Thursday, November 3, 2016

Senior Picture Trip

by Alexus Buckles
Nov. 1, 2016

The seniors took a trip to Kickapoo Park in Lincoln to take their senior class pictures. We all loaded into the minibus and started off going to eat lunch at El Mazatlan. We were there for about an hour and then went to the park. We started taking pictures on the big bridge, posing in all different kinds of ways. Some pictures being serious where others were funny. We walked along a muddy trail at the park to try and find some better places to take pictures. We ended up stopping along the trail when we found a bunch of tree/ tree branches that would took awesome for a background.
Once we took some pictures along that trail we headed back towards the bridge. We all had different groups in alphabetical order from our class that we had to take our trio pictures with. We all walked together and tried to find different places for each of our groups to take their pictures. We also took some more class pictures and separate girl and boy pictures. We took some picture of just the girls on the swings and then just the boys huddled up by the swings. Once we were done there we took some “walking away” picture then head down towards the American Flag pole and took some pictures there.
After that we had a trio group take picture on the Boy Scott bridge and then another group take some pictures down by the water, Once we finished all of our pictures we messed around for a bit then went to By the Bean where Mrs. Folkman offered to buy us all drinks for our good behavior. We came back to school after that. The day was pretty fun and I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves.