Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pep Band

by Alexis Huffman

The pep band this year doesn't have many people, but we make it work. We have 2 seniors: Dustin Wollard and Josiah Gass; 1 junior: Alexis Huffman; 6 eighth graders: Megan Benner, Sierra Smith, Austin Hayes, Anna Hayes, Lexi Barry, and Dylan Duvall. And we have a graduated senior from last year: Alicia Clark.

We have a few changes this year. Instead of just playing before the game, we are also going to play during the game. The songs we will be playing during the game are just little snippets of real songs that we will play whenever we make a basket or something like that.

We practice every week on Thursdays and Fridays. We try to play the songs we remotely know first so that we can get better at them. The younger people of the group have trouble sometimes keeping up with us older ones because we know the music and they don't. We know where all of the changes are and even have some of the music memorized. And in the song "Fight for Old HE," we know how fast it needs to go and the extra notes that fall in. The younger ones don't and neither did Mr. Snyder, so Dustin and I played it for him and showed him how it went.

I don't know about the rest of the kids in pep band, but I'm excited for playing before and during the game. i think it will be fun to play our instruments instead of screaming whenever we make a basket or get a good call.