Monday, December 7, 2015


by Nathan Nowatney
December 2, 2015

Two-thousand and sixteen. The words ring around in my head as I try comprehending how close the year is from being over. So… after this semester is over what now? What do you do in a fresh new year? Well, here’s my top-5 list of how to start 2nd semester off right.

5: Forgive past feuds.

New years are a great way to resolve things, and old grudges are great for that. Whether it be with a family member you haven’t talked to for ages, or a friend who you no longer consider, give it a try. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to have that lifted from you.

4: Clean out your locker.

This may sounds simple, but really- it’s pretty vital. A new semester is a clean slate, and your locker should reflect that. The day before break, just bringing a trash can over, and scooping junk out of your locker during a study hall can get your personal storage space in great condition for next year.

3: Read.

No, but really. Read. Reading’s super good for you, so while you’re on break, find something you like, and make sure to read every single day- you’ll retain more of what you learned this semester.

(Hard mode: It’s even better if you write every day, too.)

2: Think positively.

Instead of thinking of 2nd semester as ‘a whole ‘nother half of the school year’, think of it as the school year being half over. It only goes downhill from here.

1: Start strong.

If there’s any time you should try your hardest during school, it’s the first week or so of a semester- remember, the grades reset. So, you’ll have a fresh start. Make the most of it. I know I’ll be pounding out assignments the first two weeks. After that, you can just ride out the rest of the semester at ease, knowing you’ve made a safety net for yourself.

Anyways, that’s it folks, have a wonderful day, and be prepared for 2016!