Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Things that changed over the summer with our school

by Alice Miller

There were a lot of changes over the summer like how we got new Wi-Fi all set up through the whole entire school which is pretty cool. Students even have access to it and wherever you go around the school you will have Wi-Fi. There are no dead spots.

Another change is we got cool Chrome Books which is pretty cool. I think everybody likes that because you can check your own Gmail. They also have their own little thing that they can go in and charge. But you'll find that sometimes you'll get a dead one because not everyone charges them.

We have four new teachers for Hartsburg and one in Emden. One of the teacher's names is Mr. Muntz and he is the new social studies teacher because Mr. Michalsen retired. Then you have Ms. Fanning and hse is our new FFA teacher. Before her it was Mrs. Pech. She was a cool teacher who retired, too. Then we have Mr. Snyder and he is the new band/ choir teacher and he also does IVS. Then we also have a new 6th grade teacher and her name is Mrs. Hartman and she does some 7th grade classes, too. Then the one in Emden is named Mr. McNeil and he is the 5th grade teacher.

Another change we have is that we couldn't find a Spanish teacher so they had to find a way for us to learn Spanish which they did. They found this cool school online called IVS (Illinois Virtual School) and it can teach you a lot of cool languages. Like you don't only learn Spanish, you can learn French or German. You take all the homework, quizzes, and tests online.