Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Coordinated Approach To Child Health

By Lexi Strange
December 9, 2015

There are 8 components that work interactively to educate young people about a healthier lifestyle. The eight components are health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, counseling and psychological services, healthy school environment, health promotion for staff, and family/community involvement. The CATCH program affects all 8 components. For about 20 years, the CATCH program has not only helped children in school learn about eating healthier diets and getting more physical activity, it's also encouraged many schools and parents to promote healthier environments for the children. Reaching almost 3.5 million students in nearly 7,000 schools nationwide. CATCH was the largest school based health promotion research study in the U.S. This program has done nothing more than promote a better way of life for young children, while showing parents, staff, and the school the ways to do so. The Hartsburg-Emden school is taking this into affect on January 13th, 2016. We will lead our students to a healthier life!