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Mar. 2, 1950- Staglite Archives

[This is difficult to view both here and in person. It appears to be a drawing of a clover with people drawn inside. There are also clovers around it.]

[page 2, column 1]

Published by the Hartsburg-Emden Community High School of Hartsburg, Illinois.

Vol. VII March 2, 1950 No. 10


To determine who should go to the Judging Contest, Saturday, February 24, the FFA boys had a local contest.

The five boys with the highest scores in grain judging were Ken Sampen, Loren Westen, Dean McMath, and Bob Briggs. the five winners in poultry judging were Don Johnson, Eldon Oltmanns, Normal Hellman, Joe Behrends, and Bill Cross.

Hartsburg-Emden placed third in poultry and second in grain. The grain contestants were helped by Loren Westen, who won the 1st individual award by getting 397 points out of 400. There are 22 schools in our division.

The three high boys from each team go to the State Contest. These were Briggs, McMath, and Westen for grain. Hellman, Behrends, and Cross will be the representatives for the poultry team.


February 23, the Annual Faculty, Board of Education, and their wives dinner and party was held at the Hartsburg-Emden High School at 6:00 p.m.

The boys Home Ec. Class, taught by Mrs. Brown, prepared and served the dinner. The menu was:
Meat Loaf      Mashed Potatoes
Golden Glow Salad       Creamed Peas
Pineapple Upside-down Cake

After the dinner the guests enjoyed pinochle. Prizes went to the following:

Ladies' High- Mrs. Nanke Harms
Ladies' Low- Mrs. William Rademaker
Men's High- Ike Brown
Men's Low- Edward Schmidt
Travel Prize- Paul West

[page 2, column two]

The Senior Class has chosen"Hillbilly Courtship" for its class play to be presented late in April.

Operetta practice is well underway with frequent chorus rehearsals. It will be presented March 23 and 24.

Several from the high school went to the grade school Thursday, February 23, to take the first in a series of immunization shots for diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus.

Material for the Annual is being prepared and sent to the printers. Pictures of the class groups and organizations are being mounted and labeled.

The Juniors wrote stories for English. reports are the some good horror stories were turned in. we hope to get one of the best for a later issue of the paper.

A large number of people attended the dance which was held after the Heyworth game. Square and round dancing was enjoyed by all. Harold Jeckel, Jr. called the square dances and Mr. Ryan was the chaperone.

A new student entered the Hartsburg-Emdne High School, Monday, February 20. Her name is Marion Renfrow. She is a freshman taking Algebra, Civics, Home Economics, and English. She is from Atlanta and is now living at Union.


Monday night, February 20, the Sophomore class held a roller-skating party at the Maple Roller Rink. Twenty-five students were chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. West.

Some special features of the evening were couples skate, balloon bursting contest, and moonlight skate.

After an evening of skating they stopped at Bee's for refreshments.


Verna Mae: Marion, your note is dirty.
Dean D.: that's because she's been digging up gossip.

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[page 3, column 1]

Friday, February 17, the Elkhart Redbirds defeated the Stags in a thriller at Elkhart. This was a very important game as the winner shares the first place trophy in the Logan- DeWitt conference.

Williams was high-point man for the Stags with 19 points. B. Gardner, J. Hoar, and Wagner each scored 6 points. Zimmer had 5, and Sampen had 2. Hanner was high-point man for the Redbirds with 22.

The final score was Elkhart 45, Hartsburg 44.


The Junior Varsity of H-E won their game 33 to 19. Here are the individual scores for the Stags. Stuan 7, Aper 7, Lolling 7, Klokkenga 4, Reiners 2, rohlfs 2, Sampen 2, Zimmer 2.



The Stags won a second game from Heyworth on the home floor on February 24. the Stags started out strong and continued until the end of the game to win 64-45.

Williams was high point man with 29 points, Wagner with 13, Zimmer with 12, and B. Gardener with 8.

Heyworth had 13 fouls called on them and the Stags only 9. Conrady was high point man for Heyworth with 13.

The Junior Varsity defeated Heyworth 43 to 19. Hoar scored 11 points, Payne 10, Lolling 7, Rohlfs

[page 3, column 2]

6, Sampen 4, Aper 2, Zimmer 2, and Reiners 1.



The Stags won their first game of the Regional Tournament by beating Williamsville 61-38. In the first minutes of the game Williamsville was leading by 4 points but the Stags made a come-back and at the end of the first quarter they were leading with a score of 9-4 and increased this by a larger margin at half-time.

The Williamsville team out-scored the Stags in the 3rd quarter but the Stags managed to win by a margin of 3 points.

Williams had 15, B. Gardner had 12, Hoar had 12, Wagner had 11, Zimmer had 3, Lolling had 5, D. Gardner had 2, and Sampen had 1 point.

Cooper was high point man for Williamsville with 17.



The Stags started out strong in the first quarter and lead by a few points several times but when the quarter ended, Lincoln was ahead 10 to 8.

During the rest of the game the Stags were held to 19 points. Hoar was high scorer with 8 points, and Wagner had 6, Zimmer 4, Stuan 4, Lolling 2, while Sampen, Bob Gardner and Williams were held to 1 point each.

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Hartsburg-Emden 42        Greenview 39
                              49        Kenny       16
                              41        Latham      33
                              30        New Holland 51
                              51        Delavan     33
                              60        Waynesville 29
                              50        Heyworth   43
                              48        Toluca        44
                              32        Lexington  70
                              45        Beason       33
                              36        Elkhart       49
                              46        Stanford     54
                              47        Kenny        22
                              41        Latham       28
                              48        Middletown 45
                              41        Middletown 31
                              35        Elkhart         32
                              44        New Holland 27
                              52        Atlanta         32
                              45        New Holland 33
                              74        Waynesville 25
                              64        Beason         42
                              51        Stanford       30
                              44        Elkhart         45
                              64        Heyworth     45
                              61        Williamsville 38
                              27        Lincoln         55


Hartsburg-Emden 50 Heyworth 43
Hartsburg-Emden 48 Toluca      44
Hartsburg-Emden 32 Lexington 70


Hartsburg-Emden 41  Middletown 31
Hartsburg-Emden 35  Elkhart         32
Hartsburg-Emden 44  New Holland 27


Hartsburg-Emden 61   Williamsville 38
Hartsburg-Emden 27   Lincoln          55

[page 5, column 1] [editor's note-- Yes, the pages are out of order in the original as well.]


Students are really pests;
Their teachers never have a rest.
From making out tests, from papers to grade,
Sometimes they wish they were laid in the grave.

In study hall they have quite a time,
To keep the students all in line.
In classes the boys make bright remarks
But just look at their grades, They're not very smart.

When report cards are handed out,
Some students groan, others will shout,
"I made high-honor roll!
What a weight is off my soul."

Finally the last day of school arrives,
The old building sounds like a beehive;
Books are thrown here and there,
But, darn, we have to come back next year.

By Betty Manus


FAME to Loren Westen for getting first in grain judging.
SHAME on  certain varsity cheerleader for leaving her tights at home the night we played Stanford.
FAME to Dick Gardner for making more than 3 points at these last games.
SHAME on Flip for getting in so late the night before the regional tournament.
FAME to Mr. Kirchner for trying to make the operetta a success.
SHAME on Mr. Finchum for giving the American History class such an undescribable test.
FAME to the Stags for winning the first game of the regional.
SHAME on Loretta Fink for not catching on to the jokes that the other senior girls tell.

[page 5, column 2]


Why is it that Don H. is always teasing rhoda E. on the bus?

Why is it that Eldon H. likes to go to San Jose? Could it be a San Jose girl by the name of Bonnie?

What's this we hear about Janet K. and Marian B. going with Gerald the same night? The answer is simple. There were two Geralds.

Should we believe Miss Berninger when she says the white hair found on her coat came from Mrs. Brown's cat?

Who is the guilty one who is taking articles from the girls' coat pockets in the rest room?

The bookkeeping class is quite busy now with their practice sets, so they won't have any free time to talk. Of course, they all say they never talk, anyway, but we all know better.

What's this about all the girls wanting a picture of Keith in his basketball suit? Better watch out girls, Verna Mae won't like that.

Why is it that Dean D. wanted to stay our [sic] of school Tuesday? Could the answer be Speech class?

Why is it that Mrs. West gave the bookkeeping class such a hard test this six weeks?

What was the matter with Gene and Carol Friday night? they weren't together at the game.

Whose pipe did Sampen have at the skating party?

Why was Ray P. put in front of the Wests on the way home from the sophomore skating party?

Miss Berninger tries to make everybody believe she doesn't like Donald N., but we all know better.

Say, Flip, does a certain girl have that much influence on you to keep you out until 1:00 a.m.?

And, Evelyn, what is this you are going to teach Harry to do? We didn't hear all of it.


FAME to James Hoar for getting his newspaper article in on time.
FAME to Miss Berninger for giving the English classes a vacation.

[page 6, column 1]

Dale Klokkenga

Born-- May 7, 1932 at Hartsburg, Illinois
Favorite Actress-- Liz Taylor
Favorite Actor-- Montgomery Clift
Favorite Book-- STRIKE OUT KING
Favorite Movie-- Stratton Story
Favorite Pastime- Girls
Favorite Hobby- Collecting pennies
Favorite Song- Bye, Bye, Baby
Favorite Food- Apple pie alamode
Ambition- Farmer

Lois Klokkenga

Born-- June 19,1932 at Emden, Illinois
Favorite Actress-- Jeannie Crane
Favorite Actor-- Tyrone Power
Favorite Book-- TALE OF TWO CITIES
Favorite Movie-- Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Favorite Pastime- Creating delicacies
Favorite Hobby- Reading
Favorite Song- Johnson Rag
Favorite Food- Coconut cream pie
Ambition- Airline Stewardess

Evelyn Lessen

Born-- March 21, 1932 at Hartsburg, Illinois
Favorite Actress-- Ava Gardner
Favorite Actor-- Clark Gable
Favorite Song-- There's No Tomorrow
Favorite Movie-- Any Number Can Play
Favorite Hobby- Going places
Favorite Food- Cherry pie alamode
Favorite Pastime- Listening to the radio
Ambition- Housewife

Donald Johnson

Born- October 5, 1932 at Emden, Illinois
Favorite Actress- Joan Leslie
Favorite Actor- Robert Walker
Favorite Book- UNCLE TOM'E CABIN
Favorite Song- I Can Dream, Can't I
Favorite Movie- Mokey
Favorite Hobby- Reading
Favorite Food- Ice cream
Favorite Pastime- ?????
Ambition- Lawyer

[page 6, column 2]


   High Honors-- Arline Bergold
   High Honors- James Hoar
   Honors- Charline Cross
                 Dean. McMath
                 James Rohlfs
                 Kenneth Sampen
                 Winifred Thompson
    High Honors-- Mary Wrage
    Honors-- Bob Brosamer
                   Jack Detjen
                   Marianna Grussing
                   Betty Gail Shirley
     High Honors-- Marian Bruns
                             Don Johnson
     Honors-- Kay Behrends
                    Betty Manus
                    Verna Mae Menssen

To have high honors the student must have 4'A's.


Sophomore ............... 98.4%
Freshmen................... 96.5%
Seniors ...................... 95.9%
Juniors........................ 93.5%

School Average.......... 96.2%


The Typing I class has been taking 10 minute tests regularly and here are some of their achievements.

Shirley Van Hilsen 51 WPM
Winifred Thompson 49 "
Marianna Grussing   48 "
Betty Gail Shirley     47 "
Janet Kaesebier         47 "
Mary Wrage              46 "
Marilyn Klokkenga   45 "
Marjorie Lessen        43 "
Loren Westen           42 "
Jackie Detjen           40 "
Lula Belle Conrady 40 "
Dickie Gardner         38 "
Peggy Brosamer       38 "
Ruth Harms              35 "

In Typing I the students should have a rate of 35 words per minute in order to pass the course.