Thursday, December 4, 2014

Volleyball State- Semi-finals

By Alexis Huffman- 11.17.14

On November 14, the Lady Stags went into the final 4 at Redbird Arena. They had to face the Woodlawn Cardinals to see who would go on to the final game for the first and second place trophy on Saturday the 15th.

The theme that the fans came up with for Friday’s game was Black Out- everyone was to wear black. They sat behind the volleyball girls for the first match and while they were practicing. They roared and cheered for them, trying to get them pumped up, and it worked. The girls began to smile and laugh while still staying serious with their task ahead.

During the game we expected to see the usual with coach, (putting hair up, getting up and down) but we didn’t.  She was calm through almost the whole game, always helping and correcting the girls, and letting them know when something wasn’t their fault.