Monday, January 25, 2016

Students with Outside Jobs

by Adre Vetter
January 21, 2016

There are some students at Hartsburg-Emden that have outside jobs, such as Alyssa Bridge. Alyssa works at Kroger in Lincoln. She goes to school, plays sports, and she also has a job. I asked her what satisfaction she gets from having a job and she said,  “The joy of having your own money.” She plans on working at Kroger until she leaves for college. 

Emma Moats also has an outside job. She works at Steak n Shake in Lincoln. I also asked her what satisfaction she gets from working and she said, “I get to meet new people and I get away from things when I’m at work.”  

Alexis Huffman has a job also. She works at Taco Bell in Lincoln. “I meet a lot of my friends while working, and it made me more independent,” Alexis said.