Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Hartsburg-Emden Stags high school basketball team looking good through pre-season workouts

By: Brady Wolpert
Oct. 4, 2016

The high school men's basketball team has had 3 workout days and an evening scrimmage. I am currently on the team so I can provide some great information! We have had a various number of guys showing up, anywhere from 15 to 21 guys. Having that many guys try out for the team is amazing, considering the low number of students that our high school has. The three seniors are excited with how the team looks, and I am one of those three seniors. I enjoy everyone coming out and keeping the program going. But I know that in a few weeks not everyone will still be with us. Our team works hard and some people don’t want to do that, so they choose not to play instead. Which is good because if one man is back, we’re all back, that’s how our team goes. Other than that, we have have some good players developing on our team and working hard at workouts to make themselves and the team better.