Friday, March 11, 2016

Pack the place night!!

by Emma Moats
Feb. 11, 2016

Friday the 5th of February we had our high school basketball homecoming game. The entire week was filled with fun activities and dress up days that the student body participated in. The homecoming game was at 6:00 at Hartem High School. Excited to see everyone there and cheering on our basketball team, the school decided that as long as students were wearing school colors, they wouldn’t have to pay admissions to get into the game that night.  The final score was HE 60- IB 75. That brings the high school basketball season record to 6-18. They have 4 regular season games left and regionals just 2 weeks away.  Coach Garber believes that “We just need to start executing a little better. We have all the pieces to beat any team but we  just have to put them together now.”