Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lesser Known Presidents- Warren G. Harding

by Emma Moats
Feburary 22, 2016

During school last week I took multiple surveys about Warren G Harding, our 29th President. A few of the question that I asked in my surveys were things like, “Did you know who he was?”, “Have you heard about him before?”, “Do you know the length of the term that he served or the year that he served said term?”, “If you remember learning about him, what did you think about him? Was he a good president? Did he get things accomplished?”. Many of these questions seemed to go unanswered. I got some good educated answers about the questions that involved guessing a number. I surveyed 10 people from the high school and 3 of them guessed the length of his term and the year that he served. Other students claimed that they knew about him very well, but didn’t answer the questions so their knowledge was questionable. Overall it was a fun survey that I conducted, I would recommend doing them!