Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meet the Stags

by Alexis Huffman

On November 14, 2014, we had Meet the Stags. Meet the Stags, as most of us know, is the night that we introduce the high school basketball team and then the pep band plays a couple songs while the boys get ready. Once the pep band is done and the boys are ready, we have a game where the team is split in two. It gives us a chance to see our future talent this year and what we need to work on.  After all the introductions we have another game with the alumni and the recently graduated. Mr. Z and Mr. Robinson made a bet on who was going to win the game. Mr.Robinson had the alumni and Mr. Z had the recently graduated. The alumni didn’t have a coach, but the graduates thought that they needed one. They chose Max as their coach. Needlessly to say, Mr. Robinson won the bet. The alumni took the win easily.

Meet the Stags is generally just the time to introduce and meet the team, but we had a little change up this year. The girls’ volleyball team was going to state, so we invited them on the floor to wish them good luck.