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Stag-lite Archives-- January 18, 1950

[page 2, Column 1]

Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII January 18, 1950 No. 7
Editor... Marian Bruns
Managing Editor... Verna menssen
Make-up Editor... Kay Behrends
Proof Readers... Marilyn Klokkenga
                         Mary Ann Klokkenga
Sports Writers... Dean McMath
                           Dean Davison
Feature Writer... Betty Gail Shirley
Gossip Writers... Mary Detmers
                          Luella Mammen
                         Mary Jean Reiners
Reporters... Janet Kaesebeir, James
                   Hoar, Marguertie Bruns,
                   Myrna Williams, Betty
                   Laun, Barbara Behrends,
                   Janet Klopp, Geneva
                   Klokkenga, Dean McMath,
                   Donald Aper
Circulation Department... Jim Rohlfs
                                       Jack Detjen
Typists... Betty Manus,
              Kay Behrends, Lois Klokkenga,
              Alberta Bergman, Verna Menssen
Artists... Charline Cross,
              Loretta Fink
Ditto Operators... Verna Menssen,
                            Lois Klokkenga
Faculty Advisor... Mrs. West

The High School will present the operetta "The Glass Slipper" on March 30 and 31.

The cast includes Geneva Klokkenga, Wayne Lolling, Betty Manus,  Dean McMath, Marianna Grussing, Harold Jeckel, Shirley Van Hilsen, Jackie Detjen, Kay Behrends, and Harry Thompson.

The chorus consists of 16 girls and 16 boys. The 16 girls in the chorus are as follows: Mary Reiners, Mary Wrage, Ruth Ellen Harms, Janet Kaesebier, Janet Whittaker, pat Zieglowsky, Peggy Brosamer, Loretta Fink, Lois Klokkenga, Ruthie Liesman, Alberta Bergman, Alrene Bergold, Marian Bruns, Marilyn Klokkenga, Verna Mae Henssen, and Hazel Ann Rademaker.

[page 2, column 2]


Jeanette Aper is employed at Ey's Bakery. Marian Aper is working at the Hi-Ho Confectionery. Wayne Aper is an employee at Armour Creameries. Ramon Bruns is attending Lincoln College. Fred Detmers is working at Martin's Service Station. Alberta Luken is employed at the County Nurse's Office. Lloyd Hellman is working for the Fuller Seed Company. Donna Rae Harmsen is a student at Lincoln College. Bill Teaney  is an employee at the Caterpillar Tractor Co. Clara Bruner  is a switchboard operator at her home. Darlene Arnold is employed at Spellman's. Joanne Teaney is working at the Hotel Lincoln. Robert Singley is employed by the IC Railroad. Mary Lou Harms works at the Farm Bureau Office in Lincoln. Loretta Kaesebier is attending the U. of I. Mary Lou Krusemark is a [sic] also a student there. Lloyd Schneider is employed by the Caterpillar Tractor Company. Marolyn  and Carolyn Fink are working at Reiners Grocery Store. Gerald Sampen is a student at Normal University. Wayne Hoar is an employee for the Emden Grain Co. Shorty Bruns is employed at the Caterpillar Tractor Co. Those that are finding work at home very tedious are as follows: Eileen Eichelberger, Irene Westen, Betty Hamilton, Dean Shirley, Kenneth McMath, Phyllis Hellman, Don Klokkenga, Mary Ellen Bruns, and Leland Klokkenga.



Our new teacher is Mr. Duane Montgomery. He is from Macomb, Illinois. He was graduated from Western Illinois State College, at Macomb, in June 1949 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. he is living in an apartment at Mrs. Hutton's house. The subjects that he is teacher are: Biology, Physics, Geometry, General Science, and Algebra.

Beat Middletown

[page 3, column 1]

Hartsburg-Emden... 34
Beason...                 23

Hartsburg-Emden... 35
Elkhart...                 28

Hartsburg-Emden... 39
Stanford...               30

Hartsburg-Emden... 39
Kenny...                  12

Hartsburg-Emden... 38
Latham...                 34


Hartsburg-Emden... 50
Heyworth...             43

Hartsburg-Emden... 48
Toluca...                  44

Hartsburg-Emden... 32
Lexington...             70

Hartsburg-Emden... 45
Beason...                 33

Hartsburg-Emden... 36
Eklhart...                 49

Hartsburg-Emden... 46
Stanford...               54

Hartsburg-Emden... 47
Kenny...                  22

Hartsburg-Emden... 41
Latham...                 28


Some of the best rates for the Typing I class for a 5 minute test for the first semester are as follows:

Mary Wrage... 44
Winifred Thompson...43
Betty Shirley... 40
Janet Kaesebier... 42
Shirley Van Hilsen... 50
Marilyn Klokkenga... 42

