Monday, December 14, 2015


By Lexi Strange
December 7, 2015

Last Wednesday, I woke up like any other day. I slept through my alarm and scurried around the house trying to get ready for school and leave just in time. I drove to school on a cloudy day. As I arrived to school and reported to my first hour journalism class, we started class like any other day with a traditional mini lesson. At about 8:45a.m. our superintendent Mr. Wisniewski came over the announcements reading that we were currently on lockdown and no one was allowed to leave. As I heard this I thought to myself,  "Well this is strange. We've never done this before." As I continued to work I kept trying to draw conclusions on what might be happening. We sat in our classrooms for about an hour and thirty minutes until our principal Mr. Leslie came to the room and told us what had occurred. There was a threat made to our school through a downloaded program which was then posted on our school website. It was posted at 4:22a.m. As the cops of course came, they traced the message to the Netherlands. As I take in all this information I'm utterly confused with someone's conduct. As the conversation persisted throughout the day, we knew nothing more. If anybody has any information on this, or may know something please contact the Hartem High School at 642-5244.