Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Fair a Success

Oct. 11, 2016
by Alexus Buckles

Book fairs were always a positive influence for me as I was going up. They are a great if you love to read or just love books. This year's book fair, like every year, was held at the Emden grade school. Most prices are reasonable. You can usually get posters or they have some cool toys that are related to certain books. Most books that are made more for girls come with necklaces or bracelets.
I caught up with Mrs. Wilson to see how the book fair went this year. She feels like the book fair was a success, but it wasn’t as successful as previous years.  The book fair made over $1,000. There was nothing negative about the book fair. Mrs. Wilson thinks the book fair is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in our community to buy books. She says the elementary students love it.
Mrs. Wilson bought almost $300.00 worth of books for both the elementary and high school. She says she still has to process them and they will be out soon for students to check out.  Book fairs are still very popular as of today even though our world is all about technology.
Mrs. Wilson also wants to give a thanks to the 5th grade class for helping setting up and tearing down the book fair. She is very thankful for their help.