Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Color Orange

by Alexis Huffman- 11.17.14            

Our school colors are orange and black. Today I would like to talk about what orange represents and how it represents our school.
            Fascination- As you can tell we are fascinated by just about everything. We are fascinated with words like kern, diabetes, and ebola. In Mr. Muntz’ class we are fascinated by his juice, (we call it Muntz juice), and all it is, is a mixture of water and a flavor of his choice. In Miss. Fanning’s class, we are fascinated by our dwarf bunnies. We only have two but we still fight over them. One in particular that we like is Hemmy. She is a white dwarf bunny with red eyes who likes a nibble on everything and takes your pens and pencils if you hold them too close to her mouth. We did learn our lesson when we set her on the table while we took notes, because when some of us take notes we lean down on the table, and if you get to close, she’ll bite your nose or nibble on your hair.
            Happiness- Everyone at this school is almost always in a good mood.  We fool around and make jokes with the teachers, and if you’re ever not happy, someone will cheer you up. It’s like we strive to make people laugh and feel included, which is as good thing. It means that we look out for each other. I think that we are more of a great big family. Almost everyone is related somehow anyway.
            Creativity- We have tons of creativity in our school. Not only with the artists, we have people that can create amazing things on the computer, or who go all out on a project. And have you noticed on dress up days, (Let’s go with orange and black day) that we could just wear an orange or black t-shirt and jeans? But instead we get creative and wear orange wigs, duct taped shoes, paint on our faces and wear crazy handmade skirts to put over our jeans or leggings.
            Determination- In a lot of things we do, we are determined to do our best, especially in sports. When we have assemblies that involve each class participating in games, those classes pick the best people who will do their best for each game because they want to win; they are determined to win. But sometimes in the end, it’s the people you didn’t expect that win.
            Success- At this school, volleyball is the thing that we mainly succeed at. But we do well in other things like livestock judging, trap shooting, scholastic bowl, and other things. Even in P.E. someone always wins (or it ends in a tie). It seems sometimes that we try harder in P.E. than we do anything else.
            Encouragement- we are all encouraged to do our best. Some of us struggle with that. But everyone at this school at some point has encouraged someone to be better or to do something for their own benefit.

            We have people who help others with their homework so that they won’t cheat. Sometimes you have to start out small by showing them what page something is on, but eventually they will learn to do it on their own and hopefully not cheat.