Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Toilets and Transexuals

by Nathan Nowatney

February 19, 2016

Recently, schools in the US have had to face an unexpected and controversial issue. Transgender bathroom rights. So… to follow up on South Dakota banning transexuals from using bathrooms they feel comfortable in at school, I wondered what people from our school thought. Here are answers from a few interviews I collected from both teachers and students.

You might be surprised by what you read.

Do you think transgender people should be allowed in your bathroom?

“In my opinion if they have lady parts, like they can or whatever… but I can see where it could be controversial to let them into women’s bathroom if they had a [Expletive Removed], because people could abuse that.”

“I mean… If they feel like it’s right, then yeah, as long as they do their normal stuff. It’s just like a guy’s and girl’s  bathroom. Those are everywhere.”


“Don’t really bother me.”



Do you think other people would have a problem with it?

“Yeah. Just solely because our world can’t accept anything, basically.”

“For sure...”

“ I think some people would have a problem with it, but they shouldn’t.”

“I’m sure there are. Narrow minded.”



Do you think transgender people should get their own bathroom?

“I think that would be like super weird, and segregation almost, they’re still just people.”

“I think it’d cause less chaos.”


“Well, that’s the debate. They’re saying that schools should have ehh… same sex bathrooms or whatever. I think in the future, that’s what you’ll probably start seeing.”