Friday, November 13, 2015

Millikin Trip

by Nathan Nowatney
November 12, 2015

For a day, juniors and seniors can escape school and look into the future of college. I’m talking about none other than the Millikin visit on the 23rd.

Any junior or senior can attend- and see if Millikin is right for them.

I’ve personally been on this trip before, and I just have to say, I recommend it with all my heart. It’s very interesting and eye-opening.

You even get an all-you-can eat at lunch for a measly $4 (it’s to die for).

I wouldn’t miss this trip for the world and neither should you. Talk to Mrs. Folkman today!

By Kyle Johner
November 13, 2015
The English Composition class is  going on a field trip on 11/23/15 to Millikin University. Other students are allowed to join to tour Millikin University if they want, so they can see what classes are offered.