In the Typing II class here are some of the achievements:
Three minute test:

[page 3, column 2]


Coach Finchum: 1st. Hartsburg-Emden
                          2nd. New Holland
                          3rd. Elkhart

Keith Williams: 1st. New Holland
                        2nd. Hartsburg-Emden
                        3rd. Atlanta

Bob Gardner: 1st. Hartsburg-Emden
                      2nd. New Holland
                      3rd. Atlanta

"Flip" Zimmer: 1st. New Holland
                       2nd. Hartsburg-Emden
                       3rd. Atlanta

Dick Gardner: 1st. New Holland
                       2nd. Hartsburg-Emden
                       3rd. Atlanta

James Hoar: 1st. Hartsburg-Emden
                    2nd. New Holland
                    3rd. Atlanta

Donald Wagner: 1st. New Holland
                           2nd. Hartsburg-Emden
                          3rd. Atlanta

Dick, Flip, and Keith say that the Stags have a good chance to win, even though they placed Hartsburg-Emden second.

We think that the morals [sic] of the team is [sic] very low and the spirit is not what it should be.

We are happy to know that Keith will be playing again after being out with a sprained ankle.

George Lolling says that Hartsburg-Emden will play New Holland in the finals, but the game will be a much better played game than the one at New Holland, but New Holland will win by a small margin.
[continued from column 1, page 3]

Marian Bruns...86
Verna Mae Menssen...83
Ten Minute Test:
Marian Bruns... 60
Kay Behrends... 63.58
Loretta Fink... 58.1
Dale Klockenga...51
Verna Mae Menssen... 55.9

[page 4, column 1]


The Seniors have begun working on the annual yearbook of the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School. It will be a different type of yearbook than the previous ones. They have already collected $136 from advertising. If anyone wants to give them an "ad" they should get in contact with any member of the senior class.


Editor... Loretta Fink
Assistant Editor... Kay Behrends
Art Editor... Gene Conrady
Photo Editor... Betty Manus
Business Manager... Donald Wagner
Assistant Manager... Harry Thompson
School Calendar... Dean Davison
                             Harold Jeckel
Sports Editor... Bob Gardner
Music... John Bergman
             Donald Johnson
Activities... Elizabeth Aper
                  Evelyn Lessen
Freshman Reporters... Marguerite Bruns
                                   Joe Behrends
Sophomore Reporters... Charline Cross
                                      Dale Clockenga
Junior Reporter-- Betty Gail Shirley
Senior Reporter--- Lois Klokkenga
Typists: Marian Bruns, Alberta Bergman,
             and Verna Mae Menssen.

4-H Meeting

The "Tri-Township" 4H Club held its regular meeting Wednesday, Jan. 4. The meeting was called to order by the Vice-President Dale Klockenga. After the minutes of the previous meeting was read, Mr. Burgener passed out the new 4H books to the members who turned in membership cards.

The meeting was then turned over to Don Johnson, the program chairman. Talks were given by Ralph Newby, Norman Hellman, Joe West, and Don Johnson. The meeting was then closed by the pledge to the flag. After the close of the meeting basketball was played in the gym.

[page 4, column 2]

Attendance Record
                    Absent       Tardy          %
Freshman:           4            0            98.8%
Sophomore:      19            0            97.7%
Junior:              23 1/2       2            97.3%
Senior:                9            3           98.[?]%
School Average:                            98.0%

Perfect Attendance for the Semester


Joan Aper
Gretchen Behrends
Harry Bill Haferkamp
Sherry Holmes
Carol Klokkenga
Janet Whittaker


Barbara Behrends
Robert Briggs
Walter Harmsen
Janet Klopp
Betty Laun
Virginia Lessen
Dean McMath
John Myers
Kenneth Sampsen
Geneva Schleder
Myrna Williams
Patricia Zieglowsky


Darrell Klockenga
Mary Ann Klockenga
Marjorie Lessen
Ruth Liesman
Eldon Oltmanns
Hazel Ann Rademaker
Betty Gail Shirley


Kay Behrends
Dale Klockenga
Betty Manus
Verna Mae Menssen

The attendance has been exceptionally good up to the present date. We hope it will not diminish during the next semester.

[page 5 column 1]


That a certain girl on the Emden bus always wants to sit in the front seat. Is it because of the bus driver or Bob G.?

That Arlene and John pick Main Street for their ____________?

That a certain freshman girl can't make up her mind between upper classmen? What about it Janet?

That Billy never pays attention in Bookkeeping. How about it Shirley?

That Bob Gardner couldn't get his car started at Alberta's the other night?

That Harold Jeckel insists upon going to the show on Sunday nights alone?

