Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Science Olympiad

by Nathan Nowatney

When someone thinks small-town extracurriculars, they usually only think about sports- but let’s try to change that mode of thinking! More and more scholastic extracurriculars are coming to old HE!

Introducing The Science Olympiad! The Science Olympiad is an inter-scholastic competitive contest where teams of two or three students construct a device or formulate a plan to solve a certain problem or complete a test during their event. There’s about 20 different events!

So, if you (or your child), is interested in The Science Olympiad, contact Ms. Helton. You can contact her through e-mail: ehelton@hartem.org, or just call the school. Students can go to Ms. Helton, and ask her about it.

The Science Olympiad usually starts towards the spring, so get hyped!

Ms. Helton has thoroughly enjoyed The Science Olympiad in her youth, and she hopes she can share that experience with the students of today.

When asked if she thought HE stood a chance in the Science Olympiad, she had only this to say:

“HE continues to surprise me with the high-caliber of the students’ scholastaletes.”