Thursday, October 22, 2015

7th Grade Live Wax Museum

by Hunter Langley
October 19th, 2015

   Last Thursday, October 15th, the Emden grade school held family reading night at the grade school. Before family reading night began, the 7th grade history class dressed as people from the past, with props, and people could come around press the "button" standing in front of them and they would summarize their life and why they were important in history.
  Some kids were dressed as the following: Brianna Grabowski was Abigail Adams, Jayden Rybolt was Mary Todd Lincoln, Brayden Rohlfs was Jesse James, Hattie Langley was Martha Jefferson, Grace Beekman was Sacagawea, Connor Zinser was Abraham Lincoln, and Chase Eyrse was Frank James. The whole class really enjoyed doing this and the 6th grade class looks forward to doing it next year!