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Stag-lite Archives-- February 2, 1950

Yea! Stags! Rah!
By "Chuckie" Cross

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Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII February 1, 1950 No. 8



Hartsburg-Emden showed the fans at the tournament that they were a real tournament team by tripping Elkhart in a last second thriller. The Stags played one of the classiest floor games up to that point in the tournament.

At the end of the first quarter H-E led 11-6; at the half-time, 17-6; at the three-quarter mark H-E led 24-21. Late in the fourth quarter Eklhart held their only lead and it took the Stags 3 minutes to make it a 30-30 tie.About this time Dick Gardner made a field goal from an impossible angle to boost the Stags into a 2 point lead. With 50 seconds to play H-E made a free throw good and Williams then connected and made it a 5 points margin. Hanner then made 2 points via free throws in the last 20 seconds to narrow this margin to 3 points.

Williams tallied 15 points; Wagner, 10; B. Gardner, 5; D. Gardner, 2; Lolling, 2.

Hanner tallied 15 points; Hahn, 6; V. Dennison, 7; and, Dee 4 points for the Redbirds.

Coach Finchum figured that if they could hold Hahn and Hanner to a total of 20 points that they could beat Elkhart. Therefore, he put Wagner and Zimmer vs. Hanner; B. Gardner and Williams vs. Hahn. His plan worked.



Friday, January 20

The Stags won a hard-fought battle with Middletown. Keith W. was high-point man for the evening with 15. Zimmer scored 14; B. Gardner, 12; Wagner, 4; Rohlfs, 2; and, D. Gardner, 1. [continued on column 2]

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H-E had little trouble in trouncing the Atlanta Redwings at Atlanta Tuesday night 52-32.

B. Gardner led the scoring with 13 points. D. Gardner scored 1 point; Williams, 10; Zimmer, 9. Brossamer, Klockenga, and Behrends also played.

For Atlanta Kindred tallied 3 points; Quissenberry, 7; Johnson, 11; Cotten, 2; Swearingen, 7; and Canfield, 2.

The Reserves won their game 32-11. They allowed Atlanta 1 field goal.

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They made 14 of the 24 attempted free throws.

For Middletown Glenn and Hawk led the scoring attack with 11 each. Agnew closely followed with 10. Johnson garnered 7 points; Carter, 6.

They made 11 of the 24 free throws attempted.

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The Stags won the Championship trophy of the Logan County Tournament Saturday night for the second consecutive year.

The Stags played that game that a coach dreams about when they played their top game of the season to date in the Championship tilt of the Logan County Tournament. They defeated a team that had lost but two games in 19 starts and had earlier in the season swamped the Stags.

During the first quarter New Holland scored only 1 field goal for 2 points while the Stags tallied 12. By half time the Wildcats tallied only 2 field goals and 2 free throws while the Stags tallied a total of 20 points, leading 20-6.

During the last half H-E showed a somewhat better game than the Wildcats by scoring 24 points to 21 for the Cats. Going into the fourth quarter the Stags led 31-14 and at the final gun they held that all important margin of 17 points.

H-E hit 18 out of 23 charity tosses while New Holland cashed in on 7 out of 17.

Wagner scored first in the game and accounted for 6 of the H-E's points; 4 via the foul line.

The Stags fed Williams, their 6'1" center, so that he tallied 23 points. He made 3 of his 9 jump shots, one layup, and 4 charity tosses.

Zimmer tallied 2 field baskets and 5 free throws totaling 9.

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Bob Garnder connected with 1 field goal and 2 free throws, 4 points altogether.

The starting five were replaced late in the game by Hoar, Aper, Stuan, Lolling, and Sampen. Hoar tallied 2 points from the foul line.

It was, indeed, an inspired Stag squad that rolled to an impressive 44-27 victory. Its ball handling and control was superb. It would pass around the New Holland zone to pop one through from the corner or got one into Williams for a jump shot.

Berger was high point man for New Holland with 9 points. Blaum made 7 points; Hillder, 3; Gorden, 2 Beck, 1; and Juhl, 5.



The Stags won their first round game to defeat Middletown by 10 points, and thus advanced to the second round of the Logan County Tournament.

B. Gardner scored 6 points; D. Gardner, 4; Williams, 20; Wagner, 4; and Zimmer, 7.

The Stags tossed in 9 out of 14 free throws.

For Middletown, Hawk scored 12; Agnew, 4; Glenn, 7; Garter, 1; and, Johnson, 7.

They made 9 out of 19 attempts from the free thrown line.

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FAME to the boys for winning the Logan County Tournament.

SHAME on Miss Berninger for giving the Junior English Class a test every day.

SHAME on the Sophomores for not having a quiet class meeting.

SHAME on Mary Ann K. for losing her shoe in the Junior English Class.

SHAME on Patty W. for thinking her water was scortching in Home Ed.

FAME to the seniors who stayed on their feet at the ice skating party.

SHAME to the Juniors for wanting to take the candy out of the candy machine and sell it for a dime.

SHAME on Donald W. for not wanting to give one of his baby pictures to the Antler.

SHAME to that certain girl on the Emden bus who insists upon sitting by the heater even on hot days.

SHAME on the Sophomores for not having a quiet class meeting.

SHAME to the fans who booed when the Stags came on the floor.

FAME to Alberta, Marian, and Kay for staying awake the longest at he party. (5:15)

SHAME to Loretta and Verna Mae for going to bed so early. (3:00)

SHAME to Lois and Betty for getting in the way of Marian and her undertaker's carriage.


Why were there so many cases of hiccoughs at Albert'as slumber party Tuesday night?

The girls said they had a good lunch. Marian B. was privileged by having onion skin on her chilliburger sandwich.

Can you imagine Verna Mae being rocked to sleep in a doll cradle?

Bob Gardner was certainly in a big hurry to get home. We wonder why? It couldn't be that the girls threw him out the door.

Beat New Holland]

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Dean Davison... February 13
Harold Jeckel... February 15
Gene Aper...     February 16
Donald Wagner... February 19


The freshmen class attended the movie, "The Story of Seabiscuit" for their first party of the semester. After the show they stopped at Bee's for refreshments. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Montgomery accompanied them.


We're sorry we left James Rohls name off the semester honor roll.



1931-- First
1934-- Second
1935-- Second
1936-- First
1937-- Third
1939-- First
1940-- Second
1941-- Third
1942-- First
1943-- First
1944-- First
1945-- First
1946-- Third
1947-- Third
1948-- Third
1949-- First
1950-- First

Above are some statistics concerning the part that Hartsburg-Emden has played in the Logan County Tournaments during the past 20 years.



The National Polio Drive is now under way. Coin cards have been distributed to all students at the various schools.

The Hartsburg Auxiliary and Woman's Club are sponsoring a card party at the high school February 7. There will be prizes awarded, and there will be a cake walk.

In Emden there will be an amateur show sponsored by the Mother's Club at the Community House February 13. The Hartsburg-Emden High School will have four participants.