetter who scored 17 points all together.
Varsity lost 60-62. We were ahead in the first 3 quarters but then started to fall behind. Our top scorer was senior Brody Hopkins who scored 24 points.
Before the varsity game started, we had our senior night. Max Boch, Brody Hopkins, Zach Bryan, and our pep band senior, Dustin Woolard were honored. There were no senior cheerleaders.
During halftime of the varsity game, we got to watch our Bitty Ball players play each other for about 5 minutes while the Coaches vs Cancer drawings were announced. Our very own principal Mr. Wisniewski won a set a women’s and men’s sunglasses.
Thanks to all the people who came out and showed your support for and senior night and Coaches vs Cancer.