Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Volleyball Homecoming Week

by Alexis Huffman

What did people think of the dress-up days?

Some people liked them, but others had their own opinion. The days were Nerd Day, Jersey Day, Music Genre Day, Pirate Day, and Orange and Black Day.

Everyone seemed to really love Nerd Day. Some didn't go as all out as others, but they still had fun. The ones who did go all out mainly hiked their pants up, wore suspenders, nerdy glasses, and a bow tie.

Why did some people participate while others did not?

There are a few good reasons why people dressed up: 1) they had to, 2) they care about school spirit, or 3) PIZZA!

The rest who didn't care about the reasons did it for FUN.

What did they look forward to most of the Homecoming Week?

Some looked forward to the dance, even though most of the kids sat around talking.

We couldn't really look forward to the homecoming game because it was early in that week, so there wasn't as much build-up as usual.

The ones who like to be silly and stand out looked forward to all the dress-up days.

And the rest looked forward to the games on Friday during the assembly.

What did people expect different on Homecoming Week?

Some people weren't expecting Pirate Day because they didn't know what it had to do with volleyball or the stags, but they went all out and made it fun.

I think some of the others thought that the games would be more exciting and more messy, but they were still FUN and FUNNY!