Friday, November 4, 2016

Junior High Basketball

by Madison Farris
Nov. 3, 2016

The Hartem Junior High Basketball team kicked off their season at the Midwest Central tournament in Green Valley. The 7th and 8th teams played against Lincoln Junior High on Saturday, October 29th. The teams both lost 7th grade (8-49), and 8th grade (15-63)

The teams put in an enormous amount of effort. The teams played their second game of their season on Monday, October 31st against Midwest Central in the Midwest Central tournament. The teams both played very hard and tried their best. The 7th grade team lost (2-40) and the 8th grade team lost (36-40).

The 8th grade team consists of : Connor Zinser (8th), Brayden Rohlfs (8th), Alyvia Gannon (8th), Ben Miller (8th), Zachariah Griffieth (8th), Tyson Andrade (8th), Garrett Hopkins (7th), Blake Martin (7th), Zach Hamilton (7th), Alex Donaldson (7th), and Drew McAfee (7th).

The 7th grade team consists of : Garrett Hopkins (7th), Blake Martin (7th), Zach Hamilton (7th), Alex Donaldson (7th), Drew McAfee (7th), Mason Farris (6th), Wyatt Leinenbach (6th), Caine Fletcher (6th), Prescott Davis (6th), William Wisniewski (6th) and Bryson Anderson (6th).