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September 30, 1949- Staglite Archives

Hartsburg, Illinois September 30, 1949
(column one)
We have three new teachers this year. They are Mrs. White, Miss Berninger and Mrs. West.

Mrs. White's home town in Hale, Missouri. She taught in grade school before.This is her first year at high school. She graduated from Northeast Missouri State Teacher's College. She also said she liked our high school much better than the one that she attended.

Mrs. West is from Hartsburg. She has been teaching for fifteen years. Eight years in grade school and seven years in high school. She graduated from Iowa State Teacher's College. This summer Mrs. West took a fishing trip to Wisconsin and also visited in Iowa.

Miss Berninger is from Mattoon, Illinois. She graduated from Eastern Illinois State College at Charleston. This year is her very first teaching experience.

Mrs. Brown, who taught three years here at Hartsburg, moved into her new home this summer. She is extra busy this year helping the boys class. "But", she says, "I really do enjoy the class."

Mr. Bergener has taught two and one half years at Hartsburg. He went to two ball games in St. Louis. He also went fishing in Wisconsin but reports little luck.

Coach Finchum has been here two years. He had charge of the athletic program at Easy Bay Bible Camp during the summer. He also worked at the Logan County Fair.

(column two)


An all school election was held September 7. The following officers were elected:

President- Marguerite Bruns
Vice-President- Gretchen Behrends
Secretary- Eldon Hildebrandt
Treasurer- Bill Huferkamp
Class Sponsors- Mr. Weldon Ryan, Mrs. Wilma(?) White

President- Donald Aper
Vice-President- Dean McMath
Secretary- Geneva(?) Klokkenga (?)
Treasurer- Charline Cross
Class Sponsors- Mr. Alan Kirchner, Mrs. Grace West

President- Mary Ann Klokkenga
Vice-President Loren Westen
Secretary- Luella Mammen
Treasurer- Marilyn Klokkenga
Class Sponsors- Mr. Fred Finchum, Miss Sara Nelle Beringer

President- Robert Gardner
Vice-President- Donald Wagner
Secretary- Betty Manus
Treasurer- Lois Klokkenga
Class Sponsors- Mr. Warren Burgener, Mrs. Virginia Brown
School Reporter- Loretta Fink

(seems to be continued from article in column one)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirchner became the proud parents of a baby boy this summer.

Mr. Ryan, our Principal, went to Wisconsin for his vacation. He attended several ball games.

(column one)
Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII September 30, 1949 No. 1

Editor- Marian Bruns
Managing Editor- Verna Menssen
Make-up Editor- Kay Behrends
Proof Readers- Ruth Liesman, Mary Wrage
Sports Writers- Bill Cross, Don Johnson
Feature Writer- Betty Gail Shirley
Gossip Writers- Marilyn Klokkenga, Shirley Van Hilsen, Hazel Ann Rademaker
Reporters- Janet Kaesebeir, James Hoar, Marguerite Bruns, Myrna Williams, Betty Laun, Barbara Behrends, Janet Klopp, Geneva Klokkenga, Dean McMath, Donald Aper
Circulation Department- Jim Rohlfs, Jack Detjen
Typists- Betty Manus, Kay Behrends, Lois Klokkenga, Alberta Bergman, Verna Menssen
Artists- Charline Cross, Loretta Fink
Ditto Operators- Verna Menssen, Lois Klokkenga
Faculty Advisor- Mrs. West


On September 2 we held a meeting for the election of officers. Those elected were Harold Jeckel, President; Dale Klokkenga, Vice-President; Loren Westen, Secretary; Byron Behrends, Treasurer; Norman Hellman, Reporter; and, John Bergman, Sentinel.

No plans were made for the coming year.


Norma and Elmer Snyder of Hartsburg-Emden High School moved Monday, September 19 to Lincoln. They will attend Lincoln High School.

(column two)

"When can we take these out to read?" That's been a common question heard in the English room since those new books arrived. Now they're in the Study Hall and can be checked out.

