Friday, November 13, 2015

Thoughts on 2015 National FFA Convention

by Chris Huffman
November 11, 2013

  This year's National FFA convention was really fun and wasn't ever boring. I really enjoyed everything we did on the trip especially the tour of The University of Kentucky’s agriculture branch. We toured a farm of different animals and plants that they were testing on and doing many different labs on so they can see how they can improve the lives of the plants and animals. My personal favorite part of the trip was the drive there and home… You can learn a lot about kids on a bus ride like that! I enjoyed going to the concert the first night we were there and I also enjoyed having the chance to meet new people. We always went out and got good food, especially Logan's Roadhouse. The FFA Mall and Career Fair are always a good time. There are enough stores and booths to keep you busy for days! If you get bored at convention then you aren't doing anything right.
I really enjoyed the trip and would for sure love to go again. Even though it's not in Kentucky anymore, it will probably still be a great time!