That Janet W. likes to turn corners too fast in Kenneth's HUdson?

That Dickie F. is always going into the English room? (Want an A, Dickie?)


Say Winifred, what is this we hear about you and Ralph Newby sitting on the bus together?

There is a certain sophomore girl that wants to go with Dea McMath. Know anything about it, Lyrna?

How do the sophomore girls like the new Biology teacher?

The Big Question? Does Kenneth prefer "Chuckie" to Janet?

We hear that Miss Berninger has been telling English III she has never been on a honeymoon. What about it Miss B.?

The junior class has two good??? businessmen. How about it Bill and Lorney?

What do Donald and Betty Gail do on Saturday nights? Are those Bradley games interesting?

We wonder why two senior boys had to settle an argument with boxing gloves.

We wonder how Marian and Kay managed to be so quiet in English.

We wonder why Joe West said to his mother, "Mom, is Mrs. West there?"


Win Logan County Tournament

[page 5 column 2]


Joe Behrends:

Born-- October 28, 1932, at Hartsburg, Illinois
Favorite Actress-- Gloria DeHaven
Favorite Actor-- Dan Dailey
Favorite Book-- GONE WITH THE WIND
Favorite Movie-- Give My Regards to Broadway
Favorite Pastime--- Girls
Favorite Hobby-- Girls
Favorite Song "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."
Favorite Food-- Chicken
Ambition-- Educated Tramp

Alberta Bergman

Born-- January 30, 1933, at Hartsburg, Illinois
Favorite Actress-- June Allyson
Favorite Actor-- Dan Dailey
Favorite Book-- GOOD EARTH
Favorite Movie-- Roseanna McCoy
Favorite Pastime-- Reading
Favorite Hobby--???
Favorite Song-- "Someday"
Favorite Food-- Cheery Pie Alamode
Ambition-- House Wife (I guess)

Can You Imagine

Can you imagine all of the students getting an A on their semester tests.

Can yous imagine Junior girls[?] not wearing their purple sweater's on the same day.

Can you imagine the seniors all being able to attend a class meeting at the same time.

Can you imagine Arlene being out with John Bergman 10 nights in a row.

Can you imagine Loretta Fink not wanting to accept an A in typing. (Maybe it's because she wants to keep her straight B average.)

Can you imagine a certain senior betting $100 that he missed no more than three questions in American History.

[page six, column one]


Everyone is busy practicing for the music contests for this coming spring.

Of course as yet we don't know who will take part in it but they are all trying.

Those busy practicing for instrumental selections are: Alberta Bergman, Arlene Bergold, Marian Bruns, Jack Detjen, Mary Detmers, Loretta Fink, Janet Kaesebier, Hazel Rademaker, Marilyn Klokkenga, Betty Gail Shirley, Marjorie Lessen, and Shirley Van Hilsen.

Vocal: Kay Behrends, Marianna Grussing, Harold Jeckel, Shirley Van Hilsen, Geneva Klokkenga, Betty Manus, and Charline Cross.

Cornet Trio: Marjorie Lessen, Marilyn Klokkenga, and Ruth Klokkenga.

Clarinet Trio: Janet Kaesebier, Betty Shirley, and Mary A. Klokkenga.

Girls Sextet, Girls Trio, Girls Chorus, and Boys Chorus.


Wednesday, January 25

       New Holland vs. Latham
       Hartsburg-Emden vs. Middletown

       Elkhart vs. Beason

Thursday, January 26

       Winner Game 1 vs. Atlanta

        Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

Saturday, January 28





[page 6, column 2]


Freshmen-- Honors

Carol Klokkenga
Arlene Bergold
Joan Aper

Sophomores-- Honors

Barbara Behrends
Robert Briggs
Charline Cross
James Hoar
Kenneth Sampen
James Rohlfs

Juniors-- High Honor

Betty Gail Shirley


Bob Brosamer
Jack Detjen
Marianna Grussing
Mary Jean Reiners
Shirley Van Hilsen
Mary Wrage

Seniors-- High Honors

Marian Bruns
Don Johnson


Kay Behrends
Dale Klockenga
Betty Manus

To have High Honors the student must have 4 A's.


Freshmen-- High Honors
              Arlene Bergold
              Joan Aper
Sophomore-- Honors
                Barbara Behrends
                Charline Cross
                James Hoar
                Kenneth Sampen
Junior-- High Honors
                Betty Gail Shirley
                Mary Wrage
              Robert Brosamer
              Jack Detjen
              Marianna Grussing
              Mary Ann Klokkenga
              Shirley Van Hilsen
Senior-- High Honors
              Marian Bruns
              Don Johnson
              Kay Behrends
              Dale Klockenga
              Betty Manus