Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Changes in the Science Department

By Hana McMullen

Maybe if you haven't heard, Miss Helton, our old Special Ed teacher, is now our new science teacher. Along with her new ways of teaching she has introduced all of her students with two very helpful apps. Google Classroom is an app that allows the teacher to post assignments, and the students to upload and send the assignments. It also tells what assignments you have left to do and the ones you already turned in. The other app Miss Helton asked us to download was Remind. This app lets the teacher send out reminders (hence the app is called Remind) and chats with the students about homework, tests, textbooks etc. With these two apps I could see the science classes running very smoothly. You have an advantage when having these for a class. No more getting a bad grade for forgetting about an assignment, and no more having to wait to ask a question.