Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sophmore Fundraiser- Carwash @ the 4-Corners

by Ivy Merz
October 13, 2016

On September __, the Sophmore class held a class fundraiser at the 4-corners to host a carwash. The turnout was great! Many of our schools students showed up to help fund the class. The sophmores were there all day! The majority of the sophmores say that it was a fun expierience. The weather was extraordinarily warm and breezy, making perfect weather for a carwash.
Some of the sophmores who were there say that the best thing about that particular day was eating free donuts, McDonald’s, and having as many free sodas as they liked.
At every carwash there is that one amazing car that shows up that just stuns everyone. In this case it was a black 2015 Camaro that showed up for the wash. The sophmores had a ball with this one!
After the carwash was done and all cleaning supplies were picked up, the money donations were counted. The sophmores made just over $500. What an amazing turnout for them!