Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hartem Students BMX

by Kaitlyn Perschall
Nov. 18, 2016

BMX is a sport that two kids in our school do. The students that race are Robby Perschall and William Newby. Robby is in 4th grade and William is in 8th. Robby’s home track is in Farmer's City and William's is in Springfield.

BMX was founded in southern California in the 1970’s. It all started because some kids were riding their bikes around a vacant lot in 1972. The kids were trying to imitate their motorcycle racing idols so they created a sport of their own. Kids all around the country could have been doing the same thing. It used to be called pedal-cross but then got changed to bicycle motocross (BMX). It only took one summer for kids to discover BMX.

Girls and boys of all ages do this sports. If you aren't out there on the track racing and having fun, you can be waiting at the finish line for the one you were cheering on. It looks like it would be fun to race the bike.

BMX was put into the Olympics in 2008. The Olympics that year was in Beijing. In the Olympics the girls and the guys raced on different tracks because the girls had a shorter track than the guys did. The first guy to win was Latvia’s Maria Strindbergs and the girl that won was France’s Anne-Caroline Chausson.

If you think BMX sounds like a fun sport, you should try it. You could probably go out and watch Robby or William race one of these days when the season starts up again.