Monday, October 3, 2016

Cosmetology Class at LTEC

Sept. 29, 2016
by Alexus Buckles

The Cosmetology  LTEC class is definitely something you should look into if you’re are looking for a career in that type of field. The class is fun but can be challenging too. Cosmetology is a lot more than just doing hair, nails, make up, etc. You have to know the different positions, sections, and parts of the head. Some colleges will even subtract the time you do in the LTEC class for your college classes too.
In my cosmetology class we start off the day like any other class. We sign ourselves in and get settled for the class. After our teacher knows who attended the class, she will either start by explaining what we are going to do that day or if we are already working on something, she lets us continue on our work. Currently, my class is working on perming. Perming is very time consuming and can get very frustrating, but it’s a fun experience to go through. The more you do it the better you become.
If we are going to start something new she usually grabs her own mannequin doll and demonstrates what we need to do on our mannequin doll. After she shows us exactly what we need to do we grabs all the supplies we need and get to work. Our teacher usually blasts the music since we don’t really have anyone next to us and we are allowed to chat with our friends as long as we are working, too.
Ten minutes before the class ends we are assigned what part of the room we have to clean up. We are put in a group with other people. Before we leave we have to clean all brushes, combs, etc. that we used, sweep the floor, wipe all tables down, and clean all shampoo bowls out. It really doesn’t take that long as long as everybody is doing their job.

After that our teacher lets us out and we continue our way back to our bus to start our school day at our home school. It takes up the first two hours of your day. It really is a cool experience and I would recommend you taking these classes your junior and senior year.