Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hartsburg Emden vs Dee-Mack

Sept. 29, 2016
by Ivy Merz

The Hartem volleyball team played very hard, but lost in two games (25-23) and (25-15) on September 1st against Deer Creek-Mackinaw at home. The team played super hard and played with all their hearts. The team was led by Ashley Zinser, Maddie Shawgo, Kassy Eskew, Shyanne Conrady, Anna Hayes, Lexi Barry, Emily Craig, and Sami Perschall. Anna Hayes led the team with kills (13), 2 digs and 1 ace.
Sophomore Anna Hayes- “We played hard as a team, we just didn't play as hard as we could have.
The junior varsity played very hard, but also fell to a lost. The team was led by Ivy Merz, Abbie Hoebert, Olivia Garcia, Mia Young, Emily Craig, and Sami Perschall.