Friday, November 18, 2016

Excitement at the Agronomy Contest

by Ivy Merz
Nov. 18, 2016
On Wednesday, November 2nd, nine of our 108 kids from the FFA traveled to Williamsville to compete in a CDE Agronomy contest. There, Ashley Zinser, Jarrett Rohlfs, Kassy Eskew, Shyanne Conrady, Xavier Detmers, Hunter Buck, Abbie Hoerbert, Ivy Merz, and Sami Perschall, competed in a contest where they would judge hay, corn, soybeans, and oats.
The students as a team scored 664 points. The highest scorer on our Hartsburg-Emden team was Ivy Merz, with a total number of 227 points out of 500. Hunter Buck came in second place on our team with a total number of 220 points, then in third place came Kassy Eskew, with a total number of 217 points.
As some of the students were completing the first part of the contest, the wind outside started blowing a little faster and the dark gray clouds covered the sky and it began lightly raining. A few minutes later, one of the other agriculture teachers started screaming at the students to get out of the cafeteria. The students, confused, did nothing as the screaming teacher was running around very scared. The confused students and other agriculture teachers then moved into the hallway outside of the cafeteria. A lot of students were checking the weather on their phones and complaining about how the screaming teacher was “overreacting about a little storm.” The students were then moved again into the gymnasium with the soccer players who had to come inside to receive shelter from the rain and the girls basketball team.
The contest was resumed and students did their best to score highly for their school.
When the contests were finished and awards were given out, our school placed 6th, out of ten schools. Ashley Zinser got an award for being in the top 10 students to get the highest grades on their CDE test. Only a few students left with awards.