Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Teachers aren't as cool as you think!

by Lexi Strange, September 11, 2015

I interviewed a couple teachers just to see exactly what they do after school. Things got very interesting. Come to find out Mr. Robinson tutors at Heartland on Tuesdays, while on Wednesday he's working on getting his Master's Degree. Robinson attends many sporting events contributing his time to announcing and helping coach junior high softball. He spends many late nights staying up and checking his fantasy sports and eating Twinkies. 

I also interviewed  Mr. Muntz and asked him what he did after school. On a typical day he leaves the school about 3:14 to head to the baseball field to practice with the junior high baseball team. After practice Muntz drives home changes clothes and heads to the gym, where he gets swole. After many long hours at the gym, he goes home and makes his favorite meal for himself: buffalo chicken tacos and ends his night with Netflix. But before he can call it a night he has very long conversations with his girlfriend before he finally goes to sleep. 

Glad I could interview the two most boring teachers!