There's a lot of good reading material in those books and naturally many people want to read them. But, if they're treated roughly (as most of us treat books) they'll soon resemble those ancient books in the library, which really aren't so ancient but have just received cruel treatment. And, you know that books with the cover torn off, pages missing, and a generally "run-down" look, just don't appeal to you. So, if you're the first one to check our a new book-- set a good example. Be kind to that literature; don't tear it, scribble in it, or throw it around-- but handle it gently and carefully.

Remember, those books have to last for quite a while so, please, "Handle with Care."


Last year at our last meeting we elected officers for our club. The following were elected:

President- Betty Gail Shirley
Vice-President- Marian Bruns
Secretary- Mary Wrage
Treasurer- Barbara Behrends
Reporter- Mary Ann Klokkenga

We have held one meeting this year. Initiation and program committees were made at this meeting. 

We expect to have more interesting club meetings than we have ever had before.


Mr. and Mrs. Ryan entertained the faculty and their families Thursday evening, September 1. It was a hamburger fry at Meyers timber.

(column one- Note- this page is very faded. Some guess work is being used.)

[headline indecipherable]
On Monday, September 19, the Juniors were excited about selecting their class rings and the Seniors were busy picking out their commencement (?) announcements and name cards. Mr. John J. Shiel(?) of the Herff-Jones Company displayed a large(?) selection of jewelry, announcements, and name cards.


The newspaper letters for last year's seniors have now arrived. Please call for your letters at the office.


The band officers(?) of the Hartsburg-Emden High School are as follows:

President- Alberta Bergman
Vice-President- Barbara Behrends
Secretary- Janet Kaesebeir
Treasurer- Shirley Van Hilsen

Due(?) to the fact that there were too many girls for the sextet, Mr. Kirchner decided to have a trio and a sextet.

In the trio we have two juniors and one senior. They are: Marianna Grossing, Kay Behrends, and Shirley Van Hilsen. Charline Cross is their accompanist.

The sextet chosen for the year is rather unique in that it has members from each class participating. They are as follows: Betty Manus, Lorretta Fink, Arline Harrold (Darlene Arnold?), Charline Cross, Geneva Klokkenga, and Janet Kaesebier. Their accompanist is Shirley Van Hilsen.


The Hartsburg-Emden Community Chorus(?) met Monday, September 26. They(?) are(?) planning another eventful year, such as they had last year. If anyone is interested in joining, they are more than welcome.

(column two)

On September 20, John Klockenga of Emden, showed pictures on his trip to Holland, at Hartsburg-Emden High School.

He proved to all the students that Holland is becoming modernized. Although most of the transportation is by bicycles, they have beautiful homes. They take great pride in their gardens. Mr. Klockenga told us their barns are "clean enough to eat in". They still have their canals, but the windmills are for tourists to look at. They are not used. The storks on the housetops provided giggles for the girls, while Mr. Klockenga's cousin, who accompanied him on his trip brought whistles from the boys.

We found the pictures and talk quite enjoyable and educational. We appreciated it very much and all hope that he will return and show us the rest of his collection of pictures.


The 4H club held its regular meeting last Thursday evening. The members all turned in their 4H books and it was decided at the meeting to have a party for the members and their parents. It was decided to hold it at Jake Aper's timber Friday night, September 30. Game and refreshment committees were elected.

(column one)

Hartsburg-Emden has had the breaks go the other way this year and thus far have lost five games.

