Thursday, November 17, 2016

High School Scholastic Bowl Begins Season

by Alexus Buckles
Nov. 9, 2016

The high school scholastic bowl team has begun their practices and their first match is on January 12, 2017. Their practices are every Wednesday after school unless there is a early dismissal. So far there have been 13 students who said they would join the team which is much more than last year. Last year we ended the year with 7 students on the team.
I asked a couple of people why they joined scholastic bowl and this was their responses.
Kaitlyn Perschall said that she join scholastic bowl because it´s something to do and she hasn't done anything extracurricular in her whole high school career. Sierra Smith, a repeat team member from last year, said she joined scholastic bowl because she likes food and she also likes trivia. She added on to say that she thinks Mrs. Folkman is awesome. The students that join scholastic bowl seem to have a lot of fun even when itÅ› time to be serious. During the matches the questions can be hard but there are also some pretty obvious ones too.
Scholastic bowl is fun to join. You don't have to be smart to join the team. Join the team to have fun and learn during the process of it all. It´s not too late to join the team. Ask Mrs. Folkman if you have questions about joining or anything else about scholastic bowl.