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Staglite Archives- April 3, 1950

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Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. III April 3, 1950 No. 12



Shirley Van Hilsen of Hartsburg-Emden High School placed first on her tenor Saxophone in the district music contest at Lincoln, March 25. She will compete in the state music contest in Macomb late in April.

Those who placed in the II division are:

Medium voice; Betty Manus
                         Kay Behrends
Low voice: Harold Jeckel
Clarinet solo: Betty G. Shirley
Flute solo: Barbara Behrends
Saxophone solo: Loretta Fink
Cornet Trio: Marilyn Klokkenga
                     Ruth Klokkenga
                     Marjorie Lessen
Girls' Trio: Marianna Grussing
                   Kay Behrends
                   Shirley Van Grussing
Girls' Sextet: Geneva Klokkenga
                      Janet Kaesebier
                      Betty Manus
                      Loretta Fink
                      Charlene Cross
                      Arline Bergold
Those in division III are:
High voice: Marianna Grussing
Low voice: Shirley Van HIlsen
Piano: Arline Bergold
            Janet Kaesebier
Clarinet: Mary Detmers
Saxophone: Hazel Rademaker
Trombone: Jack Detjen
Clarinet Trio: Betty Gail Shirley
                      Janet Kaesebier
                      Mary Ann Klokkenga
Those in Division IV are:
High voice: Geneva Klokkenga
Low voice: Charlene Cross
Accompanists: Betty Manus
                         Janet Kaesenier
                        Aline Bergold
                       Charlene Cross
                      Marianna Grussing
                       Shirley Van HIlsen

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The Senior Class has chosen "Hillbilly Courtship" for its class play. It will be presented April 27 and 28. The cast of characters is as follows:

Emmy-- Loretta Fink
Luke-- Gene Conrady
Ma Peppin-- Marian Bruns
Pappy Stilaby-- Harold Jeckel
Lulu-- Verna Menssen
Bridget-- Kay Behrends
Sol Silverstein-- Don Johnson
Wash Jeddo-- Dean Davison
Louis-- Bob Gardner
Revered Roswell-- Harry Thompson



Saturday, March 25, Mr. and Mrs. West entertained the faculty, their wives and husbands, and Tom Johnston at a pinochle party.

Mrs. Ryan and Tom Johnston received prizes for high score and Mr. Finchum and Mrs. Burgener consolation. the travel prize went to Mr. Ryan.



Friday, March 24, Mr. Beard, of Brown's Business School in Peoria appeared for an assembly program. He stressed the importance of good manners, good grooming, good posture, and good English. He illustrated proper procedure when being introduced to another person and the correct procedure when applying for a position.

He used Bob Gardner and Alberta Bergman to illustrate his points.

Several of the graduates this year are considering enrolling in Brown's.

The Girls' Chorus consisted of 24 [84?] members when to Lincoln, Saturday, April 1, in the music contest. They were rated Division III.

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FAME to the operetta cast for doing so well Thursday and Friday night.
FAME to Shirley Hilsen for getting first in the District Contest.
SHAME on Mr. Finchum for giving the history class a knowledge test.
SHAME on Kay for forgetting her wand in the last act of the operetta.
SHAME on Miss Berninger for not letting the play cast practice on the stage.
SHAME on the seniors for not working on the annual every day.
FAME to Winifred T. for doing so well in typing.
FAME to Mrs. West for making the boys behave during operetta practice.
FAME to the sophomores for selling so many tickets to the operetta.
FAME to all the boys going out for baseball. Good luck.
FAME to Betty M. and Marian B. for taking the UN test.
SHAME on Gretchen B. for looking at someone and falling over her own feet when she came into the assembly.


James Hoar's team won the intramural baseball tournament.

Some new volley ball equipment is being enjoyed by the physical education class.

The H-E students had a new experience. For 2 days, due to bad roads, they were responsible for their own transportation to and from school. Their parents are to be congratulated for this find cooperation during the emergency.

The freshman girls have been serving test meals during the past two weeks. Better be careful, you will get obese.

Clifford Brandt's trucks have been unloading bricks and tile for the building to be constructed here this summer.

The bookkeeping students are completing their Spencer practice sets.

The Speech class wrote and presented radio programs during the past week.

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We wonder what delayed Dean D. and Kenneth S. so that they missed the bus the other night.

We wonder what was the matter with Marvin Tuesday night when he couldn't find Myrna's house.

We wonder why Flip was sitting by Miss Berninger on the bus Monday. Trying to get an A.

We wonder which Sampen Janet K. prefers, Gerald or Kenneth?

We wonder why some girls are slow in bookkeeping. The boys take up too much of your time?

We wonder why Billy C. went to Shirley's house to work on bookkeeping one night last week.

We wonder why Arline is giving up John? Could Marvin have anything to do with it?

We wonder why Wimpey was chasing Ruthie L. down main street the other night, and right in front of Marian, too.

We wonder why Alberta had to ask Bob for his class ring. Too bashful, Bob?

We wonder why Loretta hasn't Norman's ring yet. You aren't going to let Alberta get ahead of you are, Loretta?


Hazel R. stepping in a mud puddle because Donald Aper was going to take her home.

Everyone behaving in operetta practice.

Lois K. and Betty M. being wild like other seniors.

The Juniors getting excited over the prom.

Wayne L. and Kenneth S. both trying to go with Chuckie the same night.

Lois K. saying, "Are you kidding" to a certain sophomore boy.

Mary Ann K. saying her eyes are fading.


Learn to laugh: A good laugh is better than medicine.

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Monday, March 27, the student body and faculty went to Lincoln High School to the program for all the high schools in Logan County. Nearly 1300 pupils attended.

Preceding the talk a musical program was presented. The band from Elkhart High School played "The Star Spangled Banner", "Washington Post March", and "King Arthur." The Beason sextet sang "Bali High" and "My Hero." The Girls' Chorus of H-E sang "Ave Maria" and "My Hero."

After the musical portion of the program Mr. Lekenbill made a few remarks and then introduced the speaker of the afternoon.

Dr. Kazmayer, news analyst, author, and lecturer, spoke on the U. S. and Russia and our future relations. He said, "War is not inevitable, but it is more probable than not, although each succeeding year of peace lessens the probability."


Patsy Zieglowsky----------------------7
Harry Thompson ----------------------16
Evelyn Lessen--------------------------21
Robert Briggs-------------------------- 27
Joan Aper-------------------------------27
Donald Aper----------------------------29
Kay Behrends-------------------------- 31


Verna Mae Menssen------------------ 6
Marilyn Klokkenga-------------------7
Marvin Oltmanns---------------------- 19
Bob Gardner----------------------------29


The following poem is written by Evelyn Lessen for English.


Sun is setting, dusk has come,
Days are ending, but night's to come;
Stars in the heaven so brightly shining;
And the moon with a silver lining.

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"The Glass Slipper" was attended by a large and appreciative audience on both nights. Each of the principal characters portrayed his or her part in a very appropriate manner.

Geneva made a very charming princess, Wayne a gallant prince and Shirley a haughty lady. Jackie was a hen-pecked husband but really enjoyed the girls. He and Bobkins (Harry), the aged servant, nearly stole the show with their onion song.

Vesta (Marianna) and Mora (Betty) the charming daughters of Lady Oliver, were in love with Jasper (Harold) and Victor (Dean) but were afraid to tell their domineering mother.

Kay, as Cinderella's godmother, was very fairy-like in her white gown. With her magic wand she gave Cinderella her wish and sent her to the ball as a real princess.

The members of the Girls' chorus were very colorful in their pastel colored skirts, and black weskits with white blouses. the boys were attractively attired in black knee pants, white shirts, white stockings and silver buckles on their shoes.

Mr. Kirchner, and the entire cast are to be highly complimented on this performance.

Mr. Kirchner reports that the gross receipts were more than $171.


Not one but two sitting together
Alone in this cold, cold, weather,
Hand in hand so sweetly sigh
Waiting for night to pass them by.

No one said anything
At least for a while
To pop this question
That was worth-while.

Then two lips met
On that dark lonely night;
And still he loved her;
Yes, with all his might.