Scores are as follows:

Delavan- 9
Hartsburg-Emden- 3

Latham- 10
Hartsburg-Emden- 8

Atlanta- 9
Hartsburg-Emden- 6

Beason- 8
Hartsburg-Emden- 7

Elkhart- 24
Hartsburg-Emden- 0

Those holding the highest batting averages are:

Bob Gardner- 571
Wayne Zimmer- 381
John Bergman- 333
James Hoar- 333

The following boys are our for baseball:

Lolling- CF
Sampen- C- LF
W. Zimmer- P- CF
Gardner- SS
Bergman- RF
Hoar- P- Inf
Rohlfs- 1B
Brosamer- 3B
Cross- OF
Detjen- 2B- P
Rankin- C
D. Wagner- 2B- P
D. Zimmer- OF-P
Johnson- OF
Aper- P- 1B
Jeckel- C
Hildebrandt- OF
Williams- P
Eeten- OF
McMath- OF
Myers- OF
Reiners- Inf

(column two)


The Senior Class enjoyed a wiener roast and a hayrack ride Tuesday night. After arriving at the timber we played Lost Trail. And I think some of us really did get lost. It must have been pretty exciting, because someone almost fainted. How about it, Alberta? I guess Mr. Burgener and Mrs. Brown thought someone was getting murdered from all the screams they heard. We had a swell times. We all arrived home around 10:30-- just about all the way around.


The Juniors enjoyed a roller skating party Monday evening at the Lincoln Roller Rink.

Approximately 20 students attended the party with their sponsor, Miss Berninger. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan were also present the latter part of the evening. They [sic] Juniors skated from 7:30 until 10:00. After the party was over we hear the Juniors went STRAIGHT home. they reported a very enjoyable evening.


The Girls Glee Club is divided into two groups. The freshmen and sophomore constitute one group. The accompanist for the freshman-sophomore group is Janet Whittaker with Janet Klopp as her assistant. Arlene Bergold is the accompanist for the Juniors and Seniors. The girls meet on Monday and Wednesday.

The Boys Glee Club meets on Thursday. Their Accompanist is Janet Kaesebier.


Just a reminder to all girls interested in being a cheerleader. Tryouts willbbe [sic] the second week in October. Coach Finchum's present plan is to choose three girls for the Frosh-Soph team, and four girls for the Varsity.
(column one)


Why is it that Nelda is the topic of conversation on Mr. Krusemark's bus? Know anything about it, Don(?) J.

What's this we heard about Dickie and his girl from Armington? What do you know about it, Kay?

We wonder why certain Emden girls are always going to Delavan. What is the big attraction?

How about a ride in your new Cadillac, Miss Berninger? What color is it?

What's this we hear about Verna Mae bringing her pet grasshopper to American History Class?

Loretta F. tells us the World Series is going to be played in-- a ball park. Really?

We wonder why the Juniors are so anxious(?) to get their class rings. Any prospects?

Why is it that certain Emden boys are always coming to Hartsburg??? Girls or slot machines?

What's this we hear about Gene and Carol? Another one of those secret romances?

Donnie, isn't one girl enough for one night? Don't you know that is two-timing?

What is it that some of the Senior girls see in the Junior boys? Probably what all the boys see in the San Jose girls. What is it????

What is this we hear about Shirley having a "new one?" Tell us more.

We hear that Mrs. Brown is pretty good at nailing down quarterounds. (?) If anyone needs any help, just let her know.

(column two)

What is this we hear about Mr. Bergener wanting venetian blinds on the Ag. windows during the girls physical Ed. period. Surely Ag is more interesting than girls.

Why is it that the Junior boys are so sure of themselves?? Or any boys for that matter!!!


English III without a class meeting?

Donnie J. not running to catch the bus?

The sextet and trio getting together for practice?

Dale K. and Dean D. not listening in on private conversations!

Dean D., Rhoda B. and Dickie playing hide-and-go-seek in speech class?

Kenneth Sampen driving slow?

The kids on the Emden bus being quiet at railroad crossings?

Mary Joan without Jackie?

Dickie G. without Norman and Loren?

Dean Daison reading poetry in Engligh without makin (cut off)

Goldie Aper
Shirley Van Hil (cut off)
Donald Johnson
Peggy Bronomer(?) [Brosmer?]
"Susie" Brosaomer(?) [Brosmer?]
Billy Klokkenga
Barbara Behrends
Kenneth Sampen