Sunday, November 29, 2015

High School Cheerleading

Kaylee Beekman

November 25, 2015

Hartem High School cheerleading has officially started as they make their debut at

tonight’s game in El Paso Gridley! The team consists of 10 cheerleaders. They are (seniors)

Erin Lessen, Lexi Strange, Adre Vetter; (juniors) Ashley Zinser, Hunter Langley, Maddie

Shawgo; (sophomores) Emme Olson, Talia Andrade, Shyanne Conrady; and (freshman) Lexi

Barry. The squad is under a new coach this year. It is Betty Jo Lessen who has the help of Cari

Rohlfs. Both coaches were cheerleaders in high school, active in the community and school

district, and are very excited about the upcoming season for the stags. When asked about how

they are adjusting to the coach, returning cheerleader, Emme Olson said, “I like the new

authority because they get to business, but also like to have a lot of fun.” New cheerleader and

the only freshman of the bunch, Lexi Barry said, “I like them a lot because I know them and they

are helping us to get better every day.” This season the cheerleaders are trying a lot of new

things. Emme Olson said that she is looking forward to doing the dances and the 8 counts this

year. Lexi Barry said that she is most excited about trying new stunts. Make sure you come out

to a game to help these cheerleaders cheer on your Hartem